Smiljana Orlic, Founder Transforming Your Power Into Passion


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Smiljana Orlic
Founder, Transforming Your Power Into Passion

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Smiljana Orlic, Founder Transforming Your Power Into Passion

  1. 1. Every week we will feature the adventures of one amazing woman. We aim to celebrate the varied and colourful roles women play within industry and business. Experience inspirational, real stories by real women; Interested in being featured? Please send your adventures to For previous adventures please click here As a business owner, business coach & mentor, I am honored to share my journey in hopes to bring comfort, possibly inspiration & spark to other amazing women in the world. I can tell you the biggest challenge I found for myself in business & life, which I also find in today’s times with my clients, is to truly be who we are meant to be. There is a constant battle between the mind & heart in business and in our own personal lives. I have been an individual with many interests. The truth was not the fact that I could not focus on one thing, but I saw much excitement and fulfillment in life. I have always been passionate and I have always followed my heart. I always enjoyed thriving instead of just surviving. Those interests were additionally coupled with persistence and determination to lean into what I was doing 120% which also made it difficult growing up where I was told it was not possible, I needed to figure it out, get a safe job or just told it can’t be so. This created doubt, lack of confidence and consistently being hard on myself. I closed down and found it easier to be “normal” & more “like” other people. This consistent battle within myself caused me much pain & robbed me of complete fulfillment. Though, the quest continued and I trusted everything had a purpose. I followed my heart in school by picking out subjects that interested me and then naturally fell back on my strong inherit skills of teaching, mentoring, business & marketing savvy as well as building relationships through communications in all my following work roles. Hence, after many sales, district manager positions, business, mentoring roles, I created my own business that incorporated the strong spiritual principles inherit within me and I intertwined them with strong business strategies to help others build their dreams. I have a process that I take individuals through & together we create systems that they can walk away with & incorporate to get the goals they desire in their business and/or lives. I love sharing the true ‘secret sauce’ of life, empowering others and seeing them succeed in living their unlimited potential of themselves! Success can be measured in many ways, beyond living the life I desire, living in the state of flow & having the things that make me happy, I rate my success on how many others I can help bring back passion in their lives & in their business. Seeing them truly free themselves in becoming all they can be and deserving of the business & life they desire brings a great smile to my face. It truly invigorates my core being & purpose! Three messages that I wish someone shared with me earlier in my life are: 1. Embrace Love for who you are-Realize at the core, love is who we are. When we really allow love of ourselves into our lives and look through those glasses to embrace all that we are, we are one step closer to being the potential that we are. Allow and accept all you have come to be at this moment in time, all the curves in your path, every experience prepares you for the true purpose in your life. You are perfect just the way you are. With the skills developed and your unique gifts, you are meant to serve the world and help others. When you understand this and embrace all experiences (good, bad and ugly) you will fully be able to build your business around this and share it with the world. Take note of the things you want to tweak to get closer to where you would like to be in your own personal growth and then take action to get there, one step at a time. Adventures of Smiljana Orlic Founder Transforming Your Power Into Passion
  2. 2. 2. Honor Expression-Allow your feelings to be acknowledged. Don’t hold back within yourself, we are spiritual beings having a human experience and hence emotions are part of it. Stop holding back. Express yourself on all levels. Express your gifts & how they come to you. Express and act on your intuition. It takes some work to get your mind and heart aligned but stop leading with your mind! When you do work from what feels right, your products/service will be better, your relationships will be better, your clients will feel this authenticity and you will attract more to your bank account. No need to follow someone else or look for answers outside of yourself, only you can deliver your unique messaging. It really is just about being the Real You. 3. Create Systems in your Life- Nothing is every achieved by thinking about it, follow it with Action! Figure out the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Who you are and who you would like to be. What is most important and what could be better in your life. Make a decision and create your plan A. Take the steps to fill the gaps and create systems for your life/business that work and allow you to prioritize what is most important to you. Get a mentor or a coach, someone you admire to help you progress quicker and for you to be accountable. Then watch the progress as you fulfill every goal. We are all amazing spiritual beings that get caught up in having regular human emotions of doubt, not good enough, not deserving, playing small etc. Yet when we shift our perspective, we realize that we are the only ones that truly stop us from doing what we love, being who we are & living our dream. Wishing you much excitement, passion on your own personal journey and let me add it is very worth it! Smiljana Orlic Founder Transforming Your Power Into Passion