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Article A View to the Future

  1. 1. This article hosted at this address: A View to the Future A look at the pitfalls of modern consumer communication. 9th February 2007 by Zane Van Rooyen Marketing by its very nature demands vision-driven initiatives. It is a foundation upon which all sales activities are built. Sustainable business growth can only be achieved through planned marketing strategies and the execution of managed and monitored activities, the latter being my territory. Good money is thrown after bad when an ad hoc approach is applied. Time is wasted and monitoring and measurement is impossible. Without a solid execution plan, businesses leave themselves open to diluting consumer interpretation and rollercoaster sales, often losing out to their sharper competitors. In the crowded marketplace of today’s consumer economy, fitting in is FAILING. According to a new report by consulting firm McKinsey in the United States, 44% of purchasing decisions at one telecom company were influenced by customer interaction rather than (above the line) advertising. Yes, almost half made the decision only after interacting with the brand and not by what it said. Can you afford to have 44% of your audience have a bad experience with your brand? As a dedicated experiential marketer, I align myself with companies that require our professional, focused approach to creating a consumer journey that will kinesthetically immerse our client brand into the consumer’s world and builds an emotional bond of long-term adoration to that brand. Here we see brand growth objectives being met through consumer driven touch points – going face to face. One of the biggest and most frequent mistakes witnessed with consumer message management is that a brand company will spend large sums of money in the conceptualization phase of a brand plan, often spending months on finalizing the details, and then seem to dry up on focus just before the finish line and hand over badly and with deadly short deadlines, to an outsourced company to activate. My clients benefit from my involvement much earlier on in the design and conceptual phases and our up to the minute grassroots participation in the various consumer segments provides an invaluable resource of what works successfully and what doesn’t. This allowing client to save priceless time by creating a messaging campaign that works first time. No amount of glossy full page spreads are going to build an adorer of your brand if the face to face contact the consumer has with your brand is tarnished by poor delivery, sloppy sales activators, or a disinterested store sales staff member who doesn’t much care whether the product is sold or not, let alone what the brand stands for emotionally. STOP the brand integrity loss – start adopting experiential campaigns that work. Zane Van Rooyen – National Strategic Director – Brand Ambient Marketing BAM – creator of Unlocking the Power of XM workshop.