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  • Seroquel (an atypical antipsychotic) is a prescription medication for the treatment of schizophrenia & other psychosis-related diseases It’s poorly understood, but unique, Mechanism of Action (MoA) provides the scientific explanation for its superior profile In August 2002, a new competitor was due to enter the market place - THEIR USP was expected to be a novel MoA…
  • Key to educating & motivating our target audiences will be the media - the most cost-effective & accessible way to get our messages to as many people as possible in the shortest time possible. It is vital therefore that we implement a comprehensive, coordinated & cohesive media campaign for duloxetine that will translate into positive action from key stakeholders. Therefore, a main objective is to ensure that we achieve maximum media coverage, in targeted & appropriate media outlets, which contains supportive & motivational duloxetine messages. When developing any media programme, it is important to remember that our initial audience is the media itself.This vital group whose buy-in is essential to ensure our duloxetine message gets through, are currently disengaged from, & disinterested in, the SUI story. One of the key reasons for this lack of interest is the over-emphasis on rational disease & ‘data’ messages at the expense of the emotional human angle - i.e. the ‘so what’ factor. We must capture the interest & involvement of the media, particularly the consumer press, if we are to ensure they will spread the duloxetine word in a positive & effective way. We need to put the ‘heart’ back in to our story by focussing on the IMPLICATIONS of SUI, rather than the disease itself.
  • The International team provided fresh copy & designs for the core campaign support materials together with a range of ideas for events & generating media success.
  • This newshook proved to be extremely successful & media reach in Korea was extensive. As a direct result of the campaign the awareness of Zeffix amongst doctors, pharmacists & patient subgroups increased significantly.   doctors 78% - 97% pharmacists 31% -94% patients 8 – 21%
  • This newshook proved to be extremely successful & media reach in Korea was extensive. As a direct result of the campaign the awareness of Zeffix amongst doctors, pharmacists & patient subgroups increased significantly.   doctors 78% - 97% pharmacists 31% -94% patients 8 – 21%
  • (ie. Colgate whitening toothpaste cost issue in the UK)

Shire Health International Shire Health International Presentation Transcript

  • our difference is your success
  • driving treatment change through third parties
  • COPD — raising the standard
  • challenge
    • to recommend place in practice for SPIRIVA ®
  • strategy
    • key component of pre-launch communications for SPIRIVA ®
    • round table meeting with key KOLs (including those from relevant guidelines committees)
    • reviewing strength of SPIRIVA ® against COPD treatment criteria
  • results
    • successful meeting recommendation that tiotropium be considered as first line maintenance treatment
  • results
    • two years on, tiotropium is accepted as first line maintenance therapy in COPD treatment in key international & national guidelines:
        • GOLD
        • ATS
        • ERS
        • BTS
        • Canadian Thoracic Society
  • recognition from faculty
    • this was a seminal meeting which genuinely changed the landscape of COPD guidelines
    • the outputs of this meeting not only influenced the accepted treatment algorithm for COPD but its diagnostic criteria
    • you managed to get the key COPD guidelines decision makers round the same table — in itself a great achievement!
  • european think tank principles of practice
  • challenge
    • recognise the importance of treatment selection among psychiatrists
    • shape treatment selection criteria in SEROQUEL’s image
  • strategy
    • capitalise on growing evidence that schizophrenia treatment is sub-optimal / does not reflect best practice
    • generate more evidence from the ‘coal face’
    • convene a group of respected opinion leaders to examine the evidence & develop a set of ‘guiding principles’ for everyday clinical management of schizophrenia
    • harness the ‘principles’ to spearhead an international educational initiative
  • strategy
    • pan-European group of leading psychiatrists convened to drive a new charter to motivate change in prescribing towards more tolerable treatment
    • principles of practice — created a unique set of evolving practical statements to guide optimal treatment & care
  • principles of practice
    • a multi-tiered approach:
      • European think tank satellite symposium launch to over 500 psychiatrists worldwide
      • international media briefing to selected group of mental health journalists from across Europe
      • international journal of psychiatry in clinical practice peer-reviewed journal supplement & editorial
      • European think tank chair presentation of the ‘principles’ at international congresses
      • ‘ principles’ made available to all via www. psychiatry-in-practice.com
      • global launch activities replicated at local market level in key European markets
  • media results
    • over 400 psychiatrists ratified the ‘principles’ agreeing to implement these within everyday practice
    • ‘ principles’ document distributed & endorsed by over 1,000 psychiatrists, nurse specialists & carers worldwide
    • medical media coverage urging uptake of the ‘principles’ achieved in over 16 key pan-European publications
    • over 15,000 re-prints requested & distributed at local market level
  • recognition Dr Jonathan Hellewell Consultant psychiatrist the ‘Principles’ unite psychiatrists behind a practical, flexible & valuable approach to improving patient care. This is a huge achievement, bridging the gap between health professionals & service users, for which we are very grateful Alison Wilkie Global Brand Manager this market shaping campaign has provided just the platform our European marketing teams were looking for as a foundation to their marketing strategies, & sales in European launch markets are exceeding all our expectations
  • defending an established brand from competitors
  • challenge
    • position SEROQUEL as the atypical antipsychotic of choice
    • increase ‘noise’ for SEROQUEL in advance of competitor launch, & blunt competitor launch key message about MOA
    • educate international psychiatrists on SEOQUEL’S unique MOA & how this translates into clinical patient benefits
    position increase noise educate
  • strategy
    • distinguish SEROQUEL MOA from other treatments
      • brand SEROQUEL ‘the clever molecule’
    • create a compelling, consumer-friendly, visual interpretation of a complex pharmacological MOA
      • use animation to produce simple, clear, creative, cutting-edge educational tool
    distinguish create
    • over 200 psychiatrists requested copies within first month
    • MOA attracted crowds to AstraZeneca congress stand
    • MOA won awards at
        • Houston film festival
        • Chicago film festival
        • New York film festival
    results in demand crowd-puller award winning
  • results
    • 2,000 + European psychiatrists exposed to SEROQUEL key messages: 4  the target number
    • MOA developed into educational slide kit, translated into several languages
    exceeding targets extended usage
  • engaging the media
  • ATAC study
  • challenge
    • global-led campaign needed to deliver local results for established product
    • a ‘dry data’ story needed to appeal to women in the street
    • PR needed to deliver sales results
  • strategy
    • ‘ consumerise’ the data — real women with real stories
    • tailor support to suit differing local needs
      • level 1 — strategy & message support
      • level 2 — local tactical support package
      • level 3 — centralised tactical support
    • work with media early, regularly & globally
  • media reach
    • over 200 individual items of positive coverage worldwide
      • 72 TV
      • 34 radio
      • 68 newswire pieces
    • no competitor coverage
    412 million impressions global
  • evaluating results in sales markets up to 75%
  • recognition
    • … this was an outstanding campaign on every level – with a clear & demonstrable impact on sales…
    Leslie Wheeler Global PR Manager Arimidex
  • XENDOS media campaign
  • challenge
    • one piece of scientific data needed to be translated into a story to drive major consumer interest in weight loss & diabetes
    • strike balance between global outreach from congress in Brazil & local delivery via an empowered & informed affiliate base
  • strategy
      • major internal awareness, education and motivation package
      • video news release: global transmission via APTN
      • XENDOS on-line
        • dedicated resource for media & HCPs alike
      • press briefing held at ICO congress in Brazil
    challenge, cont.’d
  • media reach north america 49.2 million international 71.4 million rest of world 4.6 million europe 53.2 million south america 55.3 million 233 . 7 impressions million global
  • recognition
    • … we were thrilled with the results of the XENDOS campaign. We never imagined we could achieve global exposure at this level ― 235 million people worldwide is truly outstanding
    Jennifer Wilson International Communications Manager — XENICAL
  • strategic collaboration with advocacy groups
  • COPD patient manifesto
  • challenge
    • raise awareness & understanding of COPD
    • promote public recognition of the rights of COPD patients
    • improve the knowledge, support & treatment for people living with COPD in Europe
  • strategy
    • first Europe-wide COPD patient manifesto
      • challenge COPD awareness & current treatment practices
      • call on healthcare professionals & policy makers to realise the ENCPA vision for change
  • results
    • translated into 4 European languages
    • excellent feedback from patient associations on utility for lobbying & media relations work
    • distributed at key national & international congresses (ERS, WCTOH, ATS)
    • launch of manifesto used as key media relations hook for World COPD Day across Europe
  • media reach
    • 48 media hits nationwide
      • 37 print
      • 4 broadcast
      • 5 on-line
      • 45 consumer
      • 3 medical
    100,000 uk reach approx
  • recognition
    • manifesto presented to over 20 MPs
    debates on COPD in both Scottish Parliament & House of Commons
  • co-ordinating global PR
  • international hep b action week
  • challenge
    • increase sales of ZEFFIX ®
      • with no new data
      • no additional sales resource
    • raise GSK corporate profile with international & national health organisations
  • strategy
    • create a story
    • brainstorm with affiliates & get their buy-in
    • hepatitis awareness programme
    • build affiliate support templates
    • 6 months countdown to launch weekend
    • central media management
    • local media programmes
    • 24 hour shire health helpline
  • media reach over 30 organisations across the globe lent their support to the 2001 campaign
  • evaluating results pre-campaign post-campaign patients pharmacists doctors 0 20 40 60 80 100 ZEFFIX awareness %
  • evaluating results the bottom line — sales 700 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 Taiwan Philippines November December US$ (000s)
  • evaluating results through events in 26 locations through media in media reach
  • communiqué best international campaign
  • issue preparedness
  • managing an issue before it becomes a crisis
  • identification long term issues (5 – 10 yrs.) short term issues (2 – 4 yrs.) new product development ( will issues arise? ) current issues (6 mo.’s – 1 yr.) global issues list issues tracking (media, customers, competitors, external environment)
    • prioritisation:
    • potential impact to company / business
    • importance to public & / or impact on public agenda
    • review issue potential
    • global vs national impact
    priority global issues list preparedness / action
  • managing the negatives
    • proactively shape the external environment to company / brand benefit
      • minimise potential negative perceptions with positive messages & stories
    • be prepared to reactively respond to an issue
      • have a company position & ensure global message consistency
      • perception of a responsible & honest company
  • third parties & advocates
    • harness existing relationships with third parties / advocates to the benefit of the company / brand
    • utilise third parties / advocates in an advisory capacity
    • gain buy-in from third parties / advocates on company positioning & messages
    • prepare third parties / advocates to talk on behalf of the company
  • management global project team strategic planning message development company positioning event / scenario planning & evaluation implementation national roll-out
  • implementation
    • media training for all designated company spokespeople (global & national)
    • briefing / contact with product / company advocates (if required)
    • development of reactive / reserve press statements
    • question & answer documentation
    • internal company enquiries management system
    • national marketing company meeting (if required)
    • national roll-out
  • national roll-out marketing company workshop issues update company position scenario planning Q&A session issues support materials issues identification strategic planning message development company positioning support materials
    • Support (if required)
    • media training
    • working with 3 rd parties
    • working with media
    • principals of issues preparedness
    national issue tracking respond to national inquiries internal team communication resource (intranet based) globally managed national task-teams national marketing company managed
  • follow up global project team issue tracking & message evaluation internal team debrief response from national marketing companies information available to company personnel via internal communications resource (i.e., intranet) ongoing issue tracking & evaluation of status & priority
  • Shire Health International
    • clients
      • GlaxoSmithKline
      • AstraZeneca
      • Pharmacia & UpJohn
      • Roche
    • key areas
      • pre-launch drug access
      • adverse drug reactions
      • pricing & reimbursement
      • supply & distribution
      • clinical trial data
  • establishing a new class of treatment
  • egfr-info.com