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Top spining gasing
Top spining gasing
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Top spining gasing


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  • 1. Gasing or Tops Spinning Gasing or tops spinning, is a traditonal games popular among Malay Especially amongst the villagers in the State of Kelantan and Terengganu Each season after the rice harvest, several villagers will come together to challenge each other in an ultimate test of skill Both adults and children can play the game bigger or giant top spinning is more of a games for adult the one played by kids are much smaller Gasing or top spinning contest: The "Spinning contest", the one who can spin his top for the longest time wins the match. Once the top has been launched, the top is carefully scooped off the ground using a thin wooden bat. It will then be transferred to a little wooden surface and left to spin for as long as possible. The trick here is to ensure that the top doesnt topple during the transit. “It may seem and unbelievably so, the current record stands at two hours. The "striking match" is far more exciting that the first. At least you wont need to stand there for hours watching a top spin and spin and spin. The "striking match" is as the name suggests. Each contestant must try to hit their opponents tops so that the already spinning tops will topple and loses its balance and speed. Method of playing o There is no fixed number of players and the game can be played either in teams or individually o A circle is first drawn on the ground marking the circumstances within which the top is to spin. o A player holds the top in his hand and grips the loose end of the string between the fingers and throws the top in the circle while at the same time pulls the string backwards which sends the top into a spinning action. o The one whos top spins the longest and within the specified circle becomes the winner. Once the top spins out the circle, the player loses the game Different shaped of gasing: 1. Plate-Shaped 2. Heart-Shaped 3. Hat Top 4. Egg-Shaped 5. Berembang-Shaped. Berembang is a fruit of a seaside tree. One of those huge top from Kelantan actually weighs about 4 to 5 Kilograms while a smaller top is about 0.1 to 0.5 Kilograms. Top-spinning enthusiast takes great pains to care for their tops. Fungus, insects and bacteria can easily attack a top. Proper storing of a top is essential so that it will maintain its colors and shape, have a long life span as will as perform effectively One way to store a top is to use a one half of a coconut shell. A hole is made on the convex base and the shell is turned upside down. The top is allowed to rest on the shell, with its peg sticking into the hole.
  • 2.  Another storage method is to stick a bamboo upright on the ground and rest the top on its upper end. The successful launch of a top depends not only on its design but also on the cord used. It is usually made of cotton, straw or the bark of the terap tree It is usually made of cotton, straw or the bark of the terap tree In terms of design, players usually use one of four types of cords: long and thin; stout and short; long tapering; and short tapering. The long and thin cord which measures 4 metres is usually used by players in Johor, Pahang and Kelantan The short and stout cord is only 1.5 metres long, and is widely used in Negeri Sembilan. The long tapering cord is the most popular and measures 2 metres long; finally, there is the short tapering cord which is used for striking. Top-making demands great skill and knowledge, which is passed down from one generation to another. Usually, the woods used are kempas, cengal, keranji and merbau The part of the tree most suitable for making tops is the foot of the trunk, as it is the hardest A cube of wood is the first stage of a top. It is turned on a lathe into a cone, and finally into the wanted shape of the top. A spike is implanted at its peg. The upper and undersides of the top are then covered with a thin layer of metal for protection. Balance is important for a top, and is tested by allowing it to float on water, and observing any skewed position. To launch a top, a cord must first be wound round it Two methods are used. o The first method is hold the top in the left hand, while the other hand winds the cord around it in a clockwise direction, beginning from its neck down towards the shoulder. o Another method is necessary because of its sheer weight. One end of the cord is tied to a post, and the other end is wrapped round the top by turning it in an anti-clockwise direction. Wakaf Changak, Batu Rakit, Terengganu the gasing competitions are an annual affair that create lots of excitement and frenzy among the viewers and the participants the younger generation to preserve the gasing as a proud heritage Kota Bahrus Gelanggang Seni (Cultural Centre) at Jalan Mahmood gasing demonstration Many home stay programmes throughout the country include demonstrations of top spinning as part of their itinerary for guests Central Market in Jalan Hang Kasturi and Kraftangan Malaysia in Jalan Conlay to buy tops of all shapes and sizes as souvenir. Printed at back RM 0.05 coin