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Kyiv, 2011/11/10

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Koval 10112011

  1. 1. National Information Centre for Ukraine-EU S&T cooperation FP7 FP7 INCO INCO Mobility Mobility Financial & Financial & Legal Legal NCP/Ukraine NCP/UkraineFinal Conference «Advancing EU-Ukraine Research Cooperation:JSO-ERA Project Results and Achievements», 10 November, 2011, Kyiv
  2. 2. Present challenges in S&T and Innovation policies Global character Economic challenges: the need to engage business through promotion of RTD and demand-side measures to create innovation-friendly markets Social and environmental challenges: climate change, food and energy security and the ageing society Science and technology challenges: mobilisation of resources for research and innovation; quality of education, strengthening research performance Innovation-based development is only realistic route to sustainable economic growth
  3. 3. Mutual benefits of scientific cooperation An access to complementary competences, knowledge, equipment, software, exchange of specialists Strengthening of cooperation experience via mutual learning through working meetings and sessions, exploitation of the unique equipment and laboratory facilities, exchange of best practices Bringing in new ideas and ways of thinking Contribution to the scientific career of the involved scientists
  4. 4. State-of-art of the cooperation Ukraine-EU MS/AC Partnership and S&T Agreements Seven Framework Program International European Innovational Scientific and Technical Program “EUREKA” European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) Organization of Black Sea Economical Cooperation (BSEC) Scientific and Technical Centre in Ukraine (STCU) International Centre for Scientific and Technical Information (ICSTI)
  5. 5. Importance of Ukraine-EU S&T cooperation• Contributing to develop a strategic partnership with Ukraine in both political and economic terms• Using the outputs of collaborative research for many policy areas of common interest, such as energy, transport, public health• Building on promising research areas of cooperation, such as space, aeronautics, energy and environment.
  6. 6. Policy Drive for S&T Ukraine-EU cooperation • Agreement on Co-operation in Science and Technology between the European Community and Ukraine • European Neighborhood Policy • EU-Ukraine Association Agenda to prepare and facilitate the implementation of the Association Agreement
  7. 7. Agreement for S&T cooperation between the EC and Ukraine
  8. 8. Tools for enhancing S&T Cooperation Opening of the FP for non EU countries Instruments for targeted cooperation (S&T Agreements, ENPI /EP countries, BS) Specific supporting instruments (INCO, Capacity)
  9. 9. International Cooperation in FP7 FP 7Co-operation Ideas People Capacities General IRSES International ERC Infrastructure Opening Cooperation grants open to SICAS all nationalities Host Fellowships (ICPC specific) INCO-Nets Targeted Incoming Calls Fellowships BILATS Coordinated Return grants Calls Outgoing Fellowships International Twinning ERA-NETS Reintegration phase Expatriate Networks ERA Link NERE Link
  10. 10. Implementation of cooperation agreement Regular meetings • S&T policy dialogue • Identification of areas/topics of common interest - aligned with national priorities - focus on priorities of FP7 - addressing issues for ENP Joint prioritization • Implementing arrangements • Roadmaps of future joint/coordinated activities Definition of activities in FP7 work programmes • Instruments for targeted international cooperation - Specific International Co-operation Activities (SICA) - Coordinated calls - Twinning • INCO leveraging/supporting instruments in FP7 CAPACITIES (BILAT, INCONET, ERANET) Use all Instruments (Bilateral & Regional)
  11. 11. Ukrainian involvement inFP7 ‘Capacities’ - International Cooperation activity • Supporting the bi-regional EU – Eastern Europe policy dialogue: FP7 INCO-NET EECA • Strengthening the cooperation partnership through the S&T cooperation agreement: BILAT-UKR and ERA-WIDE • Increasing the cooperation of research programmes carried out by EU Member States and neighbour countries of the Black Sea: BS-ERA-NET
  12. 12. IncoNet EECA: S&T International Cooperation Network for EEA http://www.inco-eeca.net/ AchievementsOrganisation of a series of ‘Stakeholder Conferences’ addressingcommon strategies for developing bi-regional S&T cooperation April 2012: KIEV!Series of Information and Brokerage Events Mapping the key and leading institutes which could establishlong-term partnerships with counterparts in the EUAnalytical review and recommendations.Tranings for NCPsWeb portal (http://www.increast.eu) with opportunities for enhancedcooperationIdentification of S&T cooperation patterns and research topics ofmutual interest
  13. 13. incrEAST information exchange platform http://www.increast.eu/Information Exchange in S&T between the ERA andEE, CA, SC countries Countries’ reports on S&T policy, potential and cooperation On-line database “Key research institutes in EECA” http://www.increast.eu/en/523.php Potential host institutions for EU researchers in the EECA http://www.increast.eu/en/448.php News, events, calls for proposals
  14. 14. BILAT-UKR: Enhancing the bilateral S&T Partnership with Ukraine AchievementsInformation gathering and dissemination : Website : www.bilat-ukr.eu Web portal : www.st-gateukr.eu Final Conference - February 2012, Kyiv • S&T Landscape in Ukraine • Database of bilateral cooperations with Ukraine • EU-Ukrainian S&T cooperation internet guide • Inventory of relevant sources of information • Inventory of relevant inward and outward mobility programmes • Partner search tool Advisory network of EU-UA NCPs Thematic Workshops in Mobility, Innovation, Infrastructures and Roadmaps Policy dialogue - reports are available • Good cooperation practices • Report on the barriers to cooperation and recommendations • Discussion paper for legal and organisational frames • Recommendations on the setting-up of S&T Working Groups • Inventory of existing joint and upcoming international accessible medium and large scale S&T infrastructures in the Ukraine • Recommendations for the implementation of national technology platforms • Report on the twinning schemes • ENPI – focus on Ukraine (including regional programs)
  15. 15. EU EU-Ukraine S&T information platform www.st-gateukr.eu S&T Gate UKR.EU: Identify and analyse the S&T Potential of EU- Ukraine Cooperation Searchable database of Ukrainian key research institutions http://www.st- gateukr.eu/en/523.php Political development of research and technology in the Ukraine Collaborative projects, programmes and partner organizations Contact information for local experts
  16. 16. FP7 ERA-WIDE Integrating Europes neighbours into the European Research Area Reinforcing the cooperation capacities of research centres located in the neighbour countries, which are not associated to FP7, through strategy development, twinning, training and building of competency. ERA WIDE ResultsCall 2010 ERA IHM : Institute of Hydromechanics SUCCESS : Institute for Single CrystalsCall 2011 START : Bakul Institutе of Superhard Materials COMBIOM : Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics KhAI-ERA : National Aerospace University Nanotwinning : Institute of Physics INCRIS : Shulgin State Road Scientific Research Institute
  17. 17. BS-ERA-NET Networking on Science and Technology in the BS region http://www.bs-era.net EU and neighbour countries’ engagement in regional development in the Black Sea region, facing major political, economic, environmental and energy challenges and opportunities Achievements• Design a multilateral research scheme of common interest to the EU and neighbour countries of the Black Sea region• Implement a pilot joint call for applied research projects involving the scientific communities of the Black Sea, for a total budget of about €3.3 million
  18. 18. Achieve a best results Reciprocity Correspondence to the strategic objectives Synergies with ENPI programmes Synergies with EU M.S. activities Cooperation beyond FPNCPs system: Information dissemination, awareness raising, partnering
  19. 19. NIP/Ukraineoffice 801, 180, Gorkiy Street, Kyiv, 03680, UkraineTel/fax: +380 44 529 0332E-mail: post@fp6-nip.kiev.uaWeb: http://www.fp7-ncp.kiev.uaThanks for your attention