Google forms tutorial for beginners

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  • 1. Google Forms Tutorial for Beginners Step #1: Create a Form. From your Google Drive list, click the Create button, then select Form. 1. Click on the red ‘Create’ 2. Select ‘Form’ Step #2: A smaller window will open requesting you to give your form a title and to select a format.
  • 2. Step #3: Add questions by clicking the ‘Add item’ button. Click ‘Add Item’. Step #4: Select a question type. Select a question type.
  • 3. Step #5: Add section headers by clicking the down arrow next to the ‘Add item’ button and selecting ‘Section header’. Enter the section header and a description. Click ‘Add item’ arrow & select ‘Section header’. Step #6: Additional Features of Google Forms 1. Reordering questions: To move a question to an alternate location within a form, hover the cursor over the question to be moved. The question to be moved will display a light blue bar across it. Left click, hold & drag the question to the appropriate location. Left click, hold & drag the question.
  • 4. 2. Editing features: Hovering over the question, prompts 3 icons to appear in the top right hand corner of the highlighted blue bar. There are in order from left to right: ‘Edit’, ‘Duplicate’ & ‘Delete’. ‘Edit’, ‘Duplicate’ & ‘Delete’. Step #7: Make the form available to students or recipients by clicking the blue ‘Send form’ button located in the top right hand corner of the window.
  • 5. There are many share options to choose from. We will focus on two: 1. Email the form by entering in email addresses. 2. Post the link to the form. Copy and paste.
  • 6. Step #8: View responses by clicking the ‘View Responses’ button. Step #9: When the time for submitting forms is over, stop accepting responses by clicking the ‘Accepting responses’ button.
  • 7. Step #10: View the document as a recipient would by clicking the ‘View live form’ button.