Sonja Šmuc: The Managers' Association of Slovenia


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The Managers' Association of Slovenia, established in 1989 as a voice of managers in Slovenia. We strive for progress of the management profession and its protection.

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Sonja Šmuc: The Managers' Association of Slovenia

  1. 1. Managers’ Association of Slovenia The Managers Association of Slovenia, established in 1989as a voice of managers in Slovenia. We strive for progress of the management profession and its protection. Sonja Šmuc, managing director
  2. 2. MAS is… voluntary independent non-governmental apolitical non-profit... national professional association of managers of Slovenia.
  3. 3. Goals• Contributing to the development of the Slovenian management;• Creation of professionals standards for managers;• Networking and socializing of its members;• Increase of reputation of the managerial profession;• Promoting compliance with business ethics among managers;• Popularization of management as a profession to the generalpublic and among young people;• Cooperation of the Slovenian management with similarorganizations at home and abroad.
  4. 4. Goals Contribution to the development of the Slovenian management.Contribution to the success of the Slovenian economy, progress and prosperity of the country and the citizens of Slovenia.
  5. 5. Organization GENERAL ASSEMBLY Executive Supervisory board board (3 members) (30 members)Office Court of honour (5 members) Section of Section of young Section of foreign women managers managers managers
  6. 6. MAS in numbersEstablished in 1989Members 1.260Yearly revenue 470.000 €Employees: 4
  7. 7. Membership growth Members Growth Index Y (end of the year) in % (glede na 2005)2005 946 - 0,2 1002006 1047 10,7 1112007 1081 3,2 1142008 1122 3,8 1192009 1160 3,4 1232010 1225 5,6 1292011 1260 2,9 133 2012 1280 1,6 135(plan)
  8. 8. Membership benefits• discounts for participation in professional meetings, conferences and otherevents,• invitation to free events of our sections,• invitation to January gathering,• quaterly magazine MQ,• E-newsletter twice monthly,• username and password to access memebership paiges, where you can findlocked contents, data base of members and opportunity to discuss issues atmanagerial forums,• access to documents on current topics of management and notificationsabout MAS events,• opportunity to participate in working groups,• you will be able to register in international managers data base (CEC) and• actively participate at our events.
  9. 9. Activities• Representation of members in exercising their professional rights andinterests;• The creation of professional standards and participation in the process of theirfoundation;• Creating conditions for networking and socializing among members;• Exchange of experiences, views and practices among members in the field ofmanagement and related areas;• Developing and promoting reputation of the managerial profession and ethicsamong members and the general public;• The collection, creation and communication of opinions and views of therelevant institutions on issues related to the work of managers;• Participation in discussions on the professional managerial issues;• Engaging in policy-making procedures, laws, regulations, measures andpractices that have an impact on the development of management and theworking conditions of management;• Monitoring new developments in the field of management and related areas;
  10. 10. Activities (cont.)• Research work in the field of management and related fields, and cooperation withorganizations engaged in research and education in the field of management;• Cooperation and coordination with related domestic and foreign organizations;• Influence on creating conditions that facilitate the effective management;• Conduct of mediation as a mean of peaceful settlement of disputes between membersof the Association;• Organization of free professional and social events for education, networking andsocializing among members;• Inform members on the activities of Associations;• Awarding prizes to managers and their organizations, and cooperation in thepresentation of managerial awards from other organizations;• Inform the general public on the functioning of Association and managers opinions;• Issuing a free business brochure, magazines and professional literature;• Providing advice in the field of management in accordance with the internal options;• Organization of charitable events to promote the development of young talent or tohelp socially disadvantaged groups.
  11. 11. Why managers join MAS?Because of: • networking (93%), • to contribute to reputation and developement of management with my work (54%), • personal development and professional training (43%).(From Survey about activities and function of MAS, made by Section of young managers in Aug. 2010.) Prefered Javno nastopanje educational 26,39% topics 27,78% pokrizna sanacija družbena odgovornost 33,33% inovacije 38,89% poslovna etika 38,89% 44,44% strateško komuniciranje 47,22% razvoj talentov 65,28% vodenje 80,56% Aktualna dogajanja v gospodarstvu in spremembe
  12. 12. Activities of SYMSurvey about activities and function of MAS (Avg. 2010)The most important areas for section of young managers work(evaluation 1-5, 5 highes)Networkig, socializing and exchange of views among members 4,6Concern for professional dvelopment (training, events and magazines) 4,0Representation of young managers interests 4,0Preparation of professional contents 4,0Increase of reputation of the managerial profession 3,8Cooperation with similar organizations 3,8International cooperation 3,8Providing help (access to advice: legal, tax...) 3,7Stimulatin exellence in management (with prizes and awards) 3,7Communication of opinions to the public 3,6Stimulatin promising young individuals to the manager profession (by granting 3,5scholarships)Caring for the section recognition 3.3
  13. 13. Code of etichs – 10 ethical principles1. I respect the dignity of the individual.2. I take care of growth and development of my co-workers.3. I am focused on the welfare of the company.4. I act responsibly towards owners.5. I build mutual trust among business partners.6. I work beneficialy towards community.7. I lead an open and constructive dialog with the state and its institutions.8. I cohabit responsibly with the environment.9. I understand the demands of the profession.10. I am responsible to myself.Code of etichs:
  14. 14. Awards• Manager of the Year Award• Young Manager of the Year• Women- managers’ Friendly Company of the Year• Artemida• Management Lifetime Achievement Award
  15. 15. Young manager 2010 Management Lifetime Achievement AwardWomen-managers’ Friendly Company of the Year Manager of the Year 2009
  16. 16. Media MQ Prepletanje Members’ pages E-newsletterWebsite
  17. 17. e-communication On-line at Search by: MQ magazine, Prepletanje E-newsletter: notifications about MAS work, invitations to events and meetings, professionaln contents,...
  18. 18. On-line communication Members’ pages Materials, presentations, summaries,415 member profiles photo galleries of events Other : - Ethics and reputation Free e-guide: ex-pats. - Payment and reward - Member to member - Connecting - Code of management - Innovative leadership
  19. 19. Cooperation …… with Government Officials and President of theRepublic• comments on draft laws Individually or with other representatives of economy; throughout direct letter, working groups or PR.• president of the Republic as the guest at heManagers’ Congress.• annual meeting with Prime Minister (Januarygathering)• ministers are guests at the Executive Boardmeetings.
  20. 20. Cooperation ...... with mediaArticles,Comments,PR,Press Conferences.... with organizations in Slovenia andabroad• conferences, common projects, EU projects;• universities, business schools;• CEC – European Managers, Croma, SAM, WdF,Sammit 100 ...
  21. 21. FinancingMembership Fees 41 %Sponsors 38 %Conference Fees 17 %Adds (magazines) 4 %Other (Fund ...) 5%
  22. 22. Conferences
  23. 23. Events
  24. 24. Sections’ events
  25. 25. Comming up in 2012• Include. All 7. 3., Brezovica pri Ljubljani• Challenge: Future 20.3., Bled• General Assambly 5.4., Ljubljana• MQ Conference on innovative leadership 18.4., Ljubljana• Gala Ball 11.5., Ljubljana• Spring Picnick 8.6.• Conference Excellence in Women-managers 12.6., Bled• Donating blood week 27.—31.8., Slovenia• Managers’ Congress 27. in 28. 9., Portorož
  26. 26. Thank you for being a part of the MAS story.We can be reached atZdruženje Manager - Managers’ Association of SloveniaDimičeva 13, 1000 about or