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Zenoss Core vs. Commerical Webinar — August 1st 2013


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ou may already know that Zenoss offers both a free Open Source monitoring solution as well as a robust, enterprise-grade IT Operations solution… But if you’re like many people on the Open Source …

ou may already know that Zenoss offers both a free Open Source monitoring solution as well as a robust, enterprise-grade IT Operations solution… But if you’re like many people on the Open Source platform today, or those trying to decide which solution to start with, you probably have some questions about the real differences between the two, and need some help to decide which makes the most sense for your organization.

We’re here to help. Based on feedback from past programs on this topic, this all new webinar is designed to provide you with the most complete, straightforward, head-to-head feature comparison of the solutions yet.

Published in: Technology

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  • 5 MINUTES BEFORE STARTHello and welcome to today’s webinar Core vs. CommercialThe webinar will begin in approximately 5 minutes. All lines will be in listen only mode for this conference. If you need assistance for this online event, please the chat function in your WebEx window. The meeting will begin shortly. Thank you.2 MINUTES BEFORE STARTHello and welcome to today’s webinar, Core vs. CommercialThe webinar will begin in approximately 2 minutes. All lines will be in listen only mode for this conference. If you need assistance for this online event, use the chat function in your WebEx window. The meeting will begin in 2 minutes. Thank you.STARTWelcome everyone, and thank you for joining us for today’s webinar, Core vs. CommercialBefore we begin, let’s cover a few logistical details… [CLICK]
  • All lines will be in listen-only mode for the duration of the show. However, we do want to hear from you – please post questions early and often in the WEbEx Q&A Box on your right, and we’ll get to as many as possible during the session and the formal Q&A at the end. We will be sending you a link to the recorded webcast shortly after the event for your review. Finally, you can stay in touch with Zenoss at the various social outlets noted – Twitter, FB, Google+. We’d love to connect with you.With that, it is my pleasure to introduce our featured speaker: Deepak Kanwar, Marketing Strategist at Zenoss. Deepak, the floor is yours! [CLICK]
  • Hello everybody, Good morning, Good Afternoon and Good evening, depending upon where you are, and welcome to the head to head for Zenoss products. The webinar is for customers seeking a choice between our free open source product also called Core, and our commercial product called Zenoss Service Dynamics.
  • I am pleased to welcome perhaps two of the most qualified individuals from Zenoss, who know these products inside and out. It’s my pleasure to welcome Andrew Kirch who is the Manager for the Zenoss Community and will be representing our free open source product Zenoss Core, and Matt Maloney who is the Sr. Product Manager for our commercial product, Zenoss Service Dynamics. Welcome gentlemen and thank you for joining us today.Please send in your questions through the chat window and we will try to respond to questions as we go along, we will also try to leave some time at the end to take additional questions.
  • Founded in 2005, Zenoss is a leading commercial Open Source player in the IT Operations market place. It is deployed in over 175 countries at more than 35 K organizations. Zenoss has been recognized in the Inc 500 and Delloitte Fast 500 as a rapidly growing company. Our offices are in Annapolies, MD, Austin Texas and San Jose, CA.
  • For many of you who have attended Zenoss webcasts in the past, you are probably very familiar with our terminology but for our new attendees, I wanted to spend a couple of minutes to familiarize you with the nomenclature that will be used in the webcast.
  • Let me spend a couple of minutes on this chart to help you get a taxonomy on Zenoss products. X axis is about scale, operations and support and Y axis is about functional depth and sophistication.
  • To make this webcast of most value to you, we have picked a few areas of comparison which we believe will address many of your questions. … read off the list. These will be the key areas on which we will pick our experts’ brains. Please remember to send in your questions through the chat window. We will try to answer them as we go along and also at the end. So let’s get started
  • Monitoring Andrew, can you tell us how Zenoss is different from any other open source products such as Nagios/Cacti Zabbix, Groundworks etc.Matt Can you talk about a little bit about the ServiceNow integration?FAQ: I have the Core install complete but there may be a few commercial ZenPacks that I would like to purchase and install. What is the process to purchase commercial ZenPacks?
  • Q for Andrew: What happens when someone needs to scale beyond the 1,000 devices? Matt, it appears from Andrew’s response that this is still Work in progress for Core, how does ZSD handle scale?
  • Deployment and support – this is where it is almost a religion with organizations, some absolutely will do everything themselves, while others will not touch and want someone who is highly experienced to do the deployment. So Andrew, for customers looking to do the deployment themselves, what kind of resources do you have available?Andrew, how active is the Zenoss community compared to some of the other communities you have supported?Matt, tell us about the Lifecycle for the customer of the commercial product What kind of support is available for Core and Commercial products?
  • Matt, why don’t you spend a minute explaining what Service Assurance is, really, isn’t monitoring itself Service Assurance?How does Service Impact play into the overall Service Assurance?
  • Andrew can I build customer reports easily and how customizable are these reports?Why are people interested in Analytics?
  • Andrew, is there anything else you can add to that?
  • Matt is there something you would add to this?
  • Now’s the time to get your questions answered….Thank you again for your time, and please let us know how we can help you. Be sure to reach out if your team could use help building a business case for such a tool – we do that day in and day out. And if you’d like to arrange a more in-depth demo, just email and tell us about your environment, and we can certainly do a custom demo.Thanks again for joining us, and have a good day!
  • Transcript

    • 1. Core vs. Commercial Picking the Right Zenoss Solution For Your Needs
    • 2. 2 Webinar Logistics • All lines are in listen-only mode • We will answer questions throughout and at the end, so please post questions early and often • Link to webcast recording will be emailed shortly after the show • Stay in touch - Twitter @zenoss - Community Forums: - Wiki: - FB - Google+ © 2013 All rights reserved.
    • 3. 3 Agenda • Introduction • Brief overview of Zenoss • Core vs. Commercial • Q & A © 2013 All rights reserved. | | toll-free +1-888-936-6770
    • 4. 4 Today’s Speakers • Andrew Kirch: Community Manager, Zenoss Core • Matt Maloney: Sr. Product Manager, Zenoss Service Dynamics • Deepak Kanwar: Marketing Strategist, Zenoss © 2013 All rights reserved.
    • 5. 5 • Transforming IT Operations • Founders lived the pain of legacy platforms at pioneering cloud providers • New approach to both technology and business • Leading Commercial Open Source Player in Category • Large Global Footprint: 2.4M Downloads, 35K Organizations, 175 Countries • Large Active Community: 105K Members • Rapid Innovation & Lower Costs • Fastest Growing Enterprise Management Software Company • 2010, 2011,2012 Inc 500 • 2011 #22 2012 #55 on Deloitte Fast 500 • Growth across key segments: Enterprise, Web, Federal, SMB, Service Provider • Most Widely Adopted Cloud Management Console • Largest install-base of any cloud-capable management product in the market • Unifies physical, virtual & cloud monitoring • Enables public, private and hybrid cloud scenarios • Strong Business & Team • Rapid growth with new customer acquisition and retention • Annapolis, MD & Austin, TX & San Jose, CA Zenoss at a Glance Cool Vendor in IT Operations 2010 Best Monitoring Tool for the Cloud © 2013 All rights reserved.
    • 6. 6 Session Glossary Free (open source) • Core • also known as “Community” Paid ($) • Commercial license • also known as “Enterprise” or “Commercial” • Zenoss Service Dynamics • On-premise or ZaaS • Resource Manager • Service Impact Management • Analytics
    • 7. 7 Service Dynamics Overview SERVICE DYNAMICS CORE RESOURCE MANAGER "Unified Monitoring"  End user application monitoring  Topology modeling and visualization  Commercial monitoring adapters  Commercial integrations  Dynamic performance thresholds  Scale configuration manager  Scale event processor  Multi-instance event aggregation  Enhanced security  Self monitoring & management  Commercial license and support IMPACT "Service Impact & RCA" ANALYTICS "BI for IT Operations"  Dynamic service modeling  Dynamic impact analysis  Dynamic root cause analysis  Operations data warehouse  Pre-built reports and analytics library  Ad-hoc analytics platform  Most powerful open source monitoring platform  Community Support Scale, operations, and support Functionaldepthandsophistication • Automated Root Cause Identification • IT Service views • Open architecture to bring in data from additional solutions • Event management automation • Improved alerting of performance and availability issues • Broad monitoring solution to capture all infrastructure performance & availability data • Single integrated monitoring platform for all technology silos
    • 8. 8 Core vs. Commercial © 2013 All rights reserved. • Monitoring – Depth & Breadth • Scalability • Supportability • Deployment • Extensibility • Service Assurance • Service Impact • Analytics
    • 9. 9 Monitoring and Extensibility • Unified Monitoring using SNMP, SSH, WMI • Extensibility via access to library of Open Source ZenPacks written by Zenoss & the community Core © 2013 All rights reserved. • Extensibility via access to the complete library of commercial ZenPacks • Complete list available at y:ZenPacks • Support for Synthetic transactions • Integration with 3rd party tools including ServiceNow, Remedy Commercial
    • 10. 10 Scaling to meet your growing Business Needs • Scalable engine scales up to 1,000 managed resources • Rapid scalability through Agentless architecture &auto- discovery Core © 2013 All rights reserved. •Robust, highly scalable engine scales to over 100,000 managed resources • Provides native support for multi-master deployment Commercial
    • 11. 11 Deployment and Support © 2013 All rights reserved. • Quick start to finish implementation consulting • Benefit from best practices • Various onsite/remote training classes to train your users • World class caring support to answer questions • Zenoss Professional Support available 24X7 support Commercial • Leverage Zenoss Community • Get advice from peers & colleagues • Online videos that provide basic training • Development manual is available online • Will start to moderate for relevance and accuracy Core
    • 12. 12 Service Assurance: Beyond Monitoring • Event Management • Rules based event transforms • Suppression of extraneous events • Automatic event correlation Core © 2013 All rights reserved. • Root Cause Analysis: Dynamic Visualization providing real-time infrastructure map including relationships & dependencies • Holistic view of IT environment including service performance and availability • List of possible root causes ranked by confidence levels to shorten you troubleshooting and reduce your MTTR Commercial Available in Commercial only
    • 13. 13 Optimizing IT through Analytics • Zenoss Core retains long-term KPI information and over time but you can lose resolution. • Basic reporting is available Core © 2013 All rights reserved. • All KPI, all business critical information including KPIs retained and stored in a data warehouse • Zenoss Analytics includes a Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) engine that can populate unlimited data-points by day, week, month and even year • Includes filters to prepare custom datasets based upon your indented audience • Provides granular data with the ability to roll it up into consolidated charts and graphs Commercial
    • 14. 14 Picking the Right Solution for your Organization © 2013 All rights reserved. •Great Fit if you are •Small to mid-sized organization •Looking for a unified, extensible monitoring solution •Looking for basic reporting •Have in-house Linux skills and can deploy and maintain the solution •Are comfortable with community support Core
    • 15. 15 Picking the Right Solution for your Organization © 2013 All rights reserved. •Great Fit if you are •Mid to large organization •Looking for a robust, highly scalable & extensible Service Assurance solution that improves your availability and lowers your MTTR •Have the need for advanced, customizable reporting AND/OR business intelligence •Looking for professional consulting in architecting and deploying your solution •Need enterprise-grade support to meet your business need Commercial
    • 16. 16 Q&A For more information: | toll-free +1-888-936-6770
    • 17. 17 Thank you for joining us • Further questions • Download Core Free route • Further questions • Free trial of ZSD Paid route
    • 18. Thank you © 2013 All rights