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Duties of a citizen
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Duties of a citizen


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  • 1. Citizen primarily means one who lives in a city. But the term is generally used in a wider sense to mean one belonging to a state.Hence,every Indian is a citizen of India whether he lives in a city, a village or on the hills. Every society has some definite rules of conduct for itsmembers in order that there may be peace and harmony among them. Some of these rules are laid down as written laws and there are many unwritten rules which are no less binding on every member of the society. Peace and happiness of the society depend a good deal upon the proper observance of these rules too. A goodcitizen takes as much care about these unwritten rules of conduct as about the written laws.
  • 2. Unfortunately, many in our country are careless about theformer. We often throw orange and banana peels about inthe street on which somebody may slip and break his bone. We also spit and throw things from above on the streets below. This makes the streets dirty and the things may fall on the persons passing along.We waste water by leaving the taps open. Village peopleoften wash the clothes of persons suffering from infectiousdiseases in ponds from which they draw their drinkingwater.
  • 3. We see people standing at the entrance of tramsand buses even when there is room inside. Theydo not care the least about the inconvenience itcauses to persons getting down or getting in. We also have bitter experiences about the use of loudspeakers without any thought of the sufferings of people nearby.
  • 4. All these common experiences show that we arelacking in civic sense. A good citizen not only avoids breaking the rules himself but also sees to it thatthey are not broken by others. We expect society to give us peace and happiness. However society cannot do much unless we help it to help us.
  • 5. So whenever we see a person doing anywrong, it is our duty to try to correct him. Weshould also help the authorities in maintaining law and order and peace for the general happiness of all.
  • 6. Done By…SADIA ZAREEN