The ultimate reality of universe and man kind


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The Ultimate Reality of Universe and Mankind By Adrian Cooper

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The ultimate reality of universe and man kind

  1. 1. Our Ultimate Reality 1Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  2. 2. Our Ultimate Reality 2 Copyright NoticeOur Ultimate Reality, Life, the Universe and the Destiny of Mankind Copyright © Adrian P. Cooper, 2005This book may not be copied in whole or in part, or otherwise converted to any medium whatsoever,physical or electronic, without the prior permission in writing of the author, Adrian P. Cooper.All copyright infringements will be pursued without exception within the relevant jurisdiction. Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  3. 3. Our Ultimate Reality 3 Dedication To My SonsTristan, Darryl, Declan With LoveLife, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  4. 4. Our Ultimate Reality 4Table of ContentsPrologue 11Part 1: Our Infinite Universe 1Chapter 1: The Nature of the Universe 17Chapter 2: Definition of God 21Chapter 3: Hinduism 23Chapter 4: Taoism 33Chapter 5: Buddhism 36Chapter 6: The Wisdom of The West 41Chapter 7: The Principle of Mentalism 45Chapter 8: The Principle of Correspondence 46Chapter 9: The Principle of Vibration 47Chapter 10: The Principle of Polarity 48Chapter 11: The Principle of Rhythm 50Chapter 12: The Principle of Cause and Effect 51Chapter 13:The Principle of Gender 51Chapter 14: The Emerald Tablet of Hermes 52 Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  5. 5. Our Ultimate Reality 5Chapter 15: The Kabbalah 61Chapter 16: The Wisdom of Quantum Physics 70Chapter 17: The Wisdom of the Ages 97Chapter 18: The Wisdom of the Inner Planes 104Chapter 19: The Universe of Vibration 106Chapter 20: The Law of Cause and Effect 112Chapter 21: The Elements 115Chapter 22: Vital Energy 124Chapter 23: Psychic “Phenomena” 128Chapter 24: Remote Viewing 129Chapter 25: Telepathy 131Chapter 26: Karma 134Chapter 27: The True Nature of “God” 140Part 2: The Inner Realities 144Chapter 28: What Happens after “Death”? 144Chapter 29: Animals after Passing 152Chapter 30: Ghosts 157Chapter 31: Reincarnation 163 Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  6. 6. Our Ultimate Reality 6Chapter 32: Suicide 185Chapter 33: The Inner Bodies 190Chapter 34: The Astral Body, The Soul 195Chapter 35: The Mental Body, Immortal Spirit 201Chapter 36: The Higher Self 204Chapter 37: The Physical Universe of Matter 206Chapter 38: Planes of the Non-Human Mind 212Chapter 39: The Planes of The Human Mind 219Chapter 40: The Astral Worlds 224Chapter 41: The Lower Astral Planes 229Chapter 42: The Belief System Territories 233Chapter 43: Lower Level Astral Entities 238Chapter 44: The Mid-Astral Worlds 242Chapter 45: The Inner Astral Worlds 248Chapter 46: Fairy Tale Creatures 250Chapter 47: The Mental Planes 254Chapter 48: The Celestial and Cosmic Planes 257Chapter 49: The Angelic Hierarchy 260 Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  7. 7. Our Ultimate Reality 7Chapter 50: Holy Guardian Angel 267Chapter 51: Spirit Guides 269Chapter 52: Communication Inner Spheres 274Chapter 53: Psychics 275Chapter 54: Psychic Mediums 277Chapter 55: Genuine Psychic Services 279Chapter 56: The Ouija Board 291Chapter 57: Trance Mediums 297Chapter 58: Materialisation Mediums 301Chapter 59: The Direct Voice 304Chapter 60: Electronic Voice Phenomenon 309Chapter 61: Instrumental Transcomm 313Chapter 62: Channeling Conclusion 320Chapter 63: Contact with the Inner Spheres 324Chapter 64: Clairvoyance 325Chapter 65: The Akashic Record 331Chapter 66: Astral Projection 333Chapter 67: Three Astral Projection Methods 344 Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  8. 8. Our Ultimate Reality 8Chapter 68: The Out of Body Experience 371Chapter 69: Three OBE Methods 384Chapter 70: The Near Death Experience 393Part 3: Managing Your Destiny 398Chapter 71: Progression Through Life 398Chapter 72: Deep Physical Relaxation 403Chapter 73: Concentration 408Chapter 74: The Practice of Concentration 412Chapter 75: Meditation 422Chapter 76: The Practice of Meditation 425Chapter 77: Twin-Hearts Meditation 434Chapter 78: The Human Paradox 437Chapter 79: The Eternal Now 448Chapter 80: The Law of Attraction 453Chapter 81: The Truth About Money 464Chapter 82: The Power of Positive Thinking 469Chapter 83: Affirmations 477Chapter 84: Powers of the Imagination 483 Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  9. 9. Our Ultimate Reality 9Chapter 85: Creative Visualisation 489Chapter 86: Practice of Creative Visualisation 501Chapter 87: Other Senses of the Imagination 503Chapter 88: The Power of Emotions 508Chapter 89: Creating Your Own Reality 515Chapter 90: Harmonising Your Desires 531Chapter 91: Let Go and Let God 543Chapter 92: The Joy and Power of Giving 547Chapter 93: The Joy and Power of Healing 550Chapter 94: Pranic Healing 554Chapter 95: Reiki Healing 557Chapter 96: Healing Yourself And Others 559Chapter 97: The Principles of Healing 568Chapter 98: The Practice of Healing 573Chapter 99: Living Your Own Reality 586Chapter 100: Our Ultimate Destiny 592Chapter 101: Know Thyself 596Chapter 102: Transcending the Ego 598 Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  10. 10. Our Ultimate Reality 10Chapter 103: Practice of Transcending Ego 606Chapter 104: Equilibrium of the Soul 618Chapter 105: Autosuggestion 625Chapter 106: Dreams 636Chapter 107: The Dream Journal 641Chapter 108: The Inner Voice 645Chapter 109: The Flow of Life 651Chapter 110: Respect For All Life 656Chapter 111: Selfless Service 666Chapter 112: The Lessons of Life 671Chapter 113: Pure Unconditional Love 674Chapter 114: Our Ultimate Reality 681Epilogue 685 Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  11. 11. Our Ultimate Reality 11 Our Ultimate Reality Life, the Universe and the destiny of MankindPrologueFrom time immemorial, ever since the earliest days of thinking man,people the world-over have pondered the nature of the Universe,the planet upon which we live and of course of themselves. Whatdoes it all mean? Why am I here? What is the real purpose of mylife? What will happen to me after I die? Will I return once again foranother life on Earth?The solutions to these ancient mysteries are at once both Universaland timeless, having always been available to mankind throughoutthe ages. Modern quantum physics is even now quiteindependently beginning to realise the true nature of this infinite,multi-dimensional Universe of Energy and Consciousness in whichwe live, thus once again emphasising there is, always has beenand always will be only one ultimate reality, a Universal reality thatcan never be the sole claim of any individual, race, culture, scienceor religion.Over the millennia the insidious agents of creed, dogma, doctrine,national and self-interest have frequently sought, often with veryconsiderable prejudice, hatred and violence, to suppress or destroythose who would endeavour to reveal and teach the true knowledgeto mankind, thus depriving most of humanity of its true purpose anddestiny.During the last two millennia in particular, deprived of the truth andthe slave of mammon, much of humanity has steadily but surelysuccumbed to the increasingly detrimental effects of materialism,egocentricity, avarice, greed, prejudice, intolerance, discriminationand inequality, and the frenetic pace of “modern” life in general.This has frequently resulted in widespread misery, fear, instability,uncertainty and suffering, and a progressive moving away from The Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  12. 12. Our Ultimate Reality 12Sources of true knowledge, and therefore the ultimate destiny of allmankind, in turn causing people to erroneously perceivethemselves as completely separate individuals housed in a body ofmatter, physically separated from the Universe and from everythingand everyone else in existence, often struggling to survive in alonely or sometimes even hostile environment where nothing everseems to make much sense.Many people today find themselves suffering from the debilitatingeffects of stress, and very often the overwhelming feeling that theirlives, reality, peace, harmony, happiness and even the mostfundamental of daily needs are completely out of their own handsand at the mercy of other people, circumstances, chance, or otherintangible factors often considered to be far beyond their ownpersonal control.Throughout the world we are increasingly witnessing grossextremes of wealth and poverty, with the wealthy becomeprogressively wealthier and the poor become progressively poorer,inevitably resulting in yet more stress and other psychologicalproblems, often with feelings of simply being unable to handle “life”anymore.During the last few decades however remarkable changes havebeen steadily taking place. These changes are coinciding with thevery rapid rise in the popularity of the Internet and other large-scaleglobal communications media reaching hundreds of millions ofpeople throughout the world. This convergence of factors is mostassuredly no coincidence; mankind is indeed has been andincreasingly moving into a new, very real and pivotally importantera, where Universal knowledge must and will become much moreavailable to everyone.Today we are increasingly witnessing what are often considered tobe “miraculous phenomena”, with people from all walks of lifeexperiencing spontaneous and sometimes even dramatic Spiritualexperiences. Often following such an experience is a sincere and Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  13. 13. Our Ultimate Reality 13dedicated seeking of true purpose, often accompanied by anoverwhelming realisation that there really must be much more to“life” than the physical material world which most people stillerroneously identify as “reality”.Such life changing experiences continue to arrive in many andvaried forms and degrees, including but not limited to spontaneousAstral Projection, or “out of body experiences”, Lucid Dreams,during near-death experiences, and very often quite simply asudden “realisation” in the form of unmistakable inspiration orintuition received from “inner” sources.As these profound experiences become increasingly morewidespread, the Internet is being used as the ideal medium withwhich to communicate them to ever larger numbers of people,many of whom in turn are becoming awakened to the greater levelsof reality existing beyond the temporal, physical world of matter wecall the planet Earth. The conclusion of this progression of eventswill in all probability be realised by a long prophesied transition, atransition resulting in a global expansion of Consciousnessencompassing all humanity, where the dogma, indoctrination andmaterialism of the past will eventually give way to a new direction, adirection leading to the true destiny of all mankind.Traditional sciences that have hitherto perceived the physical threedimensional Universe of matter as their only reality, are now,particularly in the field of quantum physics, rapidly arriving at therealisation that the three dimensional Universe of physical matter isbut a very small component and lowest extension of an infinitelylarger, inner, interconnected and integrated reality, comprisingmultiple dimensions and inner states of life and “being”.Recognition is also growing, again especially in the field of quantumphysics, that these inner dimensions of the Universe are in fact truereality, and Earth, the physical planet of matter, and indeed theentire three dimensional physical Universe of matter that stillremains the basis of most of the sciences is but a pale reflection of Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  14. 14. Our Ultimate Reality 14the inner levels of the true reality, Earth often being likened to alarge scale illusion perceived only in accordance with therestrictions of the five physical senses. Quantum physics hasmetaphorically and most appropriately perceived the Universe as amagnificent fluid hologram known as the “holomovement”, aUniversal projection of Consciousness and Energy in the form ofvibration of which everyone and everything in all dimensions areinseparable aspects.Science, particularly from the days of Newton, has generally soughtto explain everything in terms of the three dimensions of physicalmatter when in fact these are only an extremely small subset of aninfinitely greater multi-dimensional Universe. Science has alsohistorically taken the view that everything, including all life musthave originated from matter. However, it is only when science andmankind generally begins to fully understand and accept the truenature of the infinite Universe, of all life, and of the ultimate destinyof mankind as has been consistently taught by the many cultures ofthe world throughout the ages, can there finally be enduringprogress towards a world of peace, plenty, harmony, health andhappiness; “the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth”.In the first section of this book we will compare and contrast varioussources of wisdom and knowledge from both the most ancient andmost modern world sources. We will discuss the profoundimportance of this knowledge in the context of the entire Universe,the Macrocosm, and each and every human being, the microcosm.We will discuss how to apply maximum ongoing benefit of thisknowledge in living successfully, happily and securely with allneeds fulfilled, how to progress in the inner spheres of life, andmost importantly how to focus on the most sacred task and destinyof all mankind, the path of ascent as immortal Spiritual beings backto our Divine creator, the First Cause, God from whence weoriginally came.During the course of this book we will also discuss the manydimensions of existence and reality beyond the three dimensionalmaterial world often known as “planes”, “realms” or “spheres”, both Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  15. 15. Our Ultimate Reality 15from the perspective of the ancient wisdoms and of modernquantum physics. We will consider the nature of the many beingsand intelligences inhabiting these realms including human beings,and of the great Universal laws prevailing. We will also discuss thesignificance of each of our own individual lives, and the processoccurring after each physical “death”. We will discover why peoplereturn to Earth time and again in inner planes of reality includingdeceased friends and relatives.We will finally discuss how you can maintain absolute control overyour own life, how to manifest into your life anything and everythingthat you truly need and desire, how to create for yourself the lifeyou have only dreamed of, how to heal yourself and others, andhow to protect yourself and loved ones from dark psychicinfluences. Finally, and most importantly we will discover the truenature of, and how to live with the most powerful force in the entireUniverse; Unconditional Love. Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  16. 16. Our Ultimate Reality 16 Part 1Our Infinite UniverseLife, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  17. 17. Our Ultimate Reality 17Chapter 1: The Nature of The UniverseIn normal circumstances most people perceive, understand andinteract with their surroundings, the material world, exclusively interms of the five physical senses; sight, hearing, smell, taste andtouch. These senses are usually and quite understandablyaccepted beyond question as the only source of sensory feedbackfor everyday existence in what is commonly believed to be “reality”.This is true to such an extent in fact that unless something tangiblyconforms to one or more of the five physical senses it is usuallydeemed not to exist at all, or might simply be considered to be an“illusion” or perhaps simply a “figment of the imagination”. To mostpeople the only notable exception to any extra-sensory existence isthe perception of the “God” or Gods of the various world religionsand belief systems, generally accepted by most people withoutquestion as existing beyond the perception of the five physicalsenses. Accordingly, belief in such a God or Gods has become acomplete act of faith, maintained only by the orthodox religions ofthe world.Religions endeavour to teach their congregations how to live theirlives and worship their particular God or Gods in accordance with a“belief system”, often based upon the teachings of their various“books” or bibles. At the same time, a wholly materialistic outlook ofthe world often causes people to think and live from an exclusivelymaterialistic perspective, in turn resulting in a sense of“separateness” from the Universe and indeed from each other.These factors in turn cause many people to place their primaryemphasis on temporal, material objects as if they are all that ismeaningful in life. As a consequence the mission of the many is togather as many such material and monetary possessions aspossible during the course of what is generally perceived to be anonly “life”, very often in order to increase perceived levels ofcomfort and wealth, and, urged on by the influence of the ego to“keep up appearances” among peers, friends, neighbours, workfriends, relatives and others. Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  18. 18. Our Ultimate Reality 18This situation has contributed in no small degree to the state of theworld as we witness it today, with a gross imbalance existingbetween those who have vastly more than they could evergenuinely need for daily purposes, and those unfortunate peoplewho have little or nothing, often having to exist each and every dayin abject misery and suffering as if it were their last.With this sad state of affairs, today we often see a world wheregreed, dishonesty, avarice, hate and sometimes violence existsside by side with fear, poverty and suffering. For a very long timethe entire world has been in the grip of a major imbalance, animbalance that has not only been escalating over the decades butindeed now threatens the entire immediate future of humanity andindeed the entire planet. Mankind is directly responsible for thisstate of affairs, bought about by the gross misuse of the veryfreewill granted by our Creator. Accordingly only mankind can nowreverse this situation and bring about a state of harmony, peace,happiness and balance for everyone, the “kingdom of heaven onEarth”.Although the true nature of the Universe has been known andtaught throughout the ages by many and varied sources throughoutthe world, all of which are highly consistent and in broadagreement, it is also now being substantiated by the work ofmodern quantum physics, and increasingly by other branches ofthe sciences as well. All areas of the sciences will surely soon haveto accept the fact that true Universal reality is not and never can bebased entirely in the familiar three-dimensional world of physicalmatter as has been assumed since the days of Isaac Newton, but israther an infinite, multi-dimensional reality, a Universe of livingConsciousness of which everyone and everything without exceptionis an integral and equal aspect. The true nature of the Universe willcertainly challenge the perceptions of most people, if for no otherreason that throughout the ages there has been a prevalentmisperception of a “God” who is completely separate fromeveryone and everything else in existence, and who “rules” over“his” three dimensional world of matter from high places. Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  19. 19. Our Ultimate Reality 19Mankind has always perceived the three dimensional Universe, andin particular the physical world of matter as “reality”. It will surely beequally evident to most people however that beyond theperceptions of the five physical senses there must surely be amuch more substantial reality. Throughout time mankind hascontemplated and attempted to define the nature of this substantialreality. Often substantial reality has been considered to be the threedimensional planet on which we live. In other cases substantialreality has been identified by, and attributed to the name of a deityor deities. But however mankind considers its own particularconcept of substantial reality of one thing most everyone agrees;such a substantial reality certainly exists beyond the limitations of aworld perceived only by the five physical senses.Over the course of many thousands of years, from the dawn ofintelligent man, the reality of the Universe has been taughtthroughout the world by a variety of Beings whose mission it is toteach these matters mankind. These Beings range from highlyadvanced Spiritual intelligences of the inner spheres of life, to greatMasters, often ascended human beings who have from time to timehave incarnated on Earth in order to teach mankind the Universaltruths and direction required for every human being to fulfil theirultimate destiny as immortal Spiritual beings travelling the sacredpath back to our prime Creator, to God.These ageless teachings, knowledge and wisdoms have beentaught to many students and teachers over the ages, whose sacredtask it has been in turn to bring these eternal truths and realities tothe human race, that true purpose and destiny might be fulfilled.Many such students and teachers have remained in relativeobscurity, steadily teaching those who would understand and inturn influence others, in such places and in such ways as to avoidthe persecution.Some of the greatest of these teachers did become very well-known and performed an invaluable service to humanity, alas Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  20. 20. Our Ultimate Reality 20however over the millennia these teachings have often beendrastically distorted and misunderstood, and in some cases evenbecame the basis for orthodox, dogmatic religions. Fortunatelyhowever the truth is both one and eternal, and over the course ofthousands of years has survived in cultures throughout the worldwhere it still lives on today, ready to finally reach a much widersection of the human race, ultimately resulting in a globalexpansion of Consciousness where true purpose and destiny willbe an integral aspect of the lives of everyone.Following is a comparison of some of the better known and morewidely available sources of wisdom and knowledge originating froma diverse range of Eastern and Western cultures. Thesecomparisons will surely highlight the profound consistency of theirrespective teachings, which in turn are now being substantiated inthe field of modern quantum physics. Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  21. 21. Our Ultimate Reality 21Chapter 2: Definition of GodBefore reviewing the wisdoms of the world the word “God” needs tobe defined. During the course of this book the word “God” will beused frequently. It is most important to note from the very outsethowever that in using the word “God” we are not in any wayreferring to the deity as personified and worshipped by manyorthodox religions such as Christianity.The Universal God has numerous names in accordance withindividual cultures and the way Universal truths are taught tofollowers. God has been frequently over the ages, and indeedtoday most appropriately referred to as; The Universe, The Source,The First Cause, The Ether, The Akasha, The One, The All, Spirit,The Great Spirit, The Prime Creator, and by many other names.Again, this is the Universal aspect of God Who exists, has alwaysexisted and always will exist beyond the temporal confines of spaceand time, the same God of which we are all integral aspects eachhaving our own existence in the Mind of God as individuated,immortal, Spiritual beings, the very same God who is in everysingle one of us and we in God.Throughout this book I will principally refer to “God “ by threedifferent names:The Source: Everything in the Universe, all Energy, vibration andlife flows from The Source. Everything in the Universe is an integralaspect of, and an expression of The Source. Nothing can existoutside of, or separate to The Source. The Source is at onceomnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. The Source is everythingthat Is.The First Cause: The Source Energy is the First Cause ofeverything in the Universe. Everything in the Universe was and stillis being created by The First Cause. It was The First Cause thatbrought the entire Universe into Being within The Infinite Mind ofThe Source. The Source is The First Cause, the Primary Creator in Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  22. 22. Our Ultimate Reality 22the Universe, The Macrocosm. We human beings, as expressionsof The First Cause, made in the true Spiritual Image of The FirstCause are co-creators within the Universe, we are thereforesecondary creators or causes within our local Universe, theMicrocosm, realities we create with the power of our Minds just asThe First Cause creates the ultimate reality within the infinite Mindof The First Cause.God: God is The Source and The First Cause. God is a name that,although subject over the ages to creed and dogma and often evenpersonified in a human form, is nevertheless a name that almosteveryone in the world can relate to as the Supreme Being in theUniverse, and is therefore a name that is entirely appropriate in thatcontext, in a Universal, non dogmatic form. Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  23. 23. Our Ultimate Reality 23Chapter 3: HinduismFor many thousands of years the far-East has been a very richsource of Universal practice, wisdom and knowledge, especiallywithin the countries and cultures of India, China and Tibet, whichhave given rise to many philosophies and pseudo-religionsincluding Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism. There are also manyvariations and sub-traditions within these main traditions, theoverall message however remaining totally consistent throughout.Hinduism is one of the worlds oldest religions if indeed can beproperly called a religion. Indeed, Hinduism cannot even becorrectly referred to as a single philosophy, encompassing as itdoes a very wide diversity comprising numerous different social andpseudo-religious philosophies, cults and sects, although allultimately originating from a common origin. These in turn involveequally numerous, diverse and colourful rituals, ceremonies andSpiritual practices. Hinduism has three main names; “SanatanaDharma”, meaning “eternal religion”, “Vaidika Dharma” meaning“religion of the Vedas” and of course “Hindu” itself, the absoluteorigin of which is not precisely known.One theory as to the origin of the name “Hindu” is a derivation froman ancient inscription that has been translated as meaning: thecountry lying between the Himalayan mountain and BinduSarovara, known as Hindusthan by combination of the first letter Hiof Himalaya and the last compound letter “ndu” of the word“Bindu”. Bindu Sarovara is called the Cape Comorin sea in moderntimes. The origins of Hinduism trace back to the Indus Valleycivilisation dated at between 4000 and 2200 BCE Note: “BCE” is anacronym for “Before the Common Era”, previously known as “BC”or “before Christ”.Among the most sacred of all Hindu texts are the “Vedas”, the RigVeda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda and Atharva Veda. Rig Veda, alsoknown as Rigveda is the oldest work, having been originally Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  24. 24. Our Ultimate Reality 24composed around 1500 BCE and written around 600 BCE. TheVedas contain hymns, incantations and rituals from ancient India.Another group of important primary texts are the Upanishads.These are a continuation of the Vedic philosophy and were writtenbetween 800 and 400 BCE. The Upanishads expand upon how theSoul, Atman, can be united with the ultimate truth, Brahman,through contemplation and meditation as well as through the law ofkarma.The Mahabharata were written around 540 to 300 BCE and havebeen attributed to the sage Vyasa. They record "the legends of theBharatas”, one of the Aryan tribal groups. Another very importantand well-known work is the Bhagavad Gita, which is the sixth bookof the Mahabharata. The “Gita” is a long and highly colourful poemdescribing a conversation between the warrior Arjuna and the GodKrishna. It is an ancient text that has become central to Hinduismand other belief systems.Another important text is the Ramayana, a love story with moraland Spiritual themes. The Ramayana is dated to the first centuryCE and has been attributed to the poet Valmiki. Other importanttexts in the Hindu culture include the Brahmanas, the Sutras, andthe Aranyakas.Although Hinduism contains many different variations and practicesaccording to its various component traditions and regions, there arenevertheless very important Spiritual principles central to Hinduismand its various levels of teachings. These principles areencompassed by a collection of works known as the “Vedas” whichwere written by a number of ancient sages known as “Vedic seers”.There are four separate Vedas, the oldest of which is the “RigVeda”. The Vedas are written in ancient Sanskrit, the sacredlanguage of India, and are considered to be the very highest sourceof religious authority for most branches of Hinduism. The Vedascomprise several sections composed between 1500 BCE and 500 Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  25. 25. Our Ultimate Reality 25BCE. The most ancient components of the Vedas consist of sacredhymns and prayers. Later additions to the Vedas include ritualsassociated with Vedic hymns and the final part is the Upanishadswhich have formed the most important basis of the Spiritual aspectof Hinduism and in particular of the Hindu concepts of Universalreality.Most Hindus learned their traditions through a wide variety ofstories and plays which served to teach them the very basis of whatthey need to know about the Universe and the nature and destinyof themselves in an entertaining, enjoyable and understandableway. Some of these stories and plays are massive epics stillforming the basis of Hindu teachings for the majority today. TheBhagavad Gita is one of these, which as mentioned previously, isbased around an exchange between the Hindu God Krishna andthe warrior “Arjuna”, and is depicted by an elaborate and colourfulstory, ultimately describing the battle of human nature and his battlefor enlightenment, the truth.The basis for the teachings of Krishna is ultimately identical to thatof similar teachings from around the world, and is completely inaccordance and agreement with Universal knowledge and wisdomof the ages as taught by almost all world traditions, and ultimatelywith the principles of quantum physics. Krishna teaches thateverything around us and everything happening around us areactually all manifestations of the same one and only ultimate reality.In Hinduism this ultimate reality is called “Brahman” and is exactlythe same as “The One”, “The All”, Spirit, “everything that is”, and inthe West might be regarded as the true definition of “God”.Brahman, Universal Consciousness, considered to be the ultimatereality, is infinite, exists beyond the five physical senses and isincomprehensible.Most ancient wisdoms of the world teach that human beings are“God” in the microcosm, immortal Spirits “made” in the “true imageof God”. Hinduism teaches the same principle in the form of Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  26. 26. Our Ultimate Reality 26“Atman” which is equivalent to the human Soul. The Hindu cultureteaches Atman and Brahman, the individual reality and the ultimatereality are one. This once again completely affirms ultimate realityas known and recognised by many other sources of the wisdomand knowledge of the ages which teaches the microcosm, humanbeings, and the Macrocosm, “God” are one, and everything in theentire Universe is an inseparable aspect of everything else; there isno separateness.The Upanishads affirm this most succinctly thus:“That which is the finest essence – this whole world has that as itsSoul. That is reality. That is Atman. That art though”.These truths are taught to the masses of followers of the Hindutraditions in the form of elaborate stories and plays in whichBrahman is a great magician who uses his magical powers totransform himself into the world. In the Rig Veda this is the originalmeaning of “maya”. Maya does not simply imply “illusion” as iscommonly believed and often stated, but rather in this contextmeans “power” and “might”. Hinduism therefore views the world asan ever changing and fluid manifestation of the powerful magic ofBrahman, where nothing ever stands still and everything is in aconstant state of motion; this is the real meaning of “maya”. This isalso exactly the same as the Universal principle of “rhythm” astaught within the ancient wisdom of the West and which we willdiscuss in more depth later in this book.Another aspect of Brahman is “karma” which literally means“action” which is also an aspect of the important principle taught bythe wisdom of the West; that of “Cause and Effect”. These bothteach the truth that the entire Universe is always in a constant stateof movement and action, and everything in the Universe isdynamically and eternally connected with everything else. Karma,in accordance with the Hindu teachings, represents the ultimateforce of creation, The Source of all life. The concept and definitionof karma has also been associated with a more fundamental Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  27. 27. Our Ultimate Reality 27meaning which is widely applied at a personal level; specifically theaccumulation and equilibration of good and bad, or positive andnegative actions in life, which actions can carry over into multiplelives.This sort of reduction of meaning also applies to “maya” whichagain has been reduced from its original Universal meaning asapplies to the Macrocosm, to the more personal level of themicrocosm. When taken together, maya and karma teach that whilepeople usually perceive themselves and everything else in theUniverse as being totally separate from themselves, accordinglycausing people to behave independently of each other rather thanbeing as one with everything, people will always be subject to, andbe bound by the causes and effects of karma and reincarnation.Only when people finally realise complete unity with the Universe inall of its aspects, and to live in total harmony with Universe andthereby never being the cause of bad effects, can people be freedfrom the bonds of karma, and ultimately the cycle of reincarnation.The Bhagavad Gita states the truism of the incorrect view of mostpeople relative to the Universe in the following statement: “All actions take place in time by the interweaving of the forces ofnature, but the man lost in self-delusion thinks that he himself is theactor. But the man who knows the relation between the forces ofNature and actions, sees how some forces of Nature work uponother forces of nature and becomes not their slave”.This is a profound statement indeed, quite simply meaning that allmankind is an integral part of nature, of the Universe, of The All, ofGod, and accordingly must always strive to work in perfect harmonywith the Universe as an integral and inseparable aspect. This is asopposed to working against the Universe by perceiving a state ofseparateness, thereby perceiving the Universe as an adversaryonly to be conquered for selfish, material, egocentric purposes. Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  28. 28. Our Ultimate Reality 28The importance of these lessons are such that only those whorealise and know beyond all doubt that the Universe, The All, God,Brahman within exists beyond the five physical senses, andaccordingly lives in total selfless harmony with the Universe thusrealising Spirit within, can realise true personal peace and harmonywhile journeying the sacred path back to our Divine creator, TheFirst Cause, God.There are many paths leading back to our God. The Universe andtherefore God does not formally recognise any particular religion,methods or concepts, but rather always operates in complete,immutable, perfect harmony in accordance with teachings ofHinduism and other Eastern cultures, as well as, as we will seelater, with those taught by the ancient knowledge of the West.The principle of Cause and Effect is particularly apparent in trueindividual progress; each effect achieved in the direction of trueprogress along the path being directly related to a preceding causeas to how the preceding progress was achieved. Ultimately allrequirements for progress are the same, only the methodology andindividual approach differs according to the teachings of theparticular tradition or individual Spiritual path being followed.Many Hindu’s still approach Brahman by means of the mediation ofa large number of separate individual deities all serving to providefollowers with a point of focus, inspiration and understanding. Themost popular such deities through which Hindu’s approachBrahman are Shiva, Vishnu and the Divine Mother. It can be notedthat this approach to the Divine is very similar indeed to the variouspagan traditions of the western world where numerous deities in forexample Roman, Greek and Celtic pantheons are all ultimatelyconsidered to be equal aspects of “The One”, and therefore of theUniverse. Also, particularly in pagan traditions, “The One” isapproached through the mediation of both male deities and femaledeities, all of which are ultimately considered to be both the maleand female aspects of The One, of God. Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  29. 29. Our Ultimate Reality 29This is in stark contrast indeed to the popular dogmatic orthodoxreligions of the West that erroneously consider a single deity,usually known as “God”, to be totally separate, above and beyondeverything and everyone else.Both The Hindu and pagan approaches to God or Brahman fullyagree with the principle of gender in accordance with the teachingsof the ancient wisdom of the West as we will see later in thissection. Hindu deities are not considered to be separate from TheAll as is the case with the Christian God for example, but are ratherall considered to be equal and integral aspects of the one UniversalDivinity known as Brahman.Shiva is one of the oldest of the Hindu Gods and is seen by hisfollowers in many different and diverse forms, each of whichultimately represents a different aspect of the ultimate Divinity ofBrahman. When Shiva appears as the fullest aspect of the Divinityof Brahman he is known as “Mahesvara” or “the Great Lord”. Oneof the most celebrated aspects of Shiva is his appearance in theform of the “Cosmic Dancer” known as “Nataraja”, who is the Godof creation and destruction through his dance as the eternal rhythmof the Universe. This once again can be likened to the teaching ofthe Universal principle of rhythm of the ancient Western Universalknowledge. It is apparent therefore the deities of the Hindutradition, as followed by millions of people, are at the final analysisquite simply another means of teaching the immutable principles ofthe Universe through artistic rather than intellectual or philosophicalmeans. The absolute meanings and importance of both methods ofteaching are identical therefore, and only vary in accordance witheach tradition.Hinduism additionally has a strong philosophical and intellectualapproach to Universal truths and realities, most notably through aSpiritual tradition known as “Vedanta”, which is based upon the“Upanishads”. Vedanta is one of the world’s oldest religiousphilosophies and also one of the broadest. Vedanta is based uponthe “Vedas” which are the sacred scriptures of India, affirming the Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  30. 30. Our Ultimate Reality 30oneness of all existence, the Divinity of the Soul and harmony ofeverything in existence in the Universe. Although Vedanta is thephilosophical school of Hinduism, it is Universal in its applicationand is equally relevant to all countries, cultures and backgrounds.The word “Vedanta” is a combination of two words, “Veda” meaningknowledge and “anta” which means “the objective of”. In thiscontext Vedanta is not, in and of itself a search for knowledge inabsolute terms, but is rather the search for self-realisation, andtherefore ultimately of Brahman. Brahman according to Vedanta isthe infinite existence, the infinite Consciousness and the infinitebliss, which is exactly the same principle as the Mental Universe ofthe teachings of the ancient wisdom of the Western world.The term given to this impersonal transcendent reality inaccordance with Vedanta is again Brahman, the very sameBrahman therefore as is approached by most Hindus through themediation and form of deities such as Shiva, Vishnu and the DivineMother. An extremely important aspect of Vedanta is the truth thatBrahman dwells in the hearts of people as the Divine self, or“Atman”, the ultimate reality being Atman and Brahman are one.Atman is the human Spirit, was never born, will never die, and istherefore immortal.In western terms, Spirit, or Atman, was created in the true image ofGod, Brahman. Atman in His/Her purest form is not subject to anyhuman failings or of the fluctuations of the body or Mind, or issubject to grief, despair or ignorance. Atman at the purest is freefrom all limitations. The ultimate objective therefore for all paths inaccordance with Vedanta, and indeed Universally, is to fully realiseAtman within as Brahman.Vedanta most importantly also teaches that the only objective of allhuman life as manifested in the physical world is to realise andtherefore manifest Divinity in accordance with the reality that thetrue nature of all human beings is Divine, and realisation of theDivine, Brahman is our birthright. This again is totally in accordancewith the teachings of the age-old traditions of both the East and the Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  31. 31. Our Ultimate Reality 31West which teach that sooner or later every single person, aftermany lives and subsequent progress through the inner spheres ofreality will ultimately manifest Divinity, for the greatest truth in theUniverse is the Divine nature of man.Vedanta also teaches there is ultimately only one truth, andultimately all religions, philosophies and traditions are indeedrelated to each other, all teaching the true nature of the ultimatereality. Many thousands of years ago, long before the days of thebeginnings of Christianity, the Rig Veda stated an extremelyprofound reality; “Truth is one, sages call it by various names”.The unity of all Universal existence is one of the central themes ofVedanta, and like most world Spiritual traditions have for manythousand of years taught exactly the same realities in differentways according to the cultures and peoples. The Vedanta says thatthe Divinity at the very core of our Being is the very same Divinitythat illumines the sun, the moon and the stars.There is no place in the Universe where we as human beings,infinite in nature, do not exist. In accordance with the teachings ofVedanta, and indeed all true Spiritual traditions, oneness quiteliterally means oneness with everything and everyone, from thevery smallest atom, molecule and sub-atomic particle to thequantum level, through micro-organisms, through all animal life andthrough all human beings, no matter how much the ego might thinkthey might despise another person or life form.This is the epitome of Unconditional Love, which quite literally istruly “unconditional”. The self within you, Atman, is exactly thesame Self within everyone and everything else, no matter whetherthe “you” happens to be a Saint, a dog, a fly, a tree or a co-workerwho the ego might find to be particularly irritating or obnoxious. Asaffirmed by Isha Upanishad, “The self is everywhere. Whoeversees all beings in the Self, and the Self in all Beings hates none.For one who sees oneness everywhere, how can there be delusionor grief?”. These are indeed most profound words, and ones which Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  32. 32. Our Ultimate Reality 32equally apply to every human being as immortal, Divine inseparableaspects of God, “made” in the “true image of God”.These same truths have always been taught down through theages, throughout both the East and the West. Vedanta goes on toteach the profound truth that all fear and misery arises from thesense of separation from the Universe. “There is fear from thesecond” stated the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad. The second refersto “duality” which is the sense of separation from the rest ofcreation, but which is always a misperception since it impliessomething exists other than Brahman.There can be and is no other. The Self is the essence of theUniverse, the essence of all Souls as is aptly affirmed by theUpanishads thus: “You are at one with the Universe. He who sayshe is different from others, even by a hairs breadth, immediatelybecomes miserable. Happiness belongs to him who knows thisoneness, who knows he is one with the Universe.”Hinduism is an ancient and very diverse culture approached byhonouring many different deities by means of song, dance andritual, and by the philosophy of the Vedanta; ultimate Universalreality in the form of Brahman and the reality of the personal Soul inthe form of Atman. All Hindu traditions teach the same ultimatereality; Atman and Brahman, God and the human Soul and Spiritare one. Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  33. 33. Our Ultimate Reality 33Chapter 4: TaoismTao is another great culture of the Orient, based around the natureand destiny of mankind and of the Universe. Taoism teaches itsfollowers how to progress in life, and evolve as immortal aspects ofthe Divine. Taoism fundamentally teaches, as with other ancientwisdoms the world, that there is an ultimate reality, the basis foreverything and everyone in the Universe. The Tao can beapproximately translated as meaning “the path” or “the way”, andrefers specifically to a power enveloping, surrounding and flowingthrough all things, living and non-living alike. The Tao regulatesnatural processes, nourishing balance in the Universe, andembodies the harmony of opposites.The founder of Taoism is believed to have been Lao-Tse, 604-531BCE, a contemporary of Confucius. Lao-Tse was searching for away to end the constant tribal warfare and disharmony prevalent atthe time.Taoism, along with Confucianism and Buddhism, became one ofthe three main traditions of China. With the end of the Ch’ingdynasty in 1911, official state support for Taiosm came to an endand much of the Tao heritage was destroyed. When thecommunists came to power in China in 1949, religious freedom ofall types was severely curtailed. The communist government wasparticularly hard on Taoism, putting Tao monks to manual labour,confiscating ancient temples, and plundering the Tao heritage.Several million Taoist monks were reduced to a number of aroundfifty thousand by 1960. During the cultural revolution of 1966 to1976, much of the remaining Taoist heritage was destroyed by thecommunist government. This was in total a typical example of agovernment who would deny the truth of life and the Universe to itsown people for no other reason than self-interests and control.Later Deng Xiao-Ping did restore some leniency towards Taosimand other ancient traditions. Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  34. 34. Our Ultimate Reality 34Throughout the world Taosim currently has around twenty millionfollowers, and has had, and continues to have a very significantimpact on the culture of North America, particularly in the areas ofacupuncture, herbalism, holistic medicine, meditation and themartial arts.After the decimation of the ancient Tao culture by the communistgovernment of China, Taoism is now making a large and increasingcomeback at a time when it is becoming particularly important onceagain, not only to the people of China but also to many othercountries throughout the world. Like other ancient traditions of theEast and West Taoism is an extremely important source of wisdom,knowledge and teachings which ultimately no tyranny orsuppression can destroy or withhold. The truth must and will alwaysprevail, always being available to mankind, and like other sourcesof truth and wisdom Tao survived and will continue to survive andbecome stronger once again.Taoism teaches that Tao is the First Cause of the Universe.Consistent with all teachings of the ancient knowledge of the Eastand the West, it is the ultimate and most sacred objective of thefollowers of Taoism to become one with the Tao. A very well-knownTaoist symbol is “Yin-Yang” which represents the balance of theopposites in the Universe. When Yin and Yang are equal andbalanced, all is calm and harmonious. When either Yin or Yangbecomes dominant then confusion and disarray are the inevitableresult. Yin-Yang can be considered to be the same as the principleof gender as taught by the wisdom of the West as we will see later.Yin represents the aspects of the feminine, being soft, cool, calm,introspective and healing, Yang representing the aspects of themasculine being hard, hot, energetic, moving and sometimesaggressive. However, as nothing in nature is completely positive ornegative, the Yin-Yang symbol recognises this reality by including asmall black spot in the white swirl and a corresponding white spot inthe black swirl of the symbol. Yin and Yang are ultimatelyconsidered to the opposing forces for nature in which humans caninvolve themselves, and in so doing upset the balance of nature, a Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  35. 35. Our Ultimate Reality 35principle including every aspect of nature from the individual humanbeing, the microcosm, to the entire Universe, the Macrocosm.Huai Nan Tzu, a philosopher of around the second century BCEsaid:“He who conforms to the course of the Tao, following the naturalprocesses of Heaven and Earth, finds it easy to manage the wholeworld”.These are certainly profound words indeed, and a reality of whicheveryone should endeavour to fully understand the significance. Itliterally means “going with the flow” of life rather than striving tooppose it.Most people today tend to force their life in the direction their ego,conscious and subconscious Minds insist it should go. This in turncreates ongoing imbalances in the Universe that can escalate untilthe life of people who approach life in this way will be severely andnegatively impacted.The entire Universe, from the very highest down to the physicalworld of matter is in a perpetual state of harmony and balance;anyone affecting that inherent harmony and balance will be surelysubject to the Universal principle of Cause and Effect wherebypersonal harmony will become unbalanced; these issues will bediscussed in much more detail later in this book.Living for the present moment, going with the flow of life, is oftenknown as “going with the Tao”. Being in complete harmony with theUniverse means in turn enjoying a harmonious life. It becomeseasier to manifest anything you need into your life by always livingin the present moment, and with the natural and immutable flow ofthe Universe, the Tao. Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  36. 36. Our Ultimate Reality 36Chapter 5: BuddhismBuddhism has become widespread throughout many Asiancountries including India, China, Tibet, Nepal, Korea, Japan and SriLanka, as well as many countries in the western world where thereis an increasing Buddhist following. There are currentlyapproximately three hundred million people following the Buddhisttradition in its various forms.The title “Buddha” derives from the word “budhi” which means “ toawaken”. The “awakening” to which this refers is a Spiritualawakening whereby practitioners seek enlightenment, the “Buddhawithin”, which is analogous to discovering the truth that theUniverse, God is within everyone. The person who became knownas the Buddha, Siddartha Gautama, achieved full awakening orenlightenment at the age of thirty five years old.As with many enlightened traditions Buddhism transcends the titleof a mere religion, not being dogmatic or orthodox in its teachingsand with no rigid doctrines. Like Hinduism, Buddhism is more of aphilosophy and indeed a way of life to the many of the hundreds ofthousands of people practicing it today. Philosophy means “love ofwisdom”, and the Buddhist philosophy broadly embraces the needto live a moral life, to be Mindful and aware of all thoughts andactions at all times and to develop Universal wisdom andunderstanding.Notwithstanding being born into a royal family with all the wealth hecould possibly need, Siddartha Gautama realised himself at the ageof twenty nine years that wealth and luxury did not guarantee, andwas not a route to ultimate happiness. After several years ofdedicated searching and meditation Siddartha Gautama finallydiscovered the middle path and was enlightened, after which hedevoted the remainder of his life to teaching the principles ofBuddhism, known as the “Dhamma” or “truth”, until his death at theage of eighty. Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  37. 37. Our Ultimate Reality 37Although there are many variations and traditions of Buddhism, thecentral focus is always to teach the word of real truth. Buddhism isbased upon four noble truths and the eightfold path. The four nobletruths may be summarised as follows:The first noble truth: teaches that to most people life is suffering,including pain, disease and untimely death. Suffering also includesloneliness, fear, frustration, disappointment and anger. Buddhismteaches how all of these problems are due to the way people live,and how to avoid them.The second noble truth: states that suffering is due to craving andaversion. It teaches that people will suffer if they expect others toconform to their expectations. This noble truth also teaches thatwanting deprives people of contentment and happiness due toalways striving for more and more material gain and possessionsover others. A lifetime of craving and wanting, especially thecraving to want to continue to exist in the current physical body,creates a powerful Energy in which people become trapped, andultimately the result after passing is to be reborn once again inorder to learn the lessons failed to be learned in the previous life.The third noble truth: states that suffering can be overcome andhappiness attained. This noble truth teaches the reality that if alluseless craving and desires are set aside, and each day is livedone at a time not dwelling on the past or an imagined future, thenyou will be set free and attain happiness and contentment providingat the same for more time to help others. This is a condition knownas “Nirvana”.The fourth noble truth: states that the “Eightfold Path” is the paththat leads to the end of suffering.The Noble Eightfold Path consists of eight principles that may besummarised as follows: Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  38. 38. Our Ultimate Reality 38First: “Samma-Ditthi”: complete or perfect vision. The vision of thetrue nature of reality and the path of transformation.Second: “Samma-Sankappa”: perfected emotion or aspiration. Thisis to maintain rightful thinking and attitude, liberating emotionalityand acting from love or compassion.Third: “Samma-Vaca”: perfected or whole speech. Clear, truthful,uplifting and non-harmful communication.Fourth: Samma-Kammanta: integral action. An ethical foundationfor life based upon the principle of non-exploitation of self or others.Fifth: “Samma-Ajiva”: proper livelihood. Based upon correct actionand ethical principles of non-exploitation. This is the basis for theideal society.Sixth: “Samma-Vayama”: complete or full effort, Energy or vitality.Consciously directing life Energy to the transformative path ofcreative and healing action, thus fostering wholeness. This isconscious evolution.Seventh: “Samma-Sati”: complete or thorough awareness, alsocalled “right Mindfulness”. Levels of awareness and Mindfulness ofeverything, oneself, feelings, thought, people and reality.Eighth: “Samma-Samhadi”: full, integral holistic “oneness” with TheSource or The All. This includes concentration, meditation, andsingle pointedness of Mind, and the progressive establishment ofthe whole being into the many levels of conscious awareness.Note, the word “Samma” means whole, perfect, integral complete,thorough.The importance of the four noble truths and the eightfold pathsimply cannot be under-estimated, not only for those practicingBuddhism but indeed for anyone who genuinely desires to maketrue progress during this life, future lives, and most importantly Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  39. 39. Our Ultimate Reality 39within the inner spheres of reality, our true home as immortalSpiritual beings on the path back to our Creator, The Source, God.In other cultures and traditions these principles might have differentnames and be taught in different ways, but all ultimately lead in thesame direction towards ennoblement, realisation of true Spiritualnature and ongoing progress in the Light on the path back to God.Although Buddhism is more of a philosophy than a religion, itsultimate objective is to teach the way to enlightenment, a fullrealisation of self and of the whole Universe, “everything that is”.The four noble truths and eightfold path are the ways the Buddhaput forward to achieve this based upon his own years of strenuousand arduous efforts, finally achieving his ultimate objective whichnow forms the basis of Buddhism throughout the world.In addition to the teaching and realisation of enlightenment throughthe four noble truths and eightfold path, Buddhism also fullyrecognises the “holistic” nature of the Universe being to all intentsand purposes identical to that recognised and taught by the wisdomand traditions of the West, and indeed also of modern quantumphysics. Buddhism teaches the “wholeness” of everything in theUniverse including all life, and the methods by which to become asone with the wholeness. This is the ultimate aim of enlightenment;once enlightenment has been achieved there are no longer anydoubts whatsoever as to the true nature of the Universe or of truepurpose, and the ultimate reality and destiny of all mankind.The Buddhist is acutely aware of the existence and nature of karmaand of the continuous cycle of birth and re-birth known as“reincarnation”, all of which are discussed in more depth later in thisbook. It will become the life’s work of a Buddhist to transcend bothkarma and the cycle of reincarnation.By comparison with the wisdoms of the West and of Hinduism, andindeed quantum physics, Buddhism does not endeavour to teachthe very nature of the Universe in depth or at a philosophical level,these are instead taken for granted as truisms to be ultimately to be Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  40. 40. Our Ultimate Reality 40discovered by those who achieve “Buddahood”, and therefore leftto the dedicated follower of the Buddhist tradition to discover forhimself by way of enlightenment or “Nirvana”.Buddhism does however teach three important Universalcharacteristics, namely the characteristics of impermanence(Anitya), of suffering (Dhukha), and “not-self” (Anatama), which aretaught as always present in, or are connected to existence, andhence teach of the true nature of all existence.Like the wisdom of the ages of both West and the East, Buddhistsfully recognise Unconditional Love as the most powerful force in theUniverse, and accordingly, unconditional compassion and love foreverything and everyone, known as “metta or “loving kindness”, arefundamental tenets of Buddhism. Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  41. 41. Our Ultimate Reality 41Chapter 6: The Wisdom of the WestOver the millennia there have been many very great teachers of thewisdom and knowledge of the Universe, and of the true purposeand destiny of mankind, some of whom have remained in relativeobscurity and others who became very widely known, some evenbecoming legendary or the basis of major, orthodox world religions.It was never the intention of course of these great teachers tobecome the focal point of such dogmatic, orthodox religions, or tobe responsible for the indoctrination of millions of people, but ratherto be the messengers of pure Universal truth and knowledge.Indeed it is a most unfortunate yet true fact that the creation ofcertain religions and their associated creeds and dogmas haveresulted in exactly the opposite of the intentions of the greatMasters and teachers of the past.Universal knowledge has been available since long before thebeginnings of the great world civilisations of the Middle East, andelsewhere. The knowledge was known to most ancient civilisationsof the world, which for the most part are no longer visible due toapparent environmental cataclysms or the actions of man. These inturn provided future civilisations with the sacred knowledge, thatmankind should continue to fulfil its true destiny.It is generally recognised that the seat of the ancient knowledgeand wisdom in the western world, the Occident, was set in ancientEgypt long, long ago; long before even before the first pyramidswere constructed. The greatest of all teachers of the time, and inthe opinion of many ever since, was a man known as HermesTrismegistus who dwelt in ancient Egypt many thousands of yearsago; thousands of years before Christianity and the other modernworld religions ever came into being. Hermes was widely knownand respected as the “Master of Masters” and the teacher ofteachers such was his influence and greatness. People came fromall over the world, from both the West and the East to learnUniversal truths, knowledge and wisdom directly from Hermes Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  42. 42. Our Ultimate Reality 42himself, and accordingly much of the ancient wisdom of both theEast and the West originated directly from this great man.The life work of Hermes seems to have been dedicated to thesowing of the seeds of truth regarding the true nature of theUniverse and of mankind, that they might grow, flourish andmultiply over the coming millennia, handed down from generation togeneration of teachers and students.As decades, centuries and millennia passed, the words, wisdomand teachings of Hermes and other great Masters were kept alivethroughout the western world by word of mouth and writings whichwere kept safe from those who would seek to destroy the truth.Hermes was later deified and became known as “Thoth”; Hermeshimself being considered the messenger of the Gods carrying hisvital messages to humanity. Hermes when depicted as a God ispictured with wings attached to the sides of his helmet.Also at around the same time there were other contemporary greatand ancient civilisations possessing the true knowledge, and whichwere almost certainly in direct and frequent communication with thecivilisations of ancient Egypt. These ancient, and in many waysadvanced civilisations were lost to the visible world many thousandof years ago, although some evidence still remains as to theirformer existence today, much more evidence will almost certainlybe discovered in the future.During the years of Hermes the wisdom and knowledge of theUniverse, and of the Spiritual nature and destiny of mankind wastaught far and wide, having a most profound influence on manydiverse civilisations and cultures of the time. And so it was untilthousands of years later that the advent of orthodox religionssought to destroy those who were in possession of true knowledgeso vital to humanity. They did not succeed, however there followedmany dark centuries where the creed, dogma and oppression oforthodox religions became prevalent, and the ancient wisdom was Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  43. 43. Our Ultimate Reality 43closely guarded and kept safe by the few until such time came onceagain for it to be made available for the benefit of mankind.Of course, Hermes Trismegistus was by no means the only teacherof Universal knowledge over the millennia. Other great civilisationsof the western world before, during and after the time of Hermeswere also in possession of, and taught these ancient truths. Suchgreat civilisations existed in central and south America including theInca, Toltec and Maya, and in the Middle East the Assyrian,Sumerian, Anatolian and Babylonian civilisations of Mesopotamia,all of whom knew or were taught the ancient wisdom andknowledge still existing today.Among other, and now lost and legendary civilisations who were inpossession of, and could apparently apply Universal knowledge togreat effect, include the lost legendary continent of Atlantis,evidence of which is now beginning to emerge from the AtlanticOcean in various forms, and Lemuria, also known as Mu, whichwas widely thought to have existed in the area of the Pacific Oceanaround Easter Island, the home of the famous giant statues.Many firmly believe the Atlanteans were in direct contact with theancient civilisations of both the Americas and the Middle East, andindeed in support of this, artefacts including ancient writings in theform of glyphs have been found which link all of these great ancientcivilisations together. Both Atlantis and Lemuria were thought tohave been destroyed by major global cataclysms causing them tovery suddenly sink beneath the ocean; many believe this is thebasis for the Old Testament account of the great flood.It is highly probable that evidence of these ancient and long lostcivilisations will soon be discovered in abundance, at which timeconsiderably more will be known of their cultures and links toancient Egypt and other ancient civilisations of the world. Manyancient teachings from a diverse range of western sources havethankfully survived to this day, having been closely guarded,maintained and taught over the millennia, and are now being taught Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  44. 44. Our Ultimate Reality 44more widely as the influence and power of the orthodox churchesdiminishes.All known knowledge and wisdom of the West is understandablytotally consistent, and is epitomised by the legacy and teachingsoriginating in ancient Egypt at the time of Hermes Trismegistus. Allof the knowledge and wisdom handed down throughout the ages istotally applicable to everything known about the nature of theUniverse in all of its spheres of life and reality, and which fullyexplains everything taken for granted during everyday life, and alsothose things which most people either regard as miracles,supernatural, paranormal, occult or mystical, as well as many other“phenomena” which most people are simply not yet aware of.According to the ancient teachings of the West, the Occident, thetrue nature of the Universe is described by seven fundamentalprinciples by which everything in the Universe functions and cantherefore be explained; these are the principles of Mentalism,Correspondence, Vibration, Polarity, Rhythm, Cause and Effect andGender. All of these principles at their most complex are highlyinvolved, and would require an entire book to discuss and analysein detail. However, the fundamental characteristics of each of theseprinciples and their profound importance to everyone andeverything within the entire Universe can be summarised in thefollowing seven chapters on these important Universal principles. Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  45. 45. Our Ultimate Reality 45Chapter 7: The Principle of MentalismThis principle embodies the reality that the entire Universe is aninfinite living Mind and Consciousness of which everything andeveryone is integral aspect and has there Being. Everything in theUniverse in all of its dimensions or spheres therefore has itsexistence within the infinite living Mind, and which living Mind inturn might truly be called “God”, The First Cause, The SourceEnergy.This principle fully explains and accounts for all of the “phenomena”which people regard as “miracles” or “supernatural” such aspsychic powers, telepathy, telekinesis and many others. Thisprinciple of Mentalism also explains the true nature of Energy,power and matter, and why these are ultimately under the controlof, and subordinate to the power of the Mind. Mentalism, infiniteliving Mind, explains why as humans made in the “true image ofGod” we can create mentally in the microcosm just as God createdthe entire Universe, the Macrocosm. Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  46. 46. Our Ultimate Reality 46Chapter 8: The Principle of CorrespondenceThis is another extremely important Universal principle, teachingthe truth that there is direct correspondence between all of theplanes of reality. As we will discuss later in this book, the materialworld of matter is but the very lowest plane or dimension of aninfinite Universe of inner, ever more subtle planes of increasingvibration, Energy and decreasing relative density.Everything in the entire Universe without exception is subject toorder, otherwise there would be chaos and the Universe wouldcollapse in an instant. This order is prevalent between all of thegreat planes of life whereby anything occurring in one plane has inturn to be reflected in all planes in exactly the same degree.The Principle of Correspondence is most aptly represented by thefamous axiom “as above, so below”. The principle ofcorrespondence is also one basis for true Magic. We should notethat by “Magic” we do not mean the tricks performed by the socalled stage magicians, prestidigitators, illusionists and the like, butrather Magic in its truest and highest form, the name Magic beinggiven by the Magi themselves. In true Magic, the Magician utilisesUniversal laws with focus, intent and Energy in order to First Causesomething to manifest in a inner sphere of reality, and whichsubsequently, in accordance with the principle of correspondencehas in turn to manifest in the physical world in accordance with theobjectives of the Magician.This is also the exact same principle applying to manifestation byimagination including creative visualisation, to be discussed indepth later in this book. Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  47. 47. Our Ultimate Reality 47Chapter 9: The Principle of VibrationThis is another extremely important Universal law, and one we willgain discuss in detail later in this book. The basis of this principle isthat everything in the Universe is constantly in motion; nothing everrests for a single moment. Vibration is in fact exactly the same asEnergy, a fact which quantum physics is now rapidly coming torealise and accept as being the fundamental basis of the Universe.The principle of vibration also explains the differences between allmanifestations of matter, Energy, and Spirit, all of which areultimately pure vibration, or Energy. Everything therefore from thehighest aspect of God, pure Spirit, the very highest manifestation ofvibration, all the way down to the world of matter are all ultimatelydegrees and manifestations of vibration or Energy, all within theMind of God. Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  48. 48. Our Ultimate Reality 48Chapter 10: The Principle of PolarityThis principle teaches the truth that everything in the Universe isdual, in other words has two poles. This principle also proves thereare no absolutes in nature; for example when people refer to “hot”or “cold”, these are not absolutes, and what is actually beingreferred to are degrees of hotness and degrees of coldness.There are therefore no extremes but rather only degrees of thesame thing. North and South, East and West are merely degrees ofdirection. Similarly light and dark are only degrees of the sameconcept, the question being where would light begin and darknessend? The same principle applies to large and small, black andwhite, hard and soft, noise and quiet, high and low, positive andnegative and so on.Another example are the concepts of “love” and “hate”, which againare only degrees of the same emotion, with “like” and dislike” beingwithin these two parameters. There can be no absolute love orabsolute hate, and the concepts of these two polarities will alsovary in accordance with the perceptions of different individuals;something one person might “hate” might well be “loved” by thenext person. This particular example of the principle of polarityhighlights the possibility for mental transmutation, also known as“Alchemy”, whereby the hate of some-thing can be transmuted tothe love of the same thing with transmutation taking place along thesame polar axis.Similarly bad or negative attributes of the Soul or Spirit can betransmuted along the same axis to their corresponding good orpositive attributes. The principle of polarity and therefore alchemy istherefore extremely important in the process of the ennoblementand perfection of every human being on the sacred path back toGod. Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  49. 49. Our Ultimate Reality 49Chapter 11: The Principle of RhythmThis principle encompasses the truth that in everything there isalways action and reaction taking place along the same axis ofpolarity. A pendulum swings from side to side, the tides of the seasebb and flow, and on a much wider scale we witness the rise andfall of entire organisations and even nations. All of these areexamples of the Universal principle of rhythm. The entire Universeand everything and everyone within it are all subject to the principleof rhythm from the very highest to the very lowest aspects. Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  50. 50. Our Ultimate Reality 50Chapter 12: The Principle of Cause and EffectThis principle, also known as “Causation”, is another extremelyimportant Universal law, some would say the most important andexalted law, and one affecting everyone profoundly. Causation willbe discussed in much more detail later in this book.The principle of Cause and Effect is based upon the truth thatnothing in the entire Universe ever happens by chance. There canbe no such concept as “chance”, everything happening resulting inan “effect”, always being associated with a preceding and directlycorresponding “cause”; there are and can never be any exceptionsto this principle. The vast majority of people progress through lifecompletely oblivious to this exalted Universal law, ascribingeverything happening to them to such notions as chance, luck orfortune. One of the most important aspects of Causation is karma.Karma is extremely important to everyone, and will be discussed inmuch more detail later in this book. Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  51. 51. Our Ultimate Reality 51Chapter 13:The Principle of GenderThis principle embodies the truth that everything in the Universehas both masculine and feminine principles; this not only applies tohumans, animals or other life where it manifests in the physicalworld, but to everything in creation.The principle of gender constantly works in the direction ofgeneration, regeneration and creation. Every male elementincludes an aspect of the female element, and likewise everyfemale element contains a degree of male element; this is again isin full accordance with the laws of polarity where there can be noabsolute male or absolute female, but rather only relative degreesof “maleness” and “femaleness”. Everything in the Universemanifests gender to such degrees as to render them predominantlymale or female; this principle again applies to everything from thevery highest aspects of the Universe to the very lowest aspects.As we will discuss later in this book, all of these Universal principlesare vitally important and integral to the harmony of the Universe inall dimensions, and are accordingly integral aspects of the mostimportant truth which everyone should know and thoroughlyunderstand; everyone and everything in the Universe is an equaland integral aspect of God, The All, The Source, and therefore ofeach other. There is no separateness in the Universe whatsoeverwhich brings us to the most important truth of all, a truth which hasbeen taught by all civilisations throughout the ages; the truth thatevery single person without exception is an immortal Spiritualbeing, a true son or daughter of God. Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  52. 52. Our Ultimate Reality 52Chapter 14: The Emerald Tablet of HermesThe Emerald Tablet of Hermes is an extremely important and veryancient text, documenting by means of an inscription on a greenstone tablet the nature of the Universe, and how the Universe cameinto being. Although the tablet is “emerald” it is thought to actuallybe a green stone such as jade. The Emerald Tablet was originallythought to have been discovered by a person named “Balinas”, whosubsequently wrote down the entire text as inscribed on the stonein the ancient Syriac language from which it has since beensubsequently translated by several people in various differentlanguages.The Emerald Tablet is not only very important from the point of viewof describing the process of creation and the nature of theUniverse, a process that is fully supported by many otherindependent sources including increasingly quantum physics, but isalso the basis of Alchemy which, contrary to popular belief, is notnecessarily the transmutation of base metals into Gold as legendpresumes, but rather refers to the ennoblement of the Soul andSpirit on the path of perfection.Following is the 12th century Latin literal translation of the EmeraldTablet of Hermes:“True without falsehood, certain most certainWhat is above is like what is below, and what is below is like thatwhich is above. To make the miracle of the one thing.And as all things were made from the contemplation of The One, soall things were born again from one adaptation.It’s Father is the Sun, its Mother is the Moon.The Wind carried it in its womb, the Earth breastfed it.It is the Father of all works of wonder in the World.It’s power is complete.If cast to Earth, it will separate Earth from Fire, the subtle from thegross. Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  53. 53. Our Ultimate Reality 53With great capacity it ascends from Earth to Heaven. Again itdescends to Earth, and takes back the power of the above andbelow.Thus you will receive the glory of the distinctiveness of the World.All obscurity will flee from you.This is the whole most strong strength of all strength, for itovercomes all subtle things, and penetrates all solid things.Thus the World was created.From this comes marvellous adaptations of which this is theprocedure.Therefore I am called Hermes Thrice Crowned, because I havethree parts of the wisdom of the whole World.And complete is what I had to say about the work of the Sun.These are most profound and important words, which, althoughwritten with highly symbolic meaning can be explained as follows:“True without falsehood, certain most certain”:The text of the Emerald Tablet starts by affirming that everythingthat follows is Universally true and accurate, and applies to“everything that is” without any exception.“What is above is like what is below, and what is below is like thatwhich is above. To make the miracle of the one thing”:This statement affirms the entire Universe in all spheres of reality isnot separate in any way whatsoever, but is rather a continuum fromthe very highest aspect of “The One”, “The Source”, the “FirstCause”, down to the physical world of matter. This phrase alsoaffirms the continuum of the Universe is equally effective andintegral in all directions, above and below, below and above, allworking in complete harmony as an inseparable aspect of thewhole. This is in accordance with the Universal Law ofCorrespondence. The word “miracle” does not mean miracle inabsolute terms, but rather working in complete harmony with theUniverse, the results of which might well seem like miracles at Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  54. 54. Our Ultimate Reality 54times, but rather are in absolute terms the application and workingsof immutable Universal laws.“And as all things were made from the contemplation of The One,so all things were born again from one adaptation.”This again is a most important statement affirming the entireUniverse is a “Mind world” from which everything originated, and isheld entirely within the infinite Mind of “The One”, of God. It alsoaffirms the entire Universe was created by the contemplation, ormeditation of “The One”, and is therefore a projection of, andcontained entirely within the Mind of “The One”.This statement also confirms therefore everything in the Universe isan integral aspect of everything else in the Universe and thereforeof “The One”, all mirroring the power of, and following the power of“The One” by adaptation of the process of following “The One”.“It’s Father is the Sun, its Mother is the Moon.”This is analogous to the creative process whereby the sperm of thefather seeks the egg of the mother, the constant cycles of the Sunand the Moon representing the rhythm of the Universe and infinitecreation.“The Wind carried it in its womb, the Earth breastfed it”:In this statement, “wind” is analogous to the Universal as opposedto the physical element of Air, which is the mediator of theUniversal elements of Fire and Water. Wind or Air as a mediation ofFire and Water therefore represents the forces involved behind theprocess of creation, ultimately resulting in the final Universalelement of Earth in the creation process; Earth representingsolidification. Earth nourishes the creation thereby providing forindependent form and existence as can be clearly witnessed by thepresence of the physical world of matter. Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  55. 55. Our Ultimate Reality 55“It is the Father of all works of wonder in the World”:Father represents the Prime Creator, The One, The All, the FirstCause, the Quintessence of the four elements of Fire, Air, Waterand Earth, the Ether, often known as “God” from Whom theaforementioned processes originated.It is particularly important to note this statement also confirms thecreative process was carried out by “The One” as an act of full,ultimate, infinite Consciousness awareness within the Mind of TheOne, within which all the Universe exists as infinite living Mind andConsciousness.“It’s power is complete. If cast to Earth, it will separate Earth fromFire, the subtle from the gross”:This affirms the power of Consciousness of The One is absolutelycomplete in every aspect. It goes on to say the forces involved,Fire, Air, Water and Earth which originally acted in a “downwards”manner thus creating the Universe in all of its spheres commencingfrom the highest aspect of The One, eventually reach the lowestlevels, the physical world of matter whereupon there is a reversal ofthe forces involved back once again towards The One. This resultsin a separation of force from form, thus leaving in place the physicalaspect of the Universe in the form of solidification, whereby the Fireof creation is separated from the solidification of the Earth, therebyseparating the “subtle”, the inner worlds, the Astral and Mentalplanes from the “gross”, the physical Universe of matter so familiarto everyone.It should also be noted that while the Emerald Tablet and sourcesgenerally talk in terms of “higher” and “lower”, The Source, TheFirst Cause, God is at the very centre of all creation, the innermostSource of Energy, while the physical space-time bound reality, thematerial Universe is the outermost Energy level forming the“epidermis” of the Universe. Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  56. 56. Our Ultimate Reality 56“With great capacity it ascends from Earth to Heaven. Again itdescends to Earth, and takes back the power of the above andbelow.”This tells us that conscious awareness of The One releases itselffrom the solid aspect of Earth, the physical Universe, and returnsupwards once again through the continuum of vibration, Energy,back towards the highest aspect of The One, The Source,sometimes known as the “Godhead” from whence it originated.As this process occurs, Consciousness brings with it theexperience of “capacity” or “wisdom”. This is also analogous to thedestiny of mankind in the microcosm whereby each new individualexperiencing a first ever life in the physical Universe is a directresult of the original descent from the Logos, The Source, God of a“spark” of Spirit, an aspect of God, which will then unite with ahuman embryo resulting in a new, individual life, the beginning ofan individual, immortal Spiritual being.It is important to note that Spirit has always existed in the “EternalNow” but does not become an “individual” or “individuated” withphysical, Astral and Mental bodies until the time of the very firstphysical incarnation. The destiny of every single person therefore,as with the very process of creation itself, is to first descend to theEarth and then to rise again back to the highest aspect of The One,our Divine creator, during the process of ennoblement andperfection; the ultimate meaning of life.This statement then goes on to tell us that the powers, theConsciousness of The One then descended a second time to Earthintegrating all aspects “above and below”, thus finally resulting in afully aware force infinitely uniting the “above” with the “below” asintegral aspects of the continuum of the entire Universe, from thevery highest to the physical world.“Thus you will receive the glory of the distinctiveness of the World.All obscurity will flee from you”: Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  57. 57. Our Ultimate Reality 57This confirms that as a result of the processes thus involved, withforce descending into form during the original act of creation, andform then acting upon itself with Consciousness once againascending into a formless state.Finally the force thus self-realized once again descends back intoform in which to consciously express its Self, thereby receiving the“glory of the distinctiveness of the World”, and thus receiving theLight (distinctiveness) whereby the dark (obscurity) will be expelled;“flee from you”.“This is the whole most strong strength of all strength, for itovercomes all subtle things, and penetrates all solid things”:This confirms that through the act of creation as previouslydescribed, the Consciousness of The One is “whole”, complete andof infinite strength, and with the ability to work without restriction inall directions of the continuum of the Universe from above to thebelow and below to the above at any level of density and vibration,and in particular the power to surpass any “upwards” travellingentity. This statement also affirms that this infinite power is similarlyunrestricted in the downward motion towards the physical Universe,whereby it can inhabit the lowest vibration and the highest densityof matter. This also confirms the truth that The One, God exists ineverything and everyone, and accordingly everything and everyonein the Universe is pure conscious awareness, often known as Spirit.“Thus the World was created”:This confirms by this process of force descending into form thusrealising self-awareness, followed by another cycle of creation,followed by a further descent into form, this eventually results in thephysical “world”, or more specifically the entire physical Universe ofmatter in the space-time reality. It should be noted that science onlyrecognises the physical aspect of the creation of the Universe,often known as the “big bang”, but is as yet largely unaware of the Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  58. 58. Our Ultimate Reality 58Divine forces of infinite and ultimate Consciousness involved thatstarted this entire creative process; the very highest and mostincomprehensible aspect of all, The One, God.“From this comes marvellous adaptations of which this is theprocedure”:The “marvellous adaptations” referred to here is the physicalUniverse of matter, the physical World known to everyone that isindeed a marvellous adaptation of The One. It should be noted thatbeyond the physical Universe everything consists of subtle Energyin the form of vibration, and physical matter simply does not exist.Therefore by comparison the physical Universe is indeed“marvellous adaptations”. David Bohm, eminent physicist, veryaptly describes the physical Universe as “frozen light”.Everything and everyone in the Universe, including the physicalUniverse, contains the Light of The One, the physical Universe thuscreated becoming the seed of the future ultimate self of The One,and thus the creative act.Human beings and all other life within the physical Universe mustwork while in physical form within the physical world of matter asmirrored powers of the “one thing”, causing “marvellousadaptations” as opposed to the “miracles of the “one thing”.Working within the physical world of matter humans therefore“adapt” the physical world, or Universe, and which adaptations aremirrored ultimately as an aspect of the “one thing”.Physical Consciousness, or awareness, or Spirit of the humanbeing is an example of “force” within the “form” of the human body,with which we develop the future self by the process of perfectionand ennoblement as it ascends the Divine path back to the PrimeCreator from whence Spirit first came.“Therefore I am called Hermes Thrice Crowned, because I havethree parts of the wisdom of the whole World”: Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  59. 59. Our Ultimate Reality 59This statement is not intended to be a self-proclamation ofgreatness on the part of Hermes but rather represents the trinity ofthe levels or aspects of the continuum of the Universe; physical,Astral and Mental. This specifically refers to the physical, Astral andMental levels of Energy, of vibration within the continuum of theUniverse and the corresponding bodies within each human being,specifically the physical body, the Astral Body also known as theSoul, and Mental Body also known as the immortal Spirit. The finalpart of the statement affirms that this is a Universal level ofknowledge or experience.“And complete is what I had to say about the work of the Sun”:This final statement affirms the testimony of Hermes as to thecreation and true nature of the Universe. Hermes Trismegistus,Hermes the Thrice Crowned, was indeed a true symbolic“messenger of the Gods”, of the advanced Spiritual beings of theinner spheres of reality, in bringing this most sacred knowledgefrom the inner spheres for the benefit of all mankind. “The work ofthe Sun” affirms that this is all an ongoing and active process withinthe glorious continuum of the Universe, the “Sun” representing theDivine creative process. Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind
  60. 60. Our Ultimate Reality 60Chapter 15: The KabbalahKabbalah is a philosophy and tradition originating in ancientJudaism, long before the beginnings of Christianity and theorthodox churches. It is an important western source of Universalwisdom and principles based upon age-old knowledge originatingfrom intelligences of the inner spheres of life and reality.Kabbalah can be highly complex, but at its most basic level itrepresents the wisdom to realise the Divine within. The Kabbalahsometimes refers to the “inner dimensions of reality”, which are infact exactly the same as the “inner dimensions of reality”. Whenviewed from a Universal perspective, the physical world of matterwith its lowest vibrations and highest density is the outermostaspect of the Universe, analogous to an “outer skin”, an“epidermis”, and God is the innermost, at the centre of all creationexisting at the very highest vibration and lowest density of all.Divine Energy radiate outwards pervading the whole Universe.Kabbalah most importantly teaches that in order to move inwardscloser towards God, The Source, it is first necessary to understandthe stages and nature of the continuum of creation of Universalreality. This commences with an understanding of how all creationoriginally occurred, and continues to take place within the “EternalNow” of the infinite mental Universe of Consciousness,Consciousness and vibration, of which we are all integral aspects.In the beginning there was only “The Source”, God, the “EternalNow” existing beyond all space and time. The book of “Genesis I”symbolically and mystically chronicles the creation and formation ofthe Universe in the beginning, a process which is also documentedin another related holy text known as the “Sephir Yetzirah”, the“Book of Formation”. This whole process of creation wassymbolically put into motion by those well-known words “let therebe light”, “fiat lux”. Life, The Universe and the Destiny of Mankind