How to Create a FedEx Shipment for your Zepo Store


Published on has tied with FedEx India, to provide all online stores a complete logistics support. From free pick-ups to product deliveries at special rates, FedEx provides it all.

In this video, check out how to create a shipment and schedule a pick-up on FedEx India, for your Zepo powered online store.

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How to Create a FedEx Shipment for your Zepo Store

  1. 1. FedEx – How to create a shipment.
  2. 2. Logon to and enter the username and password in the fields provided. We don’t have to make any changes to “I want to “ field.
  3. 3. “Create a shipment” page opens once we logon. We need to fill different sections on this page to schedule a pickup. The first section is “From”. Pick up address will be here by default. If pick-up needs to be done from a different location - address can be changed and saved by clicking on “edit”.
  4. 4. Address of the recipient comes here. We just need to fill the mandatory fields (start marked), infact throughout the sheet.
  5. 5. Now it’s time to fill the “Package and shipment details”. We can select the date and number of packages accordingly. Then we need to fill the weight of the package. Please note that the unit is in kgs and hence if the weight is 500 gms, 0.5 should be entered. Post this we need to select “products/commodities” as package content and then we have to select the shipment purpose. The choice here completely depends upon the kind of shipment we are scheduling.
  6. 6. Pre-paid shipments • At this point the selection of the fields change according to the kind of shipment. So let’s talk about pre-paid shipments first.
  7. 7. In case of pre-paid shipments: 1. Select the shipment purpose as “Personal use”. 2. Enter the invoice value. 3. Shipment type will automatically get changed to “Priority Overnight”, if not select it. 4. Package type remains “your packaging “ by default.
  8. 8. “Billing details” section can be a little confusing. Please do as instructed to avoid any issues with billing: 1. Change “Bill transportation to” and “Bill duties/tax/fees” etc to “ZEPONONCOD-755” from the drop down.
  9. 9. It very important to select “your reference” or the system will not let to schedule the pick-up. To select the appropriate reference click on “Select” button.
  10. 10. This page opens when we click on select. You would find 2 IDs here “Your Brand name – COD” and “Your Brand Name – NON COD” Since it is a pre-paid shipment, we have to go ahead with NON COD. After choosing the right option click on “select”
  11. 11. • Let’s hold on here for a moment. Proceeding steps remain same for both type of shipments. So let’s see how would we choose the options differently in case of COD shipments. COD Shipments
  12. 12. These are the options that we need to select under “Package and Shipment details”, in case of COD shipments. 1. Shipment purpose as “ Commercial” 2. The invoice value entered is the amount collected from the customers, so make sure it’s correct. 3. Service type as “Standard Overnight”
  13. 13. “Billing details” details would by default be selected as “ZEPOCOD-733”; however we do need to select “your reference as “your company name – COD”.
  14. 14. Making changes to “Special services” is necessary in case of COD shipments. We need to click on “edit” to access the options. Select “service features” as “COD” from the dropdown.
  15. 15. After we have selected COD, “collection type” and “Return address” fields would appear. We need to select “cash” as collection type and check if your address is correctly mentioned under return address.
  16. 16. • Those were the different steps in case of COD. From here onwards the steps remain same for pre-paid as well as COD shipments.
  17. 17. Select “Schedule a pick up” under “Pick-up/Drop-off” section. NOTE: Make sure we are also changing the address here if we have used a different pick-up address and not the default one.
  18. 18. We can add e-mail address to receive notifications at under “E-mail notification” section. It’s optional. Don’t forget to click on “edit” on “Rates and Transit Times” to calculate the applicable charges. If all looks fine, click on “continue” to continue.
  19. 19. On the next page we need to “Add commodity detail”. To do that choose “Add new commodity” from “select or create” option.
  20. 20. Choose the appropriate options here: 1. Select “unit of measure “ as “kilograms” from the drop down. 2. Select the “quantity” as 1 if it’s a single package. 3. Country of manufacture would be “India” Once done click on “Add this commodity”
  21. 21. Now we just need to select the added commodity from the “Commodity information” section.
  22. 22. Ignore all the alerts on the page and click on “Ship” to create the shipment.
  23. 23. • Once you have clicked on ship, the system will display all the details that we have entered for the confirmation. • After the confirmation a label would be generated. Don’t forget to take a print out of this label. Need to hand it over to pick-up guy. • Please make a note of the booking id, which is an alphanumeric number and gets displayed at the top of the page on the label. (E.g – GUX19)
  24. 24. Hope the information was helpful Thanks.