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Modernizing Your Data Center with Cisco and Zenoss


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Modernizing your data center means more than just adding a few new boxes. You have to make new converges infrastructure work with your existing IT processes -- service desk, capacity management, …

Modernizing your data center means more than just adding a few new boxes. You have to make new converges infrastructure work with your existing IT processes -- service desk, capacity management, incident management, and the list goes on....

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  • 5 MINUTES BEFORE STARTHello and welcome to today’s webinar with Cisco, Modernizing Your Data CenterThe webinar will begin in approximately 5 minutes. All lines will be in listen only mode for the show. If you need assistance for this online event, please use the chat function in your WebEx window. The meeting will begin shortly. Thank you.2 MINUTES BEFORE STARTHello and welcome to today’s webinarwith Cisco, Modernizing Your Data CenterThe webinar will begin in approximately 2 minutes. All lines will be in listen only mode for the show. If you need assistance for this online event, please use the chat function in your WebEx window. The meeting will begin in 2 minutes. Thank you.STARTWelcome everyone, and thank you for joining us for today’s webinar, Modernizing Your Data Center: Eliminating IT Process Integration Work. We are very excited to have Cisco join us today.But before we do introductions, let’s cover a few logistical details… [CLICK]
  • All lines will be in listen-only mode for the duration of the show. But we want to hear from you – please post questions early and often in the WEbEx Q&A Box on your right, and we’ll get to as many as possible during the session and the formal Q&A at the end. In addition, we will be sending you a link to the recorded webcast shortly after the event for your review. With that, let me hand it over to Kent Erickson, Senior Cloud Product Manager at Zenoss. Kent, the floor is yours! [CLICK]
  • Every customer has a set of assurance tools
  • Different concepts for how to divide a cloud – containers, customers, tenants, departments – hard to understand by looking at different tool sets -
  • Advantages of Cisco package – validated set covers entire set, priced in a very simple flexible way – thinking the way the cloud works -
  • Here’s how you can learn moreHere’s how you can learn moreThank you, guys. We have a few minutes to dive into audience questions… Audience members, please use the WEbEx Chat window to send in your questions and we’ll hit as many as possible in the time remaining. ---At this time, that’s all the questions we’re able to take. Thank you all for taking the time to attend today’s webinar. A link to the recorded version will be emailed to you shortly for your reference.Take the next step and visit the websites listed there to learn more about the Cisco Data Center and Zenoss Cloud Service Assurance.Thank you for joining us and have a great day.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Modernizing your Data CenterEliminating IT Process Integration WorkJune 2013Russell FishmanSenior ManagerData Center Infrastructure & Assurance Systems GroupCloud Systems Development UnitCiscoKent EricksonSenior Cloud Product ManagerZenoss
    • 2. Webinar Logistics All lines are in listen-only mode We will answer questions throughout and at the end of theevent, so please post questions early and often A link to the webcast recording will be emailed shortly afterthe event
    • 3. Abstract• Modernizing your data center means more than just adding afew new boxes. You have to make it new convergedinfrastructure work with your existing IT processes – servicedesk, capacity management, incident management, and thelist goes on…• But with the proliferation of tools in today’s environment, thattypically means feeding data from individual servers, storagearrays, network devices, and the virtualization farm to eachand every IT process – a ridiculously complex undertaking withdata from seven, eight, nine or more APIs needed for fullcoverage. And worse yet, if you actually succeed with thismonumental effort, your IT processes see a pile of boxesinstead of an integrated project view.• There’s a better way.
    • 4. The next generation data center?1. Deliver new applicationsrapidly“Minutes, not weeks”2. Higher service qualityexpectations“Better experience with sharedthan dedicated resources”3. Control expenses“Adjust for changing demandwithin existing capacity”
    • 5. Next Generation Data Center Design• Virtualization andcloud principles• Applications usepools of compute,storage, andnetwork resourcesinstead of physicalservers• Significantamounts ofinfrastructurestandardizationCopyright 2013 All rights reserved.
    • 6. Next Generation IT Operations ToolsWe all have our set of IT managementtoolsCentralized manager-of-managers and servicedesksSilo’d point toolsBut retrofitting to support the nextgeneration data center can beexpensive, complicatedAt best, older versions need upgradesCisco best practice is a separatecloud assurance managerCopyright 2013 All rights reserved.
    • 7. Poll Question #1What does your IT operations tool set look like?1. Pretty sure Alan Turning used the same ITmanagement software we’re running2. Tons of tools, at least one for every manufacturer andtechnology3. A fairly well organized set of software4. Tools? What tools?Copyright 2013 All rights reserved.
    • 8. New Challenges for IT Operations ToolsNext generation data center is builton exciting new software andhardware technologiesStill true that the vast majority of timeand $ is spent in operationsAre your tools ready for:Unified management of multipletechnology silos?Coping with dynamic change?Support simultaneous use bydifferent groupsCorrelated resource use bygroup?Portal OrchestrationImpact Model Monitoring
    • 9. Difficult challenges for IT process tools• Converged infrastructure provides enormous scale, newAPIs• Single Cisco UCS system with 100s of CPU cores, TBs of memory• Single VMware farm with of thousands of virtual machines• Management APIs are XML-based, not SNMP• Software-defined computing means constant, end-to-endchange• User-initiated provisioning creates, changes, and destroys wholeapplications faster than you can keep up• Automated tasks redefine data center connections on the fly• Dynamic correlation is a necessity• Especially to handle multiple tenancyCopyright 2013 All rights reserved.
    • 10. IT Operations ProcessesAvailabilityManagementService LevelManagementCapacityManagementIncidentManagementProblemManagement
    • 11. XML-HTTPIT Operations ProcessesAvailabilityManagementService LevelManagementCapacityManagementIncidentManagementProblemManagement
    • 12. XML-HTTPIT Operations ProcessesAvailabilityManagementService LevelManagementCapacityManagementIncidentManagementProblemManagement
    • 13. OnTap/SMI-SXML-HTTPIT Operations ProcessesAvailabilityManagementService LevelManagementCapacityManagementIncidentManagementProblemManagement
    • 14. XML-HTTPOnTap/SMI-SSNMPIT Operations ProcessesAvailabilityManagementService LevelManagementCapacityManagementIncidentManagementProblemManagement
    • 15. XML-HTTPOnTap/SMI-SSNMPSyslogIT Operations ProcessesAvailabilityManagementService LevelManagementCapacityManagementIncidentManagementProblemManagement
    • 16. XML-HTTPOnTap/SMI-SSNMPSyslogIT Operations ProcessesAvailabilityManagementService LevelManagementCapacityManagementIncidentManagementProblemManagementWMI
    • 17. SSHSNMPXML-HTTPvCeneterSMI-SNetConfSyslogWMIOnTapZenoss Cloud Service AssuranceIT Operations ProcessesAvailabilityManagementService LevelManagementCapacityManagementIncidentManagementProblemManagement
    • 18. Dynamic Correlation DemonstrationWhat you’ll see:• How Zenoss represents a typical application service• Challenge of dealing with an event flood in aninfrastructure failure situation• How Zenoss identifies affected services, determines rootcause, and presents a single enriched event to existing ITprocesses• How the Zenoss dynamic model handles logicalreconfiguration recovery tasksCopyright 2013 All rights reserved.
    • 19. Typical Application Service DesignCopyright 2013 All rights reserved.
    • 20. Key Challenge: Many Customers, One Cloud• Next generation data center has sharedresources supporting many customers,containers, tenants, consumers,applications, or departments• Critical need: Focus on customerproblemsCopyright 2013 All rights reserved.• Key issues• No obvious link from physical devices to the customers each supports• Supporting a customer requires tracking multiple technology silos• Customer adapt resource usage to changing business demand• Infrastructure automatically adapts to changing resource usage
    • 21. Poll Question #2How ready are your current tools for the next generationdata center and cloud?1. We’re ready for anything! Go!2. Our vendors tell me that if we upgrade a few versionsand add a few modules we’re mostly ready3. They’re not even ready for the last generationCopyright 2013 All rights reserved.
    • 22. The IT Operations Software Licensing ChallengeCopyright 2013 All rights reserved.We’re moving towards virtualized cloud stacksAway from physical nodesGeneralized compute nodes with constantlychanging numbers of OS workloads, networkservice nodesMinute-by-minute changes to deploymentsNeeded: A Simple, Flexible license model- Built around cloud abstractions- Easy to understand, easy to budget
    • 23. Poll Question #3How much fun is managing software licensing?1. I’d rather kiss a frog2. It’s manageable. Tedious, but manageable.3. Like the Count on Sesame Street, there’s nothing I’drather do than count random things all day longCopyright 2013 All rights reserved.
    • 24. Cisco Validated Design (CVD)• Cisco validated Zenoss Cloud Service Assuranceas part of the Cisco Virtual Multiservice DataCenter architecture• Cisco recommended design for Cisco DC fault &performance management• Published CVD• Benefits:• Rapid and less expensive deployment by using a pre-validated design• Reduced deployment risk and increased success rate• Pre-developed Cisco DC component adapters and KPIs• Pre-integrated solution with Cisco reference DC design (VMDC)
    • 25. Learn More• Cisco Data Center• Website:• Cloud Data Center:• Contact your Cisco sales team or partner• Zenoss Cloud Service Assurance• Contact your Cisco reseller or• Info:• Videos:• Twitter: @Zenoss• Email:© 2013 All rights