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  • 1. Welcome soldier, to theBattlefield Play4Free Basic Training Here, you’ll find various tips and tricks that can help you change the way you play, soyou can achieve your full potential. First of all, you can’t win a war all by yourself. You need teamplay, you needreinforcements, and thats the single most important thing in the Battlefield. That’s what I’ll teachyou in this Basic Training. Also, your mind must always be in control over your body. While in action a soldier cansometimes lose himself. Most of the times, this result in death. We don’t want that, so,remember, your mind controls your hand, which controls your mouse. Oh, and to be as lethal as possible, you need to know where are the keys to use yourbattle gear. I recommend this configuration1, but you can always change it to your like, soldier. Let’s start your basic training.1
  • 2. 1) Infantry Most of your fighting time, you’ll be on foot. There are enemy positions that don’t offer the possibility to use vehicles as transportation or artillery. So you must rely on your weapon, reflexes and skill to win the battle. 1.1) Shooting and Killing The primary objective of the war is to conquer land and, in this case, flags. Remember:Cap, Cap, Cap … The second one is to kill and destroy the enemy. To do that, you have aserious of weaponry at your disposal, as an Infantry troop. Your primary weapon varies fromclass to class. As a Medic, you’ll have an LMG (Light Machine Gun). Don’t think you are Rambo withthis. This gun is actually very heavy, so you’ll take more time to aim down sights,it has, inaverage, less accuracy than the other gun classes, and takes loads of time to reload. It’s bestcharacteristic is the large magazine. Use this to your advantage, by suppressing your enemieswith fire, forcing them to take cover and giving some time to teammates to move up. Play as ateam to win every single skirmish. As an Engineer, you’ll have an SMG (Sub Machine Gun). It is a lightweight gun, with theusual 20-30 round magazines. The weakness of this gun comes from its light bullets, who deallittle damage. On the other hand, its fast speed while aiming down sights combined with its fastROF, make this a reliable weapon in close range combat. Get closer to your enemy and killevery single one. As an Assault, you’ll rely on your rifle to kill as many enemies as possible. It is, inaverage, a 25-30 round gun, with decent accuracy and damage ratio. It is the most generalpurpose gun in your arsenal. Depending on the model you need to adjust your playing style.In this class, you’ll have some weapons that use burst fire mode to fire, instead of the default fullauto of the generality of the guns. This can come in handy when you really want to improveaccuracy, but in tight situations or in close combat it can determine if you live or die. Onceagain, use what best suits your playing style. Finally, as a Recon, your main weapon will be your sniper-rifle. It is extremely accurateand with great stopping power, dealing up to 80 points of damage, from a distance, to the body.There are two sub-types of sniper-rifles: the semi-automatic and the bolt action ones. Generally,the bolt action rifles are more accurate and with better damage, while the semi-automatic offersyou the possibility to correct the shooting angle or to re-shot the enemy to take him down,before he was time to take cover or run away. Remember: your bullet leaves a trail when shot(except in some gun models), so enemies can trace down the bullet to know where you are. Also, almost all these classes can use shotguns to unleash hell upon their opponents.Personally, recruit, I don’t incentive you to use automatic shotguns. But that’s up to you todecide. Shotguns generally rely on their stopping power to overcome their short range, so getcloser to the enemy before taking the shot.The most important of all, you need to know your gun. Use this site 2 to compare values between the models available to your use, soldier.2 (All credit go to “wtfwtf” and “Sforek”)
  • 3. Once you know what weapon to use, you’ll need a secondary weapon, or a side-arm.This is a small hand pistol that you carry with you to use in tight situations. There are varioustypes of side-arms. Time to learn something, soldier: Use this weapon when you run out ofammo. Not in your inventory, but on your magazine. It’s faster to just take out your sidearm tofinish off your opponent than to fully reload your primary weapon. You may forget this in the firsttimes, but, remember, your mind must control your body. Finally, as a last resource, you have your fighting knife. With it, you can easily take outanyone in the battlefield in the most silent way possible. When facing an opponent that isunaware of your presence, always try to knife him. It doesn’t give out your position to histeammates. Also, and, once again, remember, your mind must control your body. When turningcorners, you may bump into enemies. Quickly reach to your knife and slice him up. They won’teven know what hit them. You may forget this in the first times, but, keep practicing, recruit. 1.2) Location Now that you know what you need todo to kill people, you need to know how toget to them. While on the battlefield, youneed to know where you are and where youneed to go. Location and tactics are boundtogether. By default, you can zoom in onyour HUD (Heads Up Display) map, bypressing N. You can also use M to makeavailable a large and full version of yourarea. This comes in handy when you arerespawning and you want to know if thereare tanks or APC’s available on your teambase. Also, use the maps to get to knowdifferent routes or alternative ways to go towhere you want to, if the main way is beingblocked or heavily defended. Always try toflank your enemy position. When movingfrom point A to B, try to strafe or zig-zag toprevent any fire from the front. You’ll bemuch harder to hit.
  • 4. 1.3) Staying alive Just because you can respawn 10 seconds after you die, it doesn’t mean you want to die.Is the battlefield, staying alive is as important as killing your targets. So there are basicmovements that you can make to get to where you want to, without dying.When defending a position, pick high ground with some cover, if possible. When attackingalways try to find cover next to the flag, so you have at least one side covered from enemy fire.This means: don’t sit in the middle of an open field.While in cover, there are some breaches that you can use to take a quick glance at the otherside, to see if it is clear and if you can pass. Also, use the Rear View key (F by default, I use Z)when facing the opposite side of the cover to take a more wide view of the other side of thecover. Using this, you can spot enemies coming through that corner without letting them knowyou are there. When they pass, quickly stab them in the back. They won’t even know what hitthem.Look for medic packs and ammo boxes to stay operational in the field. You can request this byusing the “q” button. Don’t be afraid to use adrenaline shots or field bandages. If you aredefending a flag and you die, 10 seconds is more than enough for the opposite team to takecontrol of that position. You don’t want that. When you need to clear a corner, jump and rotatethe camera. A jumping enemies if harder to hit, and you can have the surprise element to killenemies ducked and waiting to kill you on the other side. Remember, soldier: Stay alive!
  • 5. 2) Vehicles Both teams have different types of vehicles that offer a mean of transport while on bigareas, extra firepower, etc, etc. You need to know each and every one of them to know whereand when to use it. There are three main types of vehicles: land vehicles, water vehicles and air vehicles.This won’t be an exaggerated guide to vehicles. You can find that in this post 3. 2.1) Land Vehicles In this type of vehicles, we can distinguish two more: the transportation vehicles and theattack ones. The transportation, and depending on the faction, has also two different types ofvehicles, the light and the heavy ones. The light ones (DPV - Desert Patrol Vehicle - for theRussians and the LSV - Light Strike Vehicle - for the Americans) offer high speed and 3 seats,one heavy machine gun mounted on top, but lacks of protection, making it a 1 shot kill to anyarmoured artillery, and allows the passage of bullets, making it relatively easy to kill the driver.Also, although the US version is faster, it lacks on mobility, because it’s turret can only rotate90º to 140º degrees, making it unable to shoot back or sides. The heavy ones (GAZ - for the Russians - and the HMMVW - for the Americans) have alittle bit more of armor, cover the passengers better and also have a mounted heavy machinegun on top. However, they have 4 seats but are slower. The machine gun can rotate 360º in allvehicles of this kind. A tip from a veteran: The GAZ is very tall, use its machine gun mounted ontop to shoot from tall barriers, while using these barriers as firing cover. This transportationvehicles are better suited to capture flags and to transport troops from point A to B. Use themwhile fully loaded to achieve better results.3 credit goes to BubbaWatson)
  • 6. The attack land vehicles are the tanks and the APC’s (Armored Personnel Carrier). Thisones are the big guys when it comes to destruction and to eliminate heavily defended positions.The tanks offer around 300 points of damage to other vehicles from its main turret, altought itcan be unlocked, by training, the Coaxial Gun, a 25 round machine gun mounted on the turret,prepared to kill enemy infantry units. It has 1000 points of armor. Its weak spot is the turrethead. It has a second seat, a heavy machine gun on the turret head. The passenger in thisplace can use Ctrl (by default) to crouch and hide from enemy fire or while reloading. The APCis an amphibious vehicles (It can go through land and water). It has 4 more seats besides thedriver, each with a light machine gun that can only rotate around 50º. The APC has a 5 shotturret (each dealing around 80 damage to other vehicles) and a secondary unlockable TOW(Tube-launched, Optically-tracked, Wire command data link, guided missile), especiallydesigned to inflict more damage (around 150 points) and be able to reach those vehicles tryingto get away from you, recruit. Never go to battle on foot when there is one of these available foryou to use. You’ll be much more effective and you’ll kill many more bad guys. Use M to see ifthey are available on your base. Sometimes, this vehicles can spawn outside the base, forexample, in the Dragon Valley region, our intel verifies that there are APC’s available both on Aand B bases. Get to know the map you are fighting.
  • 7. 2.2) Water vehicles Besides the APC, the other water vehicle available to use of our forces is the inflatable boat. This is a fast moving vehicle that can reach firm land without being noticed by major forces. Ithas a machine gun mounted on the front and, besides the driver and turret user, it can transport more 4 teammates. When fully loaded and well used, it can make a difference. Use thisespecially to go up rivers, like in Oman, where the river can lead you right behind D base. If youbail out of the boat and find yourself in the middle of the ocean, remeber, you can “sprint” in thewater to swim faster. Also, in the US Carrier, there is a side door that leads to a rear entry to the ship. There are two additional boats there. Once again, get to know your surroundings.
  • 8. 2.3) Air vehiclesIn this type of vehicles we have the fixed wing aircrafts and the helicopter. The fixed wingaircrafts are mostly known by jets. They are fast moving and agile, well suited to destroy otherair vehicles and also bomb the ground, when unlocked by training. A well trained pilot canunleash hell upon his opponents with this beauty.The helicopters are more maneuverable than the jets, but are slower. They are vulnerable toAPC’s and mounted machine guns on transportation vehicles, as well as rocket launchers, soremember to fly fast and fly on the extremes (very high or very low). Inside this type, there is,once again, two sub-types of helicopters, the attack ones and the transportation ones. Theattack choppers are faster and have missiles to destroy vehicles and infantry. They also have asecond seat that has a 25 round heavy gun and a tracer dart gun. The pilot can also unlock, bytraining, the air-land missiles anti-armor. When low on health, remember to return to your base.In the spawn zone to helicopters, you can replenish armor and reload faster.Still on this attack chopper we have the MH-6 Little Bird. This is a small chopper found on Bbase in the Dragon Valley region, that has two heavy machine guns mounted on top. It is veryfast and agile, hard to it and a hell to infantry when in the hands of an experienced pilot. It canalso deal damage to APC’s.The transport choppers are slower but have extra armor. The US version has two machinegunswith 200 rounds and fast ROF, one each side, while the Russian version has two 50. calibermachine guns with 50 rounds each, also, one in each side. Both have more 4 seats besides thetwo machine gun users and the pilot. Fly this chopper high and use it to capture flags. Fullyloaded, this choppers can capture a flag in less than 4 seconds. Also, the transportation seatsoffer the possibility to engineers to repair the helicopter while flying. Don’t forget this. And don’tunderestimate the machineguns on the sides. They can deal damage to every vehicle, being adeadly gun against infantry, especially the US version. If you don’t have teammates to help youuse this vehicle, just park it on top of a building, sideways, and startshooting at people. The US helicopter machineguns need to “heat up”so tap the firing button instead of holding it to start spinning the gun. This way, it will alwaysbe prepared to fire at sight. Every vehicles is important in some part of the battle, recruit, you just need to learn where and when to use them.
  • 9. 2.4) Destroying vehicles Sure, it’s good when you are the one destroying everything and everyone, but, how to stop enemies from doing it ? And how to prevent them from stopping you? That’s why you are on Basic Training recruit. See if you can learn something.Everyone can deal damage to vehicles. As an Engineer, you have the best gadget to do so, therocket launcher. This weapon is best used in combination with the tracer dart. When facing anarmored vehicle, just take the cart and shoot it at the tank. A white square will appear over thetagged vehicle, awarding you +10 points and giving all your teammates the enemy position.Also, with this, the rockets from the rocket launcher will follow the enemy vehicle, so you don’tneed to shoot straight to the tank or APC or whatever. This allows the engineers to fire frombehind cover. Another good way to eliminate vehicles is to use the C4 on your assault class. 2C4 packs destroy an aPC and 4 destroy a tank. Try to reach the enemies without them noticingyou, this means sprinting when they are facing the turret in the other way. Plant, step aside andKabom! Another great thing to know is that you can sneak up behind enemy GAZ or Humveesand kill the turret operator from the rear opening (It’s even easier on the Humvee) Also,grenades to some damage to vehicles (around 80 points). When you see that a enemy vehicleis letting smoke out, it means their armor is almost down. Use this to take it out. Another thing isthe APC wheels. If you fire your weapon to the wheels, it will damage the APC (only 2 or 3points per bullet). Use this to get the enemies attention to you, so your teammates can gobehind it and plant C4 or fire when the enemy is already on fire. It means he is almost runningout of ammo. Also, in this situation, they tend to get out of the vehicle and you can kill them.With some luck, an engineer can repair the damaged vehicle and your team gets extrafirepower. Finally, there are the mounted rocket launchers, such as the TOW. They do around300 damage, but someone seated on the TOW is an easy target to anyone. Fire and run, findcover and wait for the TOW to reload, repeat until Kabom! To destroy enemy aircrafts, you canalso use the anti-air mounted weapons. You need to know their locations on the map. Again, fireand run, when locked on, enemies can deploy flares to get some time before you can re-lockthem, and turn around to kill you. They know where you are, so … don’t be there. You’ll be aghost. Also, you can repair the AA (IGLA) if you are an engineer. It will take for ages to spawn anew one,in the meantime, the enemys aircraft will be free to do whatever they want to. Repair the AA(IGLA). But if you are the one on the aircraft, to avoid being destructed, fly low and fly fast, waitfor the big BEEEEP to launch your flares and take out those AA positions before engagingenemy units. If you are on the tank or APC and you are being tagged by someone, deploysmoke (X by default) to get that sticky tracer dart out. Don’t be static while capturing flags anddon’t move your turret in just one direction, keep moving and you may kill enemies trying toplant C4 in you by running over them. Look in all directions. Fire from cover when possible andif not, fire then get back behind a wall or corner. Stay alive, kill the rest.
  • 10. 3) Classes and gadgets There are 4 classes that you can use in your advantage. All of them are important, and when properly used, all of them are lethal.As I said before, recruit, each of these classes have specific weapons. Besides that, they alsohave different gadgets to use while in battle. Let’s take a look at this objects: As a Medic, your primary disposable equipment will be your medi pack. When dropped,fellow soldiers can heal themselves by standing over or near it. The more you train its usage,the bigger will be its action radius and speed of healing. You gain +10 points by soldiers healed.The more they heal, the more you win. Yet, the medi pack has a limited “health” to offer. Youcan upgrade this by training the usage of additional medi packs, to a limit of 3, having thepossibility to regenerate health the health of your teammates in different parts of the map. Butremember, enemies can also use your medi packs toheal themselves. When playing in any other classes,press “q” and choose “Need Medic”. A medic icon willappear over you, so that Medic can know when you arein need of a medi pack. Also, using two or more medipacks don’t accerelate the speed of healing. Anothergadget at your disposal is the Defibrillator. It allows youto revive fallen teammates (doesn’t work if they died byexplosion) with a quick shock. This tool can also beused to eliminate enemies. Keep your team alive. Withsome training you can heal your teammates with yourvehicle with the Medivac Vehicle skill. Use this to actlike an ambulance. Use this tools in combination withthe Combat Triage expertise to know your team andenemies health status to act more efficiently on thebattlefield. Finally, you also have the Frontline Flare.Deploy this when capturing a flag you respawn at theflare when dead. Use it to keep you and yourteammates on the frontline. But don’t drop it on theopen, try to cover its position. A good Medic can makeall the difference in a squad. Use your big gun andMedi Packs to ensure safety of all operations on theBattlefield. You’re a Medic.
  • 11. As an Assault, you’ll be on the frontline. You’ll be in charge of keeping your teamresupplied with ammo. Acting like a Medi Pack, your ammo box contains limited amount ofammo to all weapons, including claymores, C4, RPG, Airburst Grenade Launcher, Anti-TankMines and Smoke grenades (If you have them completely trained with 5 training points). Youcan also deploy two ammo boxes, if this skill in trained. Be careful, enemies can use it to getammo and can also destroy it with 1 shot. Another handy tool is the smoke grenade. Use it toblock vision to your enemies. Deploy it when conquering flags to hide your presence. They mayknow that there is something there, but if they don’t know where you are, they can’t hit you. Youcan train to have a total of 5 smoke grenades. When training in this skill is full, you gain theability to recharge smoke grenades ammo at ammo boxes. Another important gadget whentrying to cap flags is the Request Reinforcements flares. When activated, all nearby soldiers thatdie within 25 seconds will respawn in that general area.Make sure to use it while behind cover, ‘cause takingdamage will cancel the request. Use all the personal atyour disposal where you need them.Finally, a very good and important tool is the C4charges. There are many ways to use them: the mostobvious one is planting them on enemy vehicles, stepback and Kabom! You can also plant them on your ownvehicle, especially light and agile ones, drive themagainst an enemy vehicle or defended position, get outbefore collision and Kabom! Another way to use thisgadget is to make a trap to your opponents. Plant themnear flags, wait for them to come and try to capturethem, and then Kabom! Plant them in narrow entries thatenemies usually use, when they pass, Kabom! Plantthem on tanks, helicopters or whatever, and abandonthem in the open field. When an enemy enters, Kabom!Also, you can throw the C4 charges over walls andbarriers, do it to kill enemies in a large radius withouteven seeing them. You start with 2, enough to destroyand APC, but can train to use up to 6 C4 charges. 4 areenough to destroy a Tank. If playing as an Assault, makesure to look for the 3 bullets icon over allies. This meansthey requested ammunition using the “q” function. Movefast, kill faster. Stay undercover and behind enemy linesto make the most damage. You’re an Assault unit.
  • 12. As an Engineer, you’re an expert in damage control and damage infliction. Youare a mobile unit, equipped with gadgets that are useful against armored enemy units. You startwith a RPG and a Vehicle Repair Tool. The RPG is a rocket launcher that can inflict around 300damage to vehicles. Aim a little higher, because of the bullet drop. You start with two rockets,but can train to manage up to 6. The Vehicle Repair Too, as the name suggests, repairs alliedarmored vehicles. It repair 3 HP per hit while on base level, but, with train, you can repair up to7 HP per hit. This doesnt inflict damage but can be used to pick-up mines, allied or foes. Thisskill can also be improved to repair moving vehicles. If you are the pilot, vehicles within a 10meter radius will be automatically healed by 2% every 0.5 seconds. another gadget is the Anti-Vehicle Mine. When deployed, enemy vehicles that pass on top will be destroyed. Also, you canshoot at them to destroy them, provoking an explosion. Use this to make a splash damage to agroup of enemies. Another useful skill to an engineer is the Engineering Damage Assessment.With this, he can evaluate the damage status of any occupied vehicle, friend of foe. Finally,there is the Airburst Grenade. This weapon allows to detonate grenades over enemies behindcover. The range is set when using the Zoom button. Use the Mouse Wheel to select manuallythe range. It does around 35 damage. Use to kill those camping soldiers who didn’t had atraining like this. Destroy those tanks and APC, repair your allied ones and win the war! You’re an Engineer.
  • 13. Last but not least, we have the Recon. Notice that this class name isn’t Sniper,it’s Recon. Why? Because this isn’t just an Elite shooter, he is more than that. As Recon, yourmain deployable gadget is the Motion Sensor. This will shown any enemy movement in theHUD mini-map. It also shows the direction the enemy is facing, with a smaller dot. Use this topass unnoticed or to kill them from behind. Remember, when you kill someone, they will knowyour location. Sometimes is better just to pass by to a best location. This also applies to spottedenemies using “q”. As a Recon this is very important. Spot as many enemies as you can. Lookfor higher ground, like cranes, and try to give directions to your teammates. Another usefulgadget is the claymore. This mine can deal up to 45 damage to only one side. Plant it on top ofstairs or narrow entries, and if possible, covered by bushes, etc. You can have up to 5claymores. If they don’t kill your enemy, at least they warn you that he is behind you. The othergadget is the Mortar Strike. Use this binoculars while stationary to call 6 mortars shells to targetlocation. These do 50 damage in a 10 meters radius. Training reduces reload time. If you keeppressing the Fire button, you can stay zoomed in while using the binoculars, but, once activated,you need to use them. This means you can’t just use this to get a better look of faraway placesin the Battlefield. But, the true power of a trained recon is in his abilities gained through theintense training. The Advanced Reconnaissance allows you to reveal enemies close to the one you spotted. You win +10 points for each spotted enemy that is killed by your teammates. Anygood soldier must always keep an eye on the minimap. With this combat expertise, a Recon can give out most of the enemys positions to his teammates. The maximum amount of targets spotted with this ability can reach up to 6, with training points. The Tactical Target Selections makes the Recon susceptible to his enemies’ health status. He can then think of the best way to engage that position. He can, and should, also pass this intel to his teammates, using a program like teamspeak or using the chat. Another ability is the Target Identification. This shows the enemy or allied class. A icon appears over the target persona in the HUD, indicating the class he is using. Once again, this is helpful to get an idea of how to engage the enemy. Also, by working on allies, you can ask for ammo or medi packs more directly. Finally, and one of the most precious abilities, only gained with lots of training is the Combat Infiltration. You become nearly undetectable, avoiding any scans or motion sensor detectors. Use it to get behind enemy lines and lay waist. Remember, a Recon can be a lonely soldier, but he is still part of the squad. By transmitting precious intel from behind enemy lines, breaches can be made in their defense, and a lot of damage can be caused, because of you. Use your sniper rifle when in need and after evaluating the situation. Your bullet leaves a trail, so keep moving. Spot, spot, spot. And most important of all, a Recon uses more his brain than his gun. Think fast, you’re a Recon.
  • 14. 4) Advanced tactics Now that you know the basics of war, it’s time to really kick some ass. Remember to playas team. By the way, soldier, you can try to enter a clan for some intense battles. This often useprograms such as Teamspeak or Mumble. If looking for a Portuguese clan, please contact me,your official Kylo1, to apply for “Critic Play”. But lets get to business. In an Assault at a enemy location, all the bases start as neutral.In early battles, speed is fundamental to get that precious edge over the battle course. Toachieve maximum efficiency at capturing flags, use transport vehicles fully loaded. Once all theflags have been captured, the battle for their domain starts. This is where defense and offenseneed to be balanced. If all of your team goes out to conquer new flags, all your other bases willbe vulnerable. Try to get at least 2 ou 3 soldiers with you when defending or attacking aposition. Try to get diversity in that squad: 1 medix, 1 assault, 1 engineer … This way, it’s harderto run out of health or ammo. Look for alternative routes. There are often paths that go behindenemy lines. In some cases, you can also attack from underneath and from the skies. OnDalian, for example, there is a tunnel that passes underneath A and ends behind the enemydefence line. In B, there is also a ladder that goes up the building. When up there, clean the flagby killing the enemies there and jump down. Conquer and leave. In Oman, the river in the leftside of the map ends right behind D. A fully loaded boat can take D in a blink. In Dragon Valley,there is a part of the river, from A to B that is shallow, allowing transportation vehicles and tanksto get a flanking opportunity when trying to conquer B. There is also the dry river in D. You canget there in safety and then attack from the opening in the barrier, or simply go to the back ofthat base and flank from there. Coming from B, there is also another opening in the barrier,allowing for infantry to sneak in and maybe climb up the ladder to the building and attack fromthere. In Mashtuur, on C, the cement barrier on the north side, facing A is broken, allowingtanks, APC’s and other vehicles to get a flanking opportunity on that hard to conquer base. Also,infantry can climb the first building on that side to get a clean shot to all the enemies defendingthat base. Also in that area, there’s a bridge that you can cross to get to A. In Sharqui, the hillnext to C can be taken by going around it, by the unfinished building and flanking or attackingfrom behind. After that is taken care of, teammates can get a better position up in the front,storming the enemies defending C. All this tactics can make the difference from a trainedsoldier, like you and one that doesn’t even know their existence. Always get the best intelpossible before the mission, soldier.
  • 15. ConclusionCongratulations soldier, you’ve finished the Battlefield Play4Free Basic Training. You are now afully operational unit, with precious knowledge to achieve maximum potential in battle. Use what you learned. Help your team and go home safe and alive. I’m proud of you. Please, use this star in your Forum signature as a sign of your recent training. Use it proudly.Remember your captain, remember who teached you. I’ll be more than happy to see you on the Battlefield, to fight at your side. I’ll even be more proud if I get sniper or flanked by any of you.[align=center][url=][img][/img][/url][/align] Now go out there, soldier, and kill those bastards. The Battlefield awaits you!