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Interactive Storytelling for Education and Training
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Interactive Storytelling for Education and Training


Published on

Presentation to EEE in Madrid.

Presentation to EEE in Madrid.

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  • 1. EEE ProjectEspacios Educativos Especulares(Educational Reflected Spaces)27th May 2013, MadridRobert PrattenTransmedia Storyteller Ltd@robpratten
  • 2. Robert PrattenCEO & Founder, Transmedia Storyteller Ltd
  • 3. Interactive Storytelling for Education & Training• Our technology & its uses• Our methodology
  • 4. Orchestrate cross-platform experiences
  • 5. Conducttr = Lego for transmedia storytellersTwitter ChatBack Audience Content LockerSMS VotingTeamPlayFacebookCharacters
  • 6. Build once & replay. Only pay for what you need.Location-based gamewith monthly serializedblog content?You got it!CMSAudience DatabaseBehavioral targeting
  • 7. Broadcast TV show withpersonalized mobile contentand interactive characters onsocial media?You got it!
  • 8. ColaLightAffordable solar LED lighting for ruralcommunities in the developing world
  • 9. Interactive engagementText “play” to XXX to help Unma gether daughter to schoolFunding now at x% of targetCongratulations to Team xyzReal Fictional
  • 10. AirPi AirPi is an automatic air quality & weather monitoring device powered by a Raspberry Pi temperature, humidity, air pressure, light levels, UV levels, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxideand smoke level
  • 11. The Internet of Everything
  • 12. Air quality-driven storytellingCO affects• character’s mood• tone of tweets & blog posts• game difficulty?
  • 13. University of Southern CaliforniaAnti-bullying transmedia project
  • 14. Interactive characters
  • 15. Conducttr frameworkAuthoring environmentLoads in any browserStory-Game EngineCloud-based, real-time networkIntelligence.APIConnect anything.Mobile, RFID, web,Facebook app
  • 16. The EngineBroadcast & reply emails, Tweets, SMS,Facebook comments; Publish blogposts, videos, images, Facebookupdates and more.Events – when “stuff” should happenActions – personalization of experienceControl LayerContent LayerReal World Audience
  • 17. Students/playersIndividual Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Team 1 Team 2Everyone
  • 18. Individual attributes
  • 19. Interactive simulationcommunity-drivenstory evolutionControl LayerContent Layer call to actionactionpersonalizationReal Worldcommunity actionIndividualStudentsConducttrcall to actionCommunity
  • 20. Case Study:Educational ARGAlternate Reality Game600 students across Florida, USA
  • 21. Teaching objectives• Teach ethics and financial responsibility• Simulation of real-life scenario• Self-guided problem solving• Collaborative working• New media comprehension
  • 22. Students love to role-playFictional environmental activist
  • 23.
  • 24. Transmedia Storytelling
  • 25. Define theWorld• Story• Experience• Audience• Platforms• Goal1• ExecutionDefine theStory• Premise• Themes• Characters• Locations• Periods• Objects• Factions• HierarchiesDefine theExperiences• Goals• Gaming2• Role-playing2• Exploring2• Observing2Define theExecution• Timing• Events• Platforms• PacingWhat can we usefrom the storyworldto informparticipation?What types ofactivity will meetour goals?1 What’s the goal: Revenue, Reach, Preference, Action?2 Game player styles checked against each participation opportunity (e.g. killer,achiever, socializer, explorer)How are theaudience activitiesrealized?Who is this for andwhat are our goals?Designing the Participatory StoryworldFour creative processes that blend marketing with entertainment
  • 26. Audience participation opportunitiesCompanion ActorOutsider ObserverTHINKFEELDOMoral dilemmas, meaningfulchoicesRole-play,provide building blocksReflection, consideration Exploring, discovering
  • 27. Designing the Participatory Story5. Writesynopsis•Premise•Themes•Characters•Conflict6. DevelopSynopsis into Scenes•Information revealed•Character development•Audience quests7. Design theEngagement•Personalization•Actions•Teams•Pacing•Motivations•Immersion7. Design theEngagement•Personalization•Actions•Teams•Pacing•Motivations•Immersion6. DevelopEngagement into Scenes•Information revealed•Audience quests•Character development5. Writesynopsis•Premise•Themes•Characters•Conflict8. Design theInteraction•Platforms•Media•Out-of-World•In-World•Block diagrams•User Journey• platforms•phases9. Design theOperations•Editorial process•Legal process•Social mediaguidelines•Communitymanagement•Escalation•MetricsStory-first approachExperience-first approach
  • 28. Getting startedStory Participation
  • 29. From story to scenes• Describe the narrative as collection of SCENES• Label the scenes by• what information revealed• how they advance the plot• choices the player must make
  • 30. Branching
  • 31. Three decision points…9 mins 18 mins 28 minsStraw Sticks BricksPig1 < Wolf?Pig1 >= Wolf?Pig 2 < Wolf?Pig 2>= Wolf?Pig 3 < Wolf?Pig 3>= Wolf?
  • 32. On Rails
  • 33. Dynamic
  • 34. Open
  • 35. Need 4 layers of documentation?Interactive Layer IF this happens THEN…Narrative Layer JOHN is very ANGRYPresentation Layer SEND a TEXT messageExperience Layer OMG! I can’t believe that!!@robpratten
  • 36. JENNASubject: THATS ALL I KNOW :(I was supposed to be helping Paul that night butI had to take care of my mom. Her oxygen wasrunning low and I had to find another place tohook her up with a new can.I was going to meet him back at my place but henever made it.I waited 30mins from when he was sposed to be inand then I called his cell.I dont know why but I could just tell summin wasup. We had a psychic connection.About an hour later the police called me back andthats when I found out hed been murdered.E-MAIL. Tell me about that night ON B15 j: tell me about that nightDELAY 00h 30min. REPLY. COUNT BY WORLD
  • 37. E-MAIL. o: 60% Progress ON B16 k: tell me about that nightDELAY 00h 30min. REPLY. COUNT BY WORLDLAUREN ORTEGA(DIDNT GET TO 60% EARLY)Subject: STATUS: 60% COMPLETEYoure past half way!Youre now about 60% done towards solving this mystery.Excellent work - keep it up.No AlternativesLAUREN ORTEGA(KIESHAS EMAIL KNOWN)Subject: STATUS: A HUGE LEAP FORWARD!Hey |name|Wow, offering those words of comfort to Jenna really paiddividends!You picked up some early knowledge and its put you quitea way in front. Still... I think you should question someof the other witnesses.This is excellent work - keep it up.
  • 38. Robert PrattenCEO & Founder, Transmedia Storyteller Ltd@robprattenhttp://tstoryteller.comUS: +1 415-287-4150Europe: +44 207 193 4567
  • 39. Robert PrattenCEO & Founder, Transmedia Storyteller Ltd@robprattenhttp://tstoryteller.comUS: +1 415-287-4150Europe: +44 207 193 4567