Deep dive automation


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Deep dive automation

  1. 1. Transforming IT Operations Deep Dive: Automation of Events Notifications & Triggers Zenoss Service Dynamics May 30, 20121 #zendd
  2. 2. Agenda • House Keeping • Twitter / Google+ • Zenoss Overview • Brief Introduction to Zenoss • Deep Dive Content • Commercial Open Source vs. Proprietary Software • Questions and Answers2 #zendd
  3. 3. Housekeeping •Please submit your questions in the Q&A window at any time. •For any audio or technical issues, send a message in the chat window to the Moderator. •This webinar is being recorded, you will be sent a link to the recording within 24 hours.3 #zendd
  4. 4. Housekeeping • Interactive Discussions • #zendd • WebEx Questions • Keep the Dialog Going • • Ongoing • @zenoss • @platenreport • Google+ • Facebook • blog.zenoss.com4 #zendd
  5. 5. Zenoss at a Glance Transforming IT Operations • Founders lived the pain of legacy platforms at pioneering cloud providers • New approach to both technology and business Leading Commercial Open Source Player in Category • Large Global Footprint: 1.8M Downloads, 30K Organizations, 175 Countries Cool Vendor in • Large Active Community: 100K Members IT Operations 2010 • Rapid Innovation & Lower Costs Fastest Growing Enterprise Management Software Company • 2010 and 2011 Inc 500 • 2011 #22 on Deloitte Fast 500 • Growth across key segments: Enterprise, Web, Federal, SMB, Service Provider Most Widely Adopted Cloud Management Console • Largest install-base of any cloud-capable management product in the market • Unifies physical, virtual & cloud monitoring • Enables public, private and hybrid cloud scenarios Best Monitoring Tool Strong Business & Team for the Cloud • Rapid growth with new customer acquisition and retention • Annapolis, MD & Austin, TX & San Jose, CA5 #zendd
  6. 6. Zenoss Service Dynamics Architecture Web CLI Mobile RBAC Unified Presentation Layer ANALYTICS & OPTIMIZATION Analytics Aggregation Analytics Engine Warehouse Common SERVICE IMPACT & EVENT MANAGEMENT Messaging Platform Service Service Catalog Model Event Manager Event Manager Impact Engine Impact Engine Event Manager Impact Engine Provisioning CommonInformation CMDB Model Orchestration Events Service Desk Integration Billing RESOURCE MANAGEMENT REST AMQP Other Managers JSON Resource Collection Discovery & Collection Notification & Model Modeling Collection Control Common Metrics Extensibility Framework "ZenPack" Agentless Multi-protocol SNMP WMI TCP SSH WIN-RPC JMX ICMP HTTP REST SMTP/POP SOAP WEBM SMS ODBC VMware VMware Cisco Cisco Cisco Amazon libVirt & vSphere vCloud UCS UC AXL AWS libCloud 6 #zendd
  7. 7. Deep Dive: Architecture7 #zendd
  8. 8. Deep Dive - Architecture8 #zendd
  9. 9. Deep Dive Architecture Event System9 #zendd
  10. 10. Deep Dive – Event Flow zenhub Collector zenhub Daemons Message Broker (RabbitMQ) Event Source zenhub Model (ZODB) Event Processing Zenoss: High-Level Architecture Event Flow REST AMQP Events Twisted PB (MySQL) Direct database connection10 #zendd
  11. 11. Deep Dive – Process InteractionZenoss: Process Interaction Zenoss Daemon REST Message Queue AMQP Model updates App Server Reidentification of events Console data zenhub zeneventd zeneventserver zenactiond Model Processed Raw Events Event Fanout Signals Changes Events RabbitM Q11 #zendd
  12. 12. Managing Your Event Console Event Transforms and Impact Policies12 #zendd
  13. 13. Event Basics Mapping Transformation De-Duplication Clearing13 #zendd
  14. 14. Mapping – Scenario “eventClass” is set No mapping is performed. Event is placed into the specified event class.14 #zendd
  15. 15. Demo15 #zendd
  16. 16. THANK YOU QUESTIONS & ANSWERS #zendd16 #zendd
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