The myth of Aphrodite and Adonis (1)
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The myth of Aphrodite and Adonis (1)






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The myth of Aphrodite and Adonis (1) The myth of Aphrodite and Adonis (1) Presentation Transcript

  • The myth of Aphrodite and Adonis Antonia Kattou
  • Main characters:Aphrodite Firstly,Aphrodite was a female character born in Cyprus.Well not exactly born because as the story goes she was emerged from the foams of the sea at a certain place called Petra tou Romiou(a rock).She was a beautiful woman and that’s why she was also called “Goddess of love and beauty’’, “Cypria” and “Cypriate”.
  • Main characters:Adonis Adonis was a handsome young and an Aphrodite's lover.His father was the King Cinyrus of Cyprus and his mother was Princess Myrrha(or Smyrna),the daughter of the King. View slide
  • According to the myth: The myth of Aphrodite and Adonis is one of the most popular myths.This myth is a classic myth about beauty and love.There are two versions of these myth.The first version refers to Adonis early years and the second to Adonis death and the Aphrodites’ role in it. View slide
  • First Version: The first version involves Adoni’s parents and is a story of love,beauty and jealousy.As i said before Adonis’s mother was the beautiful princess Smyrna and his dad the King Cinyrus,who was actually Smyrnas’s father.This strange parentage of Adonis came because Aphrodite was jealous of Smyrnas beauty so and caused the girl to unite with her own father.
  • Second Version In the other version of the myth of Aphrodite and Adonis, when Ares, the God of War and Aphrodite’s husband,hears that Aphrodite loves the youth Adonis, got really jealous and decided to take revenge. Aphrodite was chasing Adonis to mate with him, but Adonis was more interested in hunting.Then Aphrodite begged Adonis to give up the dangerous sports he enjoyed because she could not bear to lose him, knowing that the young man would have a terrible end,but Adonis ignored her advice and was killed while hunting by a wild boar, that was actually God Ares. When Adonis died, Aphrodite heard his cries and hastened to his side in her swan-drawn chariot. She cursed the Fates and Ares that had ordained his death. With Adonis still in her hag, Aphrodite turned the blood drops that fell from his wounds onto the soil into windflowers as a memorial to their love. Anemones sprung from the blood of Adonis and his spirit returned to the underworld.In response to the tearful goddess, Zeus determined that Adonis should stay just for the half of the year in the Underworld. After his death and resurrection,he was worshiped as the God of grain crops.
  • What have you learned? Across 4. As the 2nd version says that Adonis was interested in... 6. This classic myth is about the beauty and.... Down 1. Whose father was the King Cinyrus? 2. A female character born in Cyprus? 3. How did God Ares transform in order kill Adonis? 5. Adonis get killed by..
  • Solutions: Across: 4.Hunting 6.Love Down: 1.Adonis 2.Aphrodite 3. Wild-Boar 5.God Ares
  • References: of_cyprus.htm#Adonis 1http://www.greekmyths-