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Presentation for "Intersections between Feminism & Technology" panel at University of San Francisco\'s 10th Annual Global Women\'s Rights Forum. Case Study: Sex Worker Rights Activism in …

Presentation for "Intersections between Feminism & Technology" panel at University of San Francisco\'s 10th Annual Global Women\'s Rights Forum. Case Study: Sex Worker Rights Activism in Kenya.

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  • 1.
  • 2. FemTech2.0“Intersections between Feminist Activism & Technology”
    10th Global Women’s Rights Forum
    March 9th, 2011 Panel Presentation
    By Zawadi Nyong’o
  • 3. Outline
    Background & Milestones – SW rights organizing in EA
    SW rights organizing in Kenya
    SW rights & tech – opportunities & challenges
    Case Study – Dec17Kenya & Technology
    Recent events
  • 4. SW Rights Organizing in East Africa
    2000-2005 – Informal groups start organizing (TZ later)
    2008 – 1st African SW rights Conference (SA)
    2009 - ASWA created
    June ‘09 – AMwA AWLI
    Nov ‘09 – Feb ‘10 – EA SW Mapping Initiative
    Feb & March ‘10 – Launch of “When I Dare to be Powerful” in Addis & Nairobi (IWD)
    March ‘10 – OSF Grantees Workshop, Nairobi
    Nov ‘10 – C.E.O. Baraza, Nairobi
    Dec 17, 2010 – Int’l Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, Nairobi
  • 5.
  • 6. Vision for East African Sex Worker Rights Movement
    OSF Grantee Workshop – March 2010:
    Repeal discriminatory laws against MARPs
    Build stronger SW & LGBTI rights orgs
    Promote IGA initiatives
    Reduce STIs, HIV and AIDS
    Demand SW rights
    Form umbrella orgs w. country reps
    Celebrate SW rights day in EA
    Decriminalize SW in EA
  • 7. Vision for East African Sex Worker Rights Movement … cont.
    C.E.O (Create, Engage & Own) Baraza – Nov 2010:
    Regional support for sex workers led orgs
    Coalition building through information sharing
    Development of sisterhood networks
    Mentorship and outreach programs to smaller organization
    Exchange programs across East Africa
    Establish regional protocols for sex workers;
    Harmonize regional national and regional strategic plans on HIV/AIDS with sex workers as MARPS
    Discuss legalization vs decriminalization of sex work
    Document human rights violations in East Africa through mechanisms such as the use of cellphone and internet technology
    Find ways to actively and productively involve media
  • 8. Sex Worker Rights Organizing in Kenya
    Most organizing health, rather than rights based
    Most orgs 2-5 years old, except BHESP (10years)
    Stigma, Violence, Discrimination and Criminalization – greatest barriers to organizing
    Double/tripple stigma experienced by MSWs and HIV +ve SWs
    More partnership needed between SW groups
    SW groups using multiple & innovative strategies, including using ICT’s.
    Few mainstream women’s & feminist organizations supporting/engaging SW groups, except CREAW, UAF-Africa, UHAI:EASHRI
    Many great success stories & best practices that should be scaled up
    More technical & financial resources needed to support SW led groups (direct & core funding)
    Challenges many, but there is hope & a vibrant emerging SW rights movement
  • 9.
  • 10. Thika Murder Case
    Sex workers in Thika, Kenya moments they appeared in court to face charges of "submitting false information". BHESP partnered with CREA to ensure the women had proper legal representation.
  • 11. Sex Worker Rights & Technology
    SMS – risk management
    Frontline SMS & Crowdsourcing – (BHESP, Infonet, Fahamu) – Rapid response & info-sharing
    Xtranormal.com – type to make videos
    AFRIWiT listserv
    Access (grassroots/global, urban/rural)
    Security – hate speech, VAW, infiltrating movements, threatening activism – e.g. Stop Raila-homophobia
  • 12.
  • 13. Zawadi,
    “Poop poppers and clit lickers as homos are known to us will also get a demo against them on the same day at the same venue. You cant allow a tabia which breeds out of addiction and adds no value to anybody just to look cool. You demo, we demo to support the Raila's call for the rehab of homos.” – Robert Alai
    “Yes it is wrong to discriminate against Minorities… but tell me:
    Do you have a woman to your name whom you have slept with and licked her clitoris? How do you feel "sleeping" with a woman f****king her using a vibrator or what? If you have a daughter or a son today, how would it be like when you hear she or he is "sleeping" with another woman or man? Yourself, are you a product of same sex marriage? of course not! Please desist from misleading innocent souls and if you are practicing it, please keep it in your closet.
    "Prostitutes will remain thus, however much we elevate them to Commercial Sex Workers". Quote me nowhere!!! “ – JectoneNdunya
    “Zawadi are u a product of a gay relationship? Go back to the closet and stop channeling and defiling innocent souls to send them to hell. Homosexuality should be criminalized in Kenya. Raila keep it up. This zawadi means gift but she has become 'wang o tek’…” – LinetteOchieng’
  • 14. Dec17Kenya Organizing:FemTech Success
  • 15. Dec17Kenya … cont…
    How did we do it?
    Core Organizing committee
    Grassroots mobilizing
    Engaging new actors
    Media strategy
    Safety & Security
    Social media (facebook, twitter, blogs, twitgoo)
    Cross-movement organizing
    Cross-class organizing challenges (Lessons from WNY campaign)
    Creativity, Guts, & a sense of humor
  • 16. Dec17Kenya Web Presence:
  • 17. March 3rd, Mombasa“Access to Healthcare”
    Over 300 sex workers marched from Coast General Hospital to Totonoka Hall, to mark Int’l Sex Worker Rights Day.
  • 18. March 3rd, Mombasa
    Fashion show – male, female & trans sex workers at Int’l Sex Worker Rights Day, Mombasa
    Simultaneous marches in 6 other African countries: Botswana, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Zimbabwe
  • 19. March 3rd, Cape Town
  • 20. East African Sex Worker Pledge
  • 21. Asante Sana!
    Zawadi Nyong’o