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Transmedia Storyteller

Transmedia Storyteller






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    Transmedia Storyteller Transmedia Storyteller Presentation Transcript

    • Single-media intellectual property is DEAD
    • 2009 "Over the next 10 years, literally what we consider traditional ways of telling stories are going to completely fall apart," Peter Vamos at the Banff World Television Festival “TV’s survival depends on multi-platform programming, social media and interaction” But it’s not just TV Publishing, movies, games - all entertainment experiences are spreading across multiple platforms in multiple media
    • Early Example of Transmedia: The Matrix Movie Trilogy Animation Game Comics The “storyworld” of the Matrix is the sum of all these stories.
    • More than just a franchise • Not multiple implementations of same story across different media • Larger storyworld told in chapters or segments across different media • Story provides compelling reason to engage across media (buy or experience additional “products” in same storyworld) • Unique original experiences
    • Why Transmedia? • Millennials & Digital Natives expect it: – simultaneous multi-platform consumption of media – multiple media • More audience touchpoints to aid discovery in world exploding with content • Increased penetration of sales to existing audience • Consumers actively avoiding ads: therefore brands seeking truly engaging experiences • Exciting and fun: oceans of uncharted water to explore
    • Book + ARG Dark Art combines the experience of a traditional thriller novel with a multimedia- fueled “out of book” narrative. Clues in the novel — and items that come with the novel, such as ID cards and photos — propel readers into an online experience where they become protagonists themselves…. • Call the phone numbers: You’ll get a character’s voicemail. • Google the characters and institutions in the text: You’ll find real websites. • Examine the art and other printed artifacts included inside the cover: If you pay attention, you’ll find more information than the characters themselves discover. Personal Effects: Dark Art is the ultimate in voyeuristic storytelling, representing a revolutionary step forward in changing the way people interact with novels.
    • Video+Book = Vook
    • Market Opportunity • Today, each implementation is bespoke and the required technical ability confined to small number of digital agencies • Market opportunity to democratize the tools: – make possible and simplify implementation across multiple media – simplify on-going management across multiple media – measure progress of audience through media – measure effectiveness of media in attracting audience • Support new, entertainment & marketing industry business models
    • Our Vision • Unified authors, audience and media • Audience/consumer engagement baked into project such that marketing and story are seamless • Create a SaaS tool that allows anyone with limited technical skills to easily develop, implement and manage transmedia projects • Creative people can focus on the storytelling, not the technology barriers • Independents can complete with Hollywood • Benefits of our integrated platform: – Quicker and cheaper development – Fewer errors & mistakes – Central management with possibility of distributed collaboration – Re-use experience on next project
    • Transmedia Storyteller • Storytelling platform that resides in the cloud (SaaS) • Used by authors to write, manage and measure stories across multiple media • Create interactive, collaborative, transmedia stories • Allows collaboration between authors and audience • Utilizes social media to create unique experiences
    • Note: new media consumption model • Moving away from media as “product” and towards media as on-going “service” • Episodic content • Interactive & social gaming content • Location-dependent content • Reactive and predictive content
    • The Changing Business Model for Indies “Old” Filmmaking Model Sell to Raise awareness/ Raise finance Make film Sell to audience Exhibit distributor Build audience “New” Filmmaking Model Sell to (some of) Raise finance audience Raise awareness/ Build audience Make film Pre-Sell to audience Exhibit
    • Transmedia Filmmaking Business Model Raise finance Raise awareness/ Sponsorship/ Build audience Brand Integration Big Still Make (low cost) media Exhibit enough Yes want to make Yes audience? feature? Involve/collaborate (pre-)Sell to with the audience audience Make more media No? Repeat No? Repeat
    • We Support New Business Model Raise finance Raise awareness/ Sponsorship/ Build audience Brand Integration Big Still Make (low cost) media Exhibit enough Yes want to make Yes audience? feature? Involve/collaborate (pre-)Sell to with the audience audience Make more media Sell to (some of) Raise finance audience Make feature Transmedia Storyteller Pre-Sell to Exhibit Unified authors, audience and media audience Audience/consumer engagement baked into project such that marketing and story are seamless
    • The Storyteller Platform
    • Product Goals • Easy to use • Indispensible: – reduces complexity – efficient, flexible storytelling (no single approach to authoring) – hub for monitoring and reporting activity • Widespread adoption through freemium pricing model
    • Who Will Use It? • Thousands of digital creatives and agencies for: – brands – entertainment and publishing properties – museums • Millions of independent authors, filmmakers & digital/interactive artists – new entertainment experiences – as marketing for their movies/books/etc. • Tens of Millions of students – introduction to logic and gaming without programming – fun of creating something cool and see it grow
    • Implementation • Built in Adobe FLEX • Full-blown service available online… • … and “premium” authoring on desktop via Adobe AIR