Vasco da gama


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Vasco da gama

  1. 1. VASCO DA GAMA (1469 – 1524)
  2. 2. Biography of the life of Vasco Da Gamao Nationality - Portugueseo Lifespan - 1469 – 1524 (55 years)o Family - Father was Estevao da Gama a Portuguese noble and Courtiero Education - Well educated befitting his statuso Career - Explorer and Navigatoro Famous for : Discovered an sea route from Portugal to the East, assumed to be impossible feat as it
  3. 3. Early Lifeo Vasco da Gama was born in Sines, Province of Alemtejo, Portugalo He came from a noble Portuguese family and his father was a distinguished soldier who attended the Portuguese courto Vasco da Gama was well educated as befitted his status and he had been taught several languages, physics, geometry, mathematics and
  4. 4. First Voyageo Sent by King John IIo Started on 8th July,1497o It consists of 4 ships and a crew of 179o 22 November 1497- Sailed around the Cape of Good Hopeo 25 December 1497- Reached the coast of Natalo January 1498 - Reached the mouth of the Zambezio 20 May 1498 - Reached Indiao 5 October 1498 - Sets sail for home
  5. 5. Second Voyageo Sent by King Manuel Io Started on 12th February 1502o It consists of 20 war shipso In this voyage :o Engaged in privateer actions against Arab merchant shipso Destroyed a Calicut fleet of 29 shipso Extracted favorable trading concessionso Returned home in 1503
  6. 6. Third Voyageo Sent by King John IIIo Started in 1524o Aim is to replace the incompetent Eduardo De Menezes as viceroy of the Portuguese possessionso Contracted Malaria and died on 24th December, 1524o Body was 1st buried at St.Francis Church at Kochio Later, his remains were returned to Portugal in 1539o The Monastery of Hieronymites was erected in the honor of his voyage
  7. 7. Tomb of Vasco Da Gama
  8. 8. His Contributionso Found a sea route to Indiao Responsible for Portugals success as an colonizing powero His voyages proved vital to maintain national trade routes to the far east.
  9. 9.