Evolution vs Creation


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An introduction to the Evolution vs Creation debate and why it matters

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Evolution vs Creation

  1. 1. Creation vs Evolution An introduction to the debate And Why it matters
  2. 2. Science• Operational Science is: Observable, repeatable, testable in the present• Historical (Origins) Science is: Inventing stories about the past to fit the facts in the presentSee creation.com/its-not-science for more information
  3. 3. What are the facts in the present?• Rock Layers• Fossils• Living organisms• Intelligence• Stars• PlanetsThe facts are available for anyone to studyThe conclusions we make about the past (how and why), are governed by our world-view andinterpreted using our preconceived bias
  4. 4. What are the stories about the past?• How rock layers formed• How fossils formed• How living organisms started• How living organisms developed into what we see now• How intelligence came about• How stars came about• How planets came about
  5. 5. Materialistic History: Invented Stories About the Past• The universe burst into something from absolutely nothing—zero, nada. And as it got bigger, it became filled with even more stuff that came from absolutely nowhere.• 14 billion years for the universe and 4.5 billion years for the solar systemSee creation.com/radiometric-dating-questions-and-answers for more information
  6. 6. Invented Stories About the Past• The first life was a cosmic accident• All living things descend from this common ancestor… (bacteria, microbes, plant, trees, fish, birds, animals and humans)See creation.com/origin-of-life-questions-and-answers for problems with the origin of lifeSee creation.com/the-evolution-trains-a-comin for problems for evolution
  7. 7. Invented Stories About the Past• Diversity is a combination of accidental, beneficial mutations, accumulating new features over eons of time• Death and suffering are the means of creating diversitySee creation.com/mutations-questions-and-answers for problems with mutations
  8. 8. Invented Stories About the Past• Rock Layers laid down slowly over millions of years• Fossils created by dead animals being covered with sediment over eons of time
  9. 9. Implications for the Present• There is no God• There is no purpose to life• There is no basis for moralitySee creation.com/morality-and-ethics-questions-and-answers for more information
  10. 10. Implications for the FutureThere is nothing after death
  11. 11. Biblical HistoryEye Witness Account Of The Past (God)• In the beginning... God...See creation.com/history-questions-and-answers for more information on Biblical HistorySee creation.com/who-created-god for information on where who made God
  12. 12. Eye Witness Account Of The Past (God)• Everything created within 6 days• Approximately 6000 years agoSee creation.com/young-age-of-the-earth-universe-qa for evidence for a young earth
  13. 13. Eye Witness Account Of The Past (God)• All living things were created in ‘kinds’• ‘Kinds’ contain rich genetic information to allow for great diversity• Diversity is achieved at the expense of genetic information (Natural Selection)See creation.com/speciation-questions-and-answers andcreation.com/dogs-breeding-dogs for more information on diversitySee creation.com/refuting-evolution-chapter-2-variation-and-natural-selection-versus-evolution andcreation.com/natural-selection-questions-and-answers for more information on the differencebetween Evolution and Natural Selection
  14. 14. Eye Witness Account Of The Past• Adam and Eve were real people – created in the image of God• All people are descended from Adam and Eve• Adam rebelled against Gods instructions, (this is called sin), the consequence of which is death and disease for ALL creation
  15. 15. Eye Witness Account Of The Past• Noahs flood was a real event that covered the entire earth• It was a massive catastrophic process that produced most of the fossil record• It changed the geography of the earth, created canyons, mountains and plainsSee creation.com/plate-tectonics-questions-and-answers,creation.com/fossils-questions-and-answers andcreation.com/geology-questions-and-answersfor more information on the flood and its effects
  16. 16. Eye Witness Account Of The Past• Only those humans and air breathing land animals on the ark survived the flood• The Tower of Babel was a real event. Mankind tried to rebel against Gods instructions to spread out and fill the earth. God confused the languages and people groups spread out in their own language groupsSee creation.com/noahs-ark-questions-and-answers for more information on Noah’s ArkSee creation.com/the-tower-of-babel-account-affirmed-by-linguistics for more information on thedevelopment on languages
  17. 17. Biblical History Eye Witness Account Of The Past• Jesus was a real man• Jesus was fully God• Jesus birth, life and death fulfilled many propheciesSee christianthinktank.com/jrthal.html and www.bede.org.uk/jesusmyth.htm for extrabiblicalreferences to Jesus
  18. 18. Biblical History Eye Witness Account Of The Past• Jesus was sinless, yet was crucified having done nothing wrong – dying in our place and paying the price for our rebellion against God (our sin)• Jesus rose from death – proving his divinityBeing fully God and humbling himself to be born as a man – a descendant of Adam, He is theonly person able to pay the penalty on our behalf. See creation.com/jesus-christ-questions-and-answers for more information
  19. 19. Implications for the Present• God is our Creator• We are answerable to God• God is a Holy God and demands justice for our rebellion (sin)• Jesus has paid the penalty on our behalf – if we accept him and believe
  20. 20. Implications for the FutureThere is an eternity after we die Either Heaven or Hell awaits
  21. 21. A Tale of Two World Views• These two world-views (materialism & creationism) are not compatible• They are diametrically opposed• You must choose one or the other• Christianity is destroyed if you try to blend themSee creation.com/creation-compromises and creation.com/creation-why-it-matters
  22. 22. So Why Does It Matter?• If the Bible is true,• If the Bible can be trusted with our history,• It can be trusted with our future.• An eternal future is worth being sure about!See creation.com/sola-scriptura for ‘How did the New Testament become the New Testament’and creation.com/bible-questions-and-answers and www.tektonics.org/lp/ottextcrit.htmlfor ‘Can it be trusted’