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The secret to my success would be that I always see what I can do for others and assist them where I can. I try to stay
positive and give 100 % in what I do. If I see someone who I know would benefit from an introduction to another person,
I make sure they connect. If I hear of something that might benefit a business owner, I let them know about it.

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Adventures of Samantha Kelly Owner Tweetinggoddess

  1. 1. Every week we will feature the adventures of one amazing woman. We aim to celebrate the varied and colourful roles women play within industry and business. Experience inspirational, real stories by real women; Interested in being featured? Please send your adventures to For previous adventures please click here I got this role from networking! I had my own business called Funky Goddess. It was a gift box for girls who reach puberty, experiencing their first period (to make the experience a little less awkward for them) I started Funky Goddess in 2011 and was featured on the Irish version of Dragons Den. As a solo parent I had no money to start up so I opted for an investor. Unfortunately after the program aired the investment didn’t materialize so I continued on, and kept using social media as my main marketing tool, jumping on any publicity opportunities I could get via radio and TV so I could get the business noticed! I created a hashtag on Twitter called #irishbizparty. I started this out of sheer frustration at being an entrepreneur who needed money to continue but couldn’t get access to any. I started it one Wednesday evening and it just took off! I was so busy networking and connecting with business people and community groups in Ireland. Prior to starting the hashtag, I had already connected with Bill Liao, an internet entrepreneur who is a director of - an online social business network. We both have teenage daughters, both of which had just been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes so there was an emotional connection there. I held an Irishbizparty BBQ near where he lives and asked him if he would drop in for a cuppa. And so he did! He was so inspiring to the entrepreneurs who came along. He met my daughter Leah and our daughters made friends, in fact, we all became friends. As Funky Goddess was in real need of an investor and I didn’t have any luck finding one, I decided to shelve Funky Goddess and asked Bill would he keep an eye out for anything that might suit me as I had to now look for a job! So Bill introduced me to Lyndon Wood, a quirky millionaire businessman who was starting and needed someone to manage the network and spread the word about SunZu. We met, and hit if off straight away. I totally believed in his vision as it was very similar to what I wanted to do with irishbizparty but on a global scale! And that is how my role as Irish ambassador for SunZu came about! I used my network (which is something I always promote) to get where I am today. My role at SunZu involved social media management and monitoring articles posted to the site, and making sure everyone got their posts and achievements shared via other social networks. It also involves PR and Marketing on social media and spreading the word about SunZu! I also organised regular meet-ups and events for SunZu and set up a Young Entrepreneurs Alliance where I live and encouraged others to set them up in Dublin and Cork. My work routine varied, which I love! I had meetings about SunZu with media, new members, etc. I always tried to assist where I could, whether it is speaking at an event or networking to spread the word about SunZu. But usually I was online, moderating on SunZu, a regular morning will see me tweet ‘Good Morning’, interacting with members, answering questions, showing how SunZu works, sharing articles etc. Adventures of Samantha Kelly Owner Tweetinggoddess
  2. 2. Now that my contract has ended with SunZu I now run twitter accounts for business. Twitter is such a powerful marketing tool and I know how to use it effectively yet lots of businesses just don't have the time to tweet, so I do it for them! I say good morning from all the accounts that I manage, all before breakfast, while also juggling getting my children ready for school. I fit in as much work as possible during the day while my kids are at school, and I’ll usually help them with their homework after school. I have a 6 year old who is hearing impaired with a severe language delay and my 13 year old has diabetes type 1. There is a lot of juggling and both vying for my attention so it is usually a mixture of keeping an eye on my laptop, phone and attending appointments with them! Work doesn’t stop - even if I am preparing dinner I have an eye on daily developments as social media means things happen so fast! Evenings are usually for the children and my partner, but I do attend at least one meet up or networking event once a week. MY BIGGEST CAREER OBSTACLE: I sometimes wish I had more qualifications. I never went to college and now I would be interested in getting some more education. But in saying that, you just can’t beat the school of life! With that said I am taking a 'train the trainer' course in two weeks that will qualify me to teach workshops on twitter! The secret to my success would be that I always see what I can do for others and assist them where I can. I try to stay positive and give 100 % in what I do. If I see someone who I know would benefit from an introduction to another person, I make sure they connect. If I hear of something that might benefit a business owner, I let them know about it. I use my network. I assist others and I share my knowledge and experience of having a business with others. I made a few mistakes when I started my business so why not share those experiences if it assists someone else? I sold the Funky Goddess business in May so I could pay off some debts I had incurred during my journey. So it is great to see ‘my baby’ continue. For women (and men) looking to set up their own business my advise would be network and get on Twitter and SunZu! Use them to grow and use your network. Don’t ever be afraid to ask for assistance. Most people are happy to help. If you are starting out either as an employee or starting your own business always ask for assistance. Keep trying. Surround yourself with positive people. What legacy do I intend to leave?  First as a mother who raised honest children with integrity.  And second as an entrepreneur who always had the interests of others at heart. And now to end my story one of my favourite quotes ‘Don’t be discouraged, often it is the last key that opens the door’ Samantha Kelly Owner Tweetinggoddess