New study shows original content reaches more people on facebook


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Facebook is continuing to make important changes in the news feed. This time Facebook has not given importance to status updates. Rapid changes are there in the news feed and many brand managers know well how to stay on the top.

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New study shows original content reaches more people on facebook

  1. 1. New Study Shows Original Content Reaches More People on Facebook Slide: 1
  2. 2. Slide: 2 1. Introduction 2. Exposure of Status Updates 3. Importance of Brand 4. Content Originator 5. What does Facebook do? 6. Post Reach and Page Reach 7. Organic Reach 8. Viral Reach 9. Paid Reach 10.Best Ways to Calculate Facebook Visitors 11.How Difficult it to Get More Visitors 12.More Visitors by Other Social Networks 13.Presented by Zebra Techies Solution. Topic
  3. 3. Slide: 3 Introduction Facebook is continuing to make important changes in the news feed. This time Facebook has not given importance to status updates. Rapid changes are there in the news feed and many brand managers know well how to stay on the top. We tried to dig deeply to see about the latest changes. Constant changes are known with a new philosophy.
  4. 4. Slide: 4 Exposure of status updates Analysis and monitoring this type of data for thousands of Facebook pages with a tool called EdgeRank Checker. Facebook released a blog post which explains about the status updates from pages are less involved than status updates from friends. In other words, status updates are reducing exposure in the news feed.
  5. 5. Slide: 5 While trying for many brands, status updates are not shown nearly as links and photos. They typically do not offer much value to the business. Status updates are typically used to gather general opinions or fast message updates whereas links can earn actual traffic. During this change other content types are not importantly affected.
  6. 6. Slide: 6 A very moderate decrease is there which is most likely due to the normal change. Interesting videos becomes important in the news feed. The sample size to post the videos is less than optimal and the historical data shows a similar pattern. An interesting video can be considered as an interesting content in the future.
  7. 7. Slide: 7 Importance of Brand As we look every change in the news feed, a common theme appears. Contents enriched with information tend to go to the top. Google follows same approach with the search results. Facebook is slowly becoming like Google in this regard. Shares play important role as they are strongly involved to make the brands. Brands are not impacted by negative changes.
  8. 8. Slide: 8 Content Originator Brands that make the content get the most value in the news feed. Google takes a similar approach to test the inbound links. Content originator has not much role with Facebook as compare to the any other social network. Twitter has got same results which can be visited as a Tweet broadcasts in the world. More exposure is available with content originator.
  9. 9. Slide: 9 Content originator is getting success in case of the changes because it can use natural distribution networks like shares. Facebook's algorithms may not weigh the initial posts like before. Strong involvement of shares is good to distribute the content also. The news feed is involved with growing of the competition that improves large budgets to get the exposure within the feed.
  10. 10. Slide: 10
  11. 11. Slide: 11 What does Facebook do? Facebook is forever bringing new features. It is giving the users more flawless and necessary experience. Unfortunately it does not come always in our favor while it tries to reach more people with the web page content. Facebook reaches the elite people who visit the content. It changes all other activity that you can follow.
  12. 12. Slide: 12
  13. 13. Slide: 13 Post reach and page reach Post reach is the people who visited an exact content in the news feed. The number of people is called the Page reach and the people may visit any content post in a given time. For example it can be daily, weekly or monthly. These two metrics for the visitors can be confusing.
  14. 14. Slide: 14
  15. 15. Slide: 15 If you don’t give any post frequently you can have vast reach for the posts but the page reach can be low. If you give post more than five times a day, it may be a low post reach but you can get a big page reach. Which we should stress upon?
  16. 16. Slide: 16 You should check whether your posts are visited by the majority of fans and ensure that your brands are going before your fans regularly. The answer will make you determined abort the form, post or page which is important for you. Both of post and page reach have three major types. They are organic, viral and paid reach.
  17. 17. Slide: 17 Organic reach It is the reach by the visitors that Facebook provides you at free of cost. It is common in news feed while your fans visit your updates. Other chances are there for example, random users visit your page. These are unimportant rather than news feed viewed by the fans.
  18. 18. Slide: 18 Viral reach This reach involves the people who visit your post because someone made a tale about this. For instance, if a follower likes, comments or shares the post, your post can be visited by their friends even they are not following your posts. The same becomes true while you want to reach large audience who can be or can’t be your followers.
  19. 19. Slide:19 If a single targeted people make a single tale, their friends can visit this. Both of these are viral reach. If explaining viral reach quickly you can send insights data to excel spread sheet. Viral reach data is involved if you take the old format for insights.
  20. 20. Slide: 20 However it is a part of organic visitors and it is in the latest version of insights. Visit the metrics for the viral reach that is totally disappeared from the insights and the Facebook very soon. Facebook opts for simple approach rather than facets.
  21. 21. Slide: 21 Paid reach It is a part of post reach and it is very simple to trail any report. You have to make payment for this so you are aware of the fact about its source. If you make payment for the posts, the visitors will enhance to higher than the standard organic visitors as you made payment to get more followers.
  22. 22. Slide: 22 Best ways to calculate Facebook visitors Until now it is general to target your overall Facebook visitors against the total followers. A number of social media marketers ensured some people who visited a given post and then compared to do the total number of fans. It calculates the percentage of the followers that they got already. It is not the best method now.
  23. 23. Slide: 23
  24. 24. Slide: 24 The new insight of Facebook is to offer you how many online followers are there at any moment. The lifespan of any post on Facebook rarely enhances 2 to 3 hours. It is right to target beside the total fans on Facebook at particular moment. This is significant while you explain the page importance to your boss or any client.
  25. 25. Slide: 25 How difficult it to get more visitors People started to report a vast fall in organic visitors for the pages they were handling. The downfall of organic visitors varies because some saw heavy downfall, some saw very small downfall and others did not see any alteration. A post is there from AdAge and it showed a leaked punch from Facebook.
  26. 26. Slide: 26 It states that the pages can wait for their visitors to continue reducing and get ready to make payment for visibility of news feed. Social media and blogging for the websites are not considered. Some people criticize Facebook for its new strategies to take their wealth. Others were preventing the efforts of the Facebook to enhance the content quality.
  27. 27. Slide: 27
  28. 28. Slide: 28
  29. 29. Slide: 29 More visitors by other social networks When Facebook brings issues, many social marketers told Facebook as a fraud and it is suggested to try other social networking pages. Other social networks do not give any type of metric for the visitors. Facebook provides this data only. Other networks give analytics. They are not close to the information that is given by Facebook.
  30. 30. Slide: 30
  31. 31. Slide: 31 Most of the social marketers were upset to know about the play to play feature of Facebook’s new algorithm to reach visitors. They blamed Facebook as it is a publicly traded company only for money. They accused that Facebook is only doing these for money. Google is changing search algorithms like Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird.
  32. 32. Slide: 32 These are more damaging for online businesses than visitor strategy of the Facebook. While a business’s free SEO ranking goes downward they pay for AdWords to come in the front for the visitors. Facebook has the best targeting options for the businesses. Some people are leaving Facebook to depend upon Google AdWords but this is supposed to be business suicide.
  33. 33. Slide: 33
  34. 34. Slide: 34 Presented by Zebra Techies Solution Zebra Techies Solution Debigarh 4th Lane, Madhyamgram Kolkata (W.B) India - 700129 Send us Mail Support : Office Telephone No.(24*7) : +91- 9804210198 USA(Toll Free): +1-213-233-1633 CHAT WITH US(24*7): GTALK : zebratechies SKYPE : zebra.techies