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sustainable green manufacturing
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sustainable green manufacturing


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. MBE6051 Sustainable Green Manufacturing Group Project – Mid Project Progress Presentation Group 5 Chan Kam Hon (50271987) Hu Shuhuan (53544286) Hu Zuguang (52973249) Ng Sheung Chiu (50630405) Wei Zhaohong (53417043) Chewing Gum
  • 2. Introduction  Chewing gum is over 5000 years used  Original gum is natural materials from plant  Gum based replaced by butadiene-based synthetic rubber
  • 3. Introduction  Benefit about using chewing gum  Dental Health  Weight Management  Concentrate longer  Singapore ban in 1992  Swallowed gum messes the ground  Detrimental effects on the environment
  • 4. Cradle to cradle analysis – Before Improvement Gum base - styrene-butadiene rubber Purifying; Heating; Mixing; Forming; Cooling; Coating Wrapping pack; Blister pack; Bag pack; Plastic bottle packMany flavors; Dental health; Weight Management Paper; Plastic Reforming pack materials
  • 5. Data about the Chewing Gum impact in the world  Hong Kong import about 7,000 ton per year  Manufacturing about 120,000 ton, Consuming about 100,000 ton per year  Additional waste after chewing
  • 6. Define the problems  Swallowed gum  Detrimental effects on the environment  Packing issues  Desiccant  Silica Gel  Many manufacturing processes  Gum base cannot remanufacturing
  • 7. Impact Assessment Matrix
  • 8. Define the main problems for improving direction  Replace the basic materials  Replace the gum base by other materials  Improve the packing & distribution  No need the Silica Gel  Reduce and replace the packing materials  Improve the supply chain to minimize the environmental impact  Use & end of product life  No need to swallow the gum  Minimize the landfill volume  No additional waste be used
  • 9. The traditional chewing gum made BaseBase Ingredient
  • 10. Feasibility study – New base  Our product comes from real academic result  Its feasibility has been proved  The formula and manufacturing process have been outlined specifically  Large experimental data demonstrates that the target product has the very similar taste with the real Chewing Gum Quote: Jie ZHENG, Research about a new type of digestible chewy gum candy, Science and Technology of Food Industry, Beijing, Vol.22 No.1 2001
  • 11. Original base - Formula Petroleum Industry • Non-renewable • Eco-unfriendly • Limited supply • potential for other purposes
  • 12. New base - Formula • Edible • Renewable • Eco-friendly • Large reserves Food Industry
  • 13. Packaging - Original  Current packaging styles
  • 14. Packaging Improvement  Reduce over-packaging  Replace material to foil paper /paper
  • 15. Packaging Improvement  Replace material to glass bottle Self Refill Shop Refill Refil l
  • 16. Material Impact Comparison Packaging Material Material Impact Replaced Packaging Replaced Material New Mat’l Impact Al foil paper 3.3 Paper 1.5 Al foil paper 3.3 Coated paper 3.3 PP plastic 3 Paper 1.5 PVC 4.2 PE film 3.8 PTP Al foil 18 Dialysis paper 1.5 LDPE 3.8 Steel 4.1 Sticker 3.3 Glass 2.1 Tinplate 50~2000
  • 17. Energy Comparison -Packaging Machine AfterBefore Packing Machine Power Product -ivity Unit Energy Packing Machine Power Product- ivity Unit Energy 5.5KW 200 carton / min 0.46 Wh 2.6KW 150 roll /min 0.29 Wh 3.55 KW 40 pack /min 1.48 Wh Total 1.94 Wh 0.29 Wh 6.7 times
  • 18. Chewing 1. Nope! 2. There is NO Lose on Chewing satisfaction. Based on curve, in the first 150 seconds, the property of our gum is closed to that of Chewing Gum, which means, our gum have the same taste with the actual gum. 3. Even better! In terms of health and influence to environment Group Chewing Time (T·s-1 ) Chewing satisf action Hardness (kg·cm-2 ) Chewiness Overall Score Chewing gum 300s 100 5.23 5 100 Our Product 149s 92 5.47 3.166 93
  • 19. Spit Out or Swallow Down ? Before reducing the gum disposal and protecting the environment in deed, people must manage the gum addicts to change their habits of Chewing-&- Spitting. The best way to change is to make the change take place spontaneously. From the Gum Volume Variation Illustration curve, the Volume of the new Gum remains stable, after which there is a sudden shrink spontaneously all the way down to zero by 150s as a result, the gum residue dissolves totally in a short period and consumer would swallow it with saliva even without realizing that!
  • 20. Suitable location in Hong Kong  Conditions to setup the factory to product our product  Over 5,000 sq. ft.  Good Power & Water Supply  Supply Chain Consideration to minimize the environmental impact  Near Suppliers (Sugar)  Near the distribution centre (Wellcome, Park’n Shop, 7- eleven)  Hygiene factors of location
  • 21. Cradle to Cradle analysis – After Improvement Gum base - Sugar Heating; Mixing; Forming; Cooling; Roll pack; Plastic pack; Refill system Eating after chewing; Dental health; Weight management; Many flavors with Vitamins Paper; Plastic; Urine Reforming the packing materials; Nutrition to soil
  • 22. Reference List            gs/1167907012/chewing_gum_producing_machine.html?s=p  gs/1507384971/HZ120BD_China_PLC_Automatic_carton_machine.html?s=p  packing_1497541367.html  gs/1444405660/high_speed_automatic_chewing_gum_Blister.html  gs/1507675545/SMVS_2000_Double_Or_Single_Layer.html