Lisa Rae Molina; Business Owner Life Beyond the Rat Race


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We each have our own definition of success. The uber important thing is that we define that for ourselves. NOT someone else’s definition...we must be sure it’s our own!

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Lisa Rae Molina; Business Owner Life Beyond the Rat Race

  1. 1. Every week we will feature the adventures of one amazing woman. We aim to celebrate the varied and colourful roleswomen play within industry and business. Experience inspirational, real stories by real women; Interested in beingfeatured? Please send your adventures to For previous adventures please click hereWhen I volunteered to submit my story for all of you, I had no idea how wonderfully humbling and empowering itwould be. For a second I thought, with so many powerful stories, how will mine be of impact? Then a little sayingbubbled to the surface to keep me in line. Maybe you know it, it goes like this: “This little light of mine, I’m going tolet it shine”.My perception of how others see me, is a person who can tend to be direct, and sometimes even overly direct. For themost part, I tend to get to the heart of the matter and sometimes forget the lead up to that. I like to spend time where itmatters most, and I would say my journey, and pursuit of happiness, has been about that. Learning for myself where,and on what, my time makes the most difference, and sharing the possibilities for others to do the same. This could befrom a philanthropic perspective, and moreover having this show up in our own pursuits to let our light shine and inour day to day interactions.I have achieved a top income earner status with my company. I have a team of distributors thousands strong that spanover 50 countries.We each have our own definition of success. The uber important thing is that we define that for ourselves. NOTsomeone else’s definition...we must be sure it’s our own!Success to me is about loving what I do, and doing what I love, and to daily spend time where it matters most. To besuccessful to me is to be in full control of making choices. And to produce something of such value that I know, what Iam giving, exceeds the exchange I am receiving back. Success, to me is not a place to “arrive” at. It’s a place ofperpetual motion that through discipline and daily persistence comes around and stays around and can flutter away aseasy as a butterfly, if we let our thoughts deplete of richness.I had always wanted to find the thing where I could do something of significance and work for myself, so I couldcontrol my schedule. I wanted to be a parent and to me, being a good parent, means being around. That belief gave mea strong desire to find something that allowed a flexible schedule and the opportunity for continual learning. I love totravel so I knew I required something that allows possibilities to have the world be my classroom.I had done many jobs from a loan officer to insurance sales to a nanny. I had done personal training, officemanagement and cocktail waitressing. To me, everything felt so restrictive. I would learn quickly what I needed to, toexcel, then cap out and stifle. I knew I required something expansive.I take a stand for Entrepreneurial education. I provide an multi-awarded and accredited leadership developmentcurriculum that is responsible for educating a person how to create what they want. It bridges the gap between a personhaving a strong desire for something to change; to actually making those changes and achieving their definition ofsuccess!I also provide an income solution for those who, like me, align with the premise of the education, and want to resell it.Adventures of Lisa Rae MolinaBusiness Owner of Life Beyond the Rat Race
  2. 2. I can break my work day into 6 daily actives of success:1. Income producing activities: Sharing our solution through marketing efforts. I spend time connecting withinquiries, and exchanging with my team.2. Personal Development: I use our success education curriculum and other self betterment books/ audios.3. Visualize: Creating a picture of where I want to be is just as vital as taking the action steps to getting it. Wemust know where we are headed, in order to get there!4. Mastermind with other leaders: This doesn’t always have to be in person or a two way conversation.Sometimes I listen to an audio book and consider this masterminding with the author.5. Be the example: If you expect another to be a good person, or a friend, or you expect another to listen and notinterrupt, we must first be what we want in others.6. Be Grateful: Each day I celebrate my wins (no matter how small) and I note the things I am grateful for. Thiscreates the space for more good things to come.This last one, Be Grateful, could be the most important thing I have learned to be successful. Being grateful for theresults I do have (even when we seek more) is the only way we can attract more results to ourselves. I learned thesignificant difference of being complacent (ok with my results) and simply accepting where I was and being gratefulfor that. Also, always being the student. The student is curious, tries new things and doesn’t get complacent. I likenmyself to a student so that I can keep that thirst for knowledge and the continual motion of an upward spiral (growth).I would say my archenemy: is my own stinkin’ thinkin! And I believe this is the case for all of us. The self doubt,habitual de habilitating self talk, will make or break us. To me when we learn to be our best ally that is when successbecomes inevitable. Learning to have our own self talk assist us, allows us to partner with ourselves, instead of fightagainst ourselves.Also feeling entitled was a major hurdle to overcome. I had achieved a high level of result (six figure month) and waswell known as a top income earner. Over time, this allowed me a strong residual income. When our compensationstructure changed, it wiped out the residual income portion and had me feeling disgruntled. (Truth be told, I reallyneeded to get off my butt because I had gotten “fat n lazy”!)Some of my darkest hours were when I felt I should have received more recognition for those results I had achieved inyears past. Those feelings of entitlement stifled my growth and were a perpetual downward spiral. Pointing the blameout on another person or a circumstance, keeps us stuck to that non-changing energy, and takes away our very ownpower to change.Entitlement will rob us of the opportunity to learn. It’s like we land at a spot, stuck there, refusing to grow. When wefeel entitled, we go into each situation with already knowing it all.I am not a person who lives with regrets I may not always make the right decision but I have and will continue to domy best to make my decision right (by me and others). If I had to say something I would have done differently, Isuppose it would be, that I would have stood up for myself earlier in different situations where my boss or superior washitting on me. I allowed it to occur by not taking a stand early enough. Grateful that I found my voice in both casesand stood strong (and in both cases moved on!).Are there any job opportunities or careers I would have liked to explore? I am doing it; I have been fortunate enough todo what I love and always wanted to do.To keep the balance in my family and my life outside of my career, I have one secret trick that most people find crazy!I recognized my cell phone was taking from my quality of life with my husband and my son. So, I decided to let go ofmy cell phone as my primary means of business communication. Yep, I may be the only one, however I don’t have anyphone calls to get to during dinners or adventures, nor do I have any incoming requests. It’s one of the best things Icould have ever done and frankly allows me to be the wife and mom that I want to be: PRESENT! :) It takes a littlemore time management and so worth it.“If you don’t like where you are, Change it, You’re not a Tree!” says Jim Rohn. I believe when we see things we donot find acceptable in our lives, it is up to us to find/use our courage, to use our voices, to use our compassion, and totake a stand for what we want. And just by the mere fact we are women, I will say, when we stand for this change, touse grace since we have the upper hand! :)To know that who I am does make a difference, keeps me inspired every day. The only way I know to inspire others issimply to be inspired! To be given the opportunity to use my voice to favourably impact another to make life changingdecisions, is HUGE!Also the game of business is interesting to me. I didn’t know anything about marketing or using the internet to connectwith others. So to have learned what I have and to be able to continue to learn is fascinating and exciting.
  3. 3. There’s a song that goes like this, “Hold on TIGHT to your dreams!”Surround yourself with those who believe in you. They may be strangers. Success occurs for those who put themselvesin the environment of success. Yes a good mentor and also those who you know will support you in getting what youdefine as success. This sounds so obvious and is much trickier for most people. Sometimes the ones very closest to usare not our best supporters. Sometimes we have to limit the things we will accept from our loved ones to begin forwardmotion to our own success.I believe we are always evolving and rather than creating some grandiose legacy I believe when we day to day do ourbest to treat people as we want to be treated this in turn creates the butterfly effect. The butterfly effect is really in turnhow we create our legacy. It’s a movement. It’s in motion and it is always flying higher!Some advice I was given early on in my entrepreneurial journey was simply lead yourself. Do this long enough andyou will soon have a group of people you will be leading. This advice has proven to be true.Lisa Rae MolinaBusiness OwnerLife Beyond the Rat Race