Game Concept Mars Wars


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A Presentation of my Game idea for my 2nd year at Uni.

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Game Concept Mars Wars

  1. 1. Mars Wars<br />Game Concept by James Taylor<br />
  2. 2. Basic Game Idea<br />A Mecha based combat game, designed using motion controls.<br />
  3. 3. The Experience<br /><ul><li>Piloting and Fighting using a Transformable Mecha (Robot)
  4. 4. Responsive Control
  5. 5. Unique and Precise motion controller</li></li></ul><li>You Are the Pilot<br />The main experience of my game is rooted in the control system. To create the most authentic as possible feeling of piloting the mecha, a custom controller would be used.<br /><ul><li> Two motion controlled joysticks (Like the Hydra PC Motion controller)
  6. 6. Thumb stick for aiming and moving camera
  7. 7. Buttons for firing, swapping weapons and left and right speed boosts.
  8. 8. Swinging the controller (As if punching) will make use of a melee blow.
  9. 9. Tilting controls transforms Mech to flight mode
  10. 10. Pedals for moving and braking </li></li></ul><li>Story and Game Progression<br /><ul><li>String of Pearls (The Art of Game Design, A Book of Lenses, Jesse Schall)
  11. 11. 4 Story paths that are separate and interlinked (like Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep)
  12. 12. Each path has a different overall theme; Comradeship, Betrayal, Redemption and Manipulation
  13. 13. Multiple Choices leading to different missions and scenes</li></li></ul><li>Story Overview<br />Humanity has moved into space and has begun colonising Mars, in order to live on Mars the “Mars Terraforming Plan” was put into action by the 4 main factions of Earth the United American Alliance(UAA, encompassing the US, Canada and South America), the Neo European Federation (NEF, made up of the United Kingdom and Europe), the R.A.E.U (made up of Russia/Asia/Equatorial Union) and the Oceanic and Africa, Community (OAC, made up of the Africa/Oceanic union). <br />Now with the plan well into its 7th year and with 80% of the Martian surface successfully terraformed, the 4 major factions begin to argue and fight amongst themselves resulting in a full scale war. <br />
  14. 14. So where's the Fun?<br />RaphKoster in his book A Theory of Fun details a good way of seeing if a game and it’s mechanics lacks fun<br /><ul><li>Can you prepare before a challenge?
  15. 15. Prepare in different ways and still win?
  16. 16. Does the environment of the game effect the challenge?
  17. 17. Solid rules for the challenge?
  18. 18. Can the rules support more types of challenge?
  19. 19. Can the player use multiple abilities in the challenge?
  20. 20. At high level’s does the player have to use multiple abilities to succeed?
  21. 21. Is there skill to use abilities in the game?
  22. 22. Are there multiple results for overcoming a challenge?
  23. 23. Do advanced players gain less for finishing an easy challenge?
  24. 24. Does failing the challenge at least make you try it again? </li></li></ul><li>Game Comparative: Armoured CoreDeveloping Gameplay<br />My game’s Gamplay<br /><ul><li>Mecha Simulation/third-person shooter (Like AC)
  25. 25. You can customize your mecha from the main body and weapons even down to the Generator and FCS (each army will have a different assortment of parts for players to collect) (Like AC)
  26. 26. Parts for your Mecha are bought using money acquired on missions, the higher your rank the more parts are open to you from your army’s shop. (like AC)
  27. 27. Mecha can transform based on the core of the Machine (different cores are compatible with different parts)
  28. 28. Mission Based Gameplay, Mission types vary from destroy all enemies to escort to defend the base and more. Missions can also change mid battle (Like AC)
  29. 29. Ship hub, Lets you talk with other members of your team, Make your Mech, test it in simulator, set missions</li></li></ul><li>Game comparative: Mobile Suit Gundam (Series) Developing Narrative<br /><ul><li>I draw a lot of inspiration from the many Gundam shows
  30. 30. The 4 armies are loosely based on different Gundam forces
  31. 31. Story takes elements from MSG, The 08th MS Team and Seed Gundam shows (Drops, certain major battles)
  32. 32. Ship interactions and characters also take inspiration from Gundam (Masked villain character)</li></li></ul><li>Game comparative: M.A.GDeveloping Multiplayer<br /><ul><li>Multiplayer will be set up in the same way, player chooses army to fight for and helps that side gain territory in the online war.
  33. 33. Team based
  34. 34. Objective based gameplay
  35. 35. Players will be able to use the Mech’s made in the Single Player campaign and use them online</li></li></ul><li>Where Next?<br /><ul><li>Motion Controls how things are done outside games
  36. 36. Story and character development</li></li></ul><li>References<br /><ul><li>Bertz, M. (2011) Top 10 Gaming Gadgets from CES Available at: [Accessed 25.1.11]
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