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  1. 1. a r t e f a c t & the visual arts
  2. 2. what is artefact? Artefact is anything that is used or made by man kind. Artefacts can be used for performances or for galleries sometimes they are even used to decorate. Sometimes historians use old artefacts to help them discover and learn about the past. Archaeologists find artefacts from different countries and continue to learn about all the different traditions and myths of our world. In the past, artefacts such as pots had story’s or myths engraved onto them, it was a way of having a record of current lifestyles and what they believed, now these artefacts are displayed in museums all around the world.
  3. 3. cultural artefacts: A cultural artefact is anything that has been made to give information on the culture and traditions of the creator and it’s users. It sends out messages, and morals and shows people how humans lived during the period it was made in . There are many examples of cultural artefacts, such as the African clay pots, and the Greek clay pots which have stories drawn on to the pots. There are also many ancient cave paintings found which can be viewed in a gallery or museum.
  4. 4. Easter Island is one of the most isolated places in the world, it is known for its giant sculptures. These sculptures are placed all around the coastline of the island. This island was discovered about 1200 years ago by a group of seafarers. For some unknown reason this group of people starting sculpting these big sculptures and placing them all around the island. These people named themselves the Rapa Nui. easter island
  5. 5. using artefacts on stage: Artefacts are used in a performance in various different ways for example a chair could be an artefact. Artefacts are used in plays as a stage decoration; it completes the setting of the play. Also to promote a performance, the promotion team creates posters and costumes for the theatre play. These are also artefacts as they are being used in the performance and have been made for the purpose of using on stage.
  6. 6. Visual Arts and how its developed The visual arts are a form of art which you can visualise. It is created in the purpose so people can feel them, see them and touch them. Anything that is an artefact is a visual a art. In the past making pots and cave paintings were traditional and people still have these traditions all over the world, they still continue to make clay pots today, where as in the past, clay pots were hand made there are now machines that make clay pots There are many different artists today that specify in the visual arts such as Grayson Perry, who is well known for his creativity in making clay pots and the way he appears to be open minded and dressing like a female. Grayson Perry’s clay pots usually have a moral or a story behind them and he uses a wind range of colours to express his emotions through his work. Grayson Perry , Cries of London 1996 There are also other artists that specialise in the visual arts for example Wafa Hourani. He is known for his sculptures and his installations. His work shows individuality and his work also expresses the controversy of social, economical and political life in Palestine. Wafa Hourani , Checkpoint
  7. 7. how technology has developed Technology has changed through the years, they have developed to make life easier for us as people. Everyone depends on technology because without technology people would find it difficult to live their every day life. But before technology had developed and gone out of control and before it had become the worlds biggest problem, people in the past lived by making everything hand made they also made pots rather than having machines make it for them. People made a living by making pots with their hands this was an advantage in the past because not many people knew how to make pots and it was a great business. Once machines came into focus many people were loosing their careers because there were new machines and spinning wheels that made pots for people, so businesses and enterprises grew bigger and wealthier while people became poor and jobless. These traditional pots and vases that were made by ceramists are now being made in factories in machines.
  8. 8. Antony Gormley Antony Gormley is a famous English sculptor. He is known for creating human shaped sculptures and also putting them on display in public places. He said “ " an attempt to materialise the place at the other side of appearance where we all live." Antony Gormley, Angel of the North
  9. 9. Media In the media there are many different ways to use artefact. Logo’s and posters are a form of artefact as well because we can see them and use them to promote the company. There are many different examples of logo’s and posters. This is the BBC logo and it is known all over England and United Kingdom. The BBC logo is made on a computer, to make logo’s like this there are specific soft wares that allow you to make logo’s or even posters. This is more the graphics department. This logo is now the trademark of the BBC and it is known world wide.