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  • 1.  
    • In this presentation we research Smart Phones.
    • Do Smart Phones have an effect on the workplace?
    • Do Smart Phones hinder productivity?
    • Do Smart Phones affect social engagement?
    • Do Smart Phones have an effect in education?
  • 3. The Benefits of Smart Phones
    • They are no longer tools of the business elite.
    • Affordable to a wide variety demographic.
    • Fast wireless internet connections.
    • Vast technology of smart phones are affordable.
    • Smart phones shape and mould how humans communicate.
    • VoIP is available on smart phones, therefore people who are geographically separated can communicate.
  • 4.  
  • 5. Smart Phones Statistics
    • The above statistics are based on the percentage of the most commonly used smart phone software .
    operating system dominating market share:
  • 6. Most Popular Smart Phone Software
    • Symbian: Is an open source operating system (OS) the most commonly used smart phone software currently maintained by Nokia.
    • Android: This is a software stack i.e. a set of software components, used to deliver a fully functional solution in smart phones.
    • RIM: This is an acronym for Research in Motion which is a service exclusively provided to Blackberry smart phones users.
    • iOS: Apple’s mobile operating system used for most Apple devices.
    • Microsoft Windows Mobile: Mobile operating system developed by Microsoft and used in smart phones.
  • 7. Findings…
    • A researcher by the name of Charles Q. Choi has found the although users don’t know it, smart phones are essentially equipped with hand-held MRI scanners.
    • These miniature MRI scanners could diagnose cancer faster, more accurately and less expensively than techniques used today.
    • This once again show the incredible advantages of smart phones and their continuous technological advancements.
  • 8. Conclusion
    • In conclusion, I fully support the use of smart phones in everyday use, as they are efficient, effective and make communication across geographical boundaries easier and faster.