WORLD     VIEW         October 11, 2012                                     Vol. 1, No. 6Non-commercial, non-media use onlyH
1                                                                                                 4                       ...
N           B eaufor t S ea                                                                                               ...
NPine Island Bay                                                                                              Crack in gla...
N  Approximately 75 kilometers to Cuzco                                                                   Tourist entrance...
N  Tornado GR4 combat fighters                                                                                            ...
N                       Old Temple of Athena                                                                              ...
N                                                  Syria border control point                                             ...
N                                                                                             Baku Crystal Hall    B aku B...
N          Yamuna R iv e r                                     Tomb                                                       ...
N                                                                                          Construction crane        Verti...
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World view october_11_2012

  1. 1. WORLD VIEW October 11, 2012 Vol. 1, No. 6Non-commercial, non-media use onlyH
  2. 2. 1 4 7 9 5 6 8 3 2Unless otherwise noted, all WorldView content is copyrighted by DigitalGlobe. Copyright © DigitalGlobe, Inc. 2012 CONTENTS 1 Kulluk begins drilling in the Arctic Beaufort Sea, Alaska, U.S. 2 Crack in Antarctic glacier continues to expand Pine Island Glacier, Antarctica 3 3 Peru to build new airport near Machu Picchu Cuzco, Peru 4 RAF Lossiemouth hosts tactical exercises Lossiemouth, United Kingdom 5 Restoration project at the Acropolis Athens, Greece 5 6 Tension mounts along Turkey-Syria border Akcakale, Turkey 7 National Flag Square and Eurovision site Baku, Azerbaijan 8 Taj Mahal features symmetry, white marble Agra, India 2 7 9 Activity at Sohae Satellite Launch Station Tongch’ang-ni, North KoreaOn the cover: Taj Mahal in Agra, India.H Non-commercial, non-media use only
  3. 3. N B eaufor t S ea Drill ship Kulluk Support ship Support ship Scale = .5 kilometersKulluk begins drilling in the ArcticBeaufort Sea, Alaska, U.S., October 3, 201270°23’29”N, 145°58’53”WOn October 3, 2012, Shell Oil Co.’s conical drill ship, the began drilling at the Burger prospect nearly 600 kilometersKulluk, began initial drilling approximately 28 kilometers to the west in the Chukchi Sea earlier last month, thoughoff the northern coast of Alaska in the Beaufort Sea. The drilling was temporarily suspended as a huge ice flow drift-vessel, shown here beneath hazy clouds with two support ed across the site. Shell received permission to drill pilotships, anchored two weeks ago in preparation for initial holes in the Beaufort and Chukchi seas from the Bureauwork on the exploratory oil well. According to news reports, of Safety and Environmental Enforcement and is drillingthe ship left Alaska’s Dutch Harbor in the Aleutian Islands a pilot hole 427 meters (1,400 feet) below the seafloor toon August 20, 2012, and headed for its anchors, which had check for obstructions and pockets of hydrocarbons. Thisalready been put in place. Shell waited six years for gov- pilot hole will then be widened to add pipe and cement.ernment approval to drill and then waited for the people of Shell will also place a blowout preventer on the floor of theKaktovik, Alaska, to complete the bowhead whaling season. Beaufort Sea to provide protection should future ice flowsThis is the first time in two decades that two rigs have been damage the platform. Drilling for oil and gas deposits is notsimultaneously drilling offshore in Alaska, according to expected to start until next summer because of equipmentreports from Shell. Another drill ship, the Noble Discoverer, delays and the impending Arctic winter.H Non-commercial, non-media use only 1
  4. 4. NPine Island Bay Crack in glacier Ice debris Scale = 5 kilometersCrack in Antarctic glacier continues to expandPine Island Glacier, Antarctica, September 30, 201275°05’17”S, 101°35’20”WThis image shows Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier Ice Shelf 60 meters deep. The Pine Island Glacier is a major ice streamwhere a crack, which formed on the opposite side of the flowing west-northwest into Pine Island Bay and then on toglacier last fall, is now within one kilometer of reaching the the Amundsen Sea. The Pine Island Glacier Basin accountsshelf ’s edge. When it does, a chunk of ice that is 800 square for 10 percent of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and contributeskilometers, or nine times the size of Manhattan Island, will more ice to the sea than any other ice drainage basin in thebreak off the glacier. These events are normal phenomena, world, according to reports. Some scientists believe the weak-but this crack formed further inland than previous ones, ening ice shelves are a result of warm water melting their un-indicating that the glacier is retreating, according to glaci- dersides. Satellite imagery has helped identify changes in theologist Ian Howat with the Byrd Polar Research Center. The glacier, but more research is needed to determine the naturecrack extends for 30 kilometers and is 80 meters wide and of the processes occurring under the ice.H Non-commercial, non-media use only 2
  5. 5. N Approximately 75 kilometers to Cuzco Tourist entrance Royal Palace Temple of the Sun Agricultural terraces The Sacred Rock Scale = .25 kilometersPeru to build new airport near Machu PicchuCuzco, Peru, September 30, 201213°09’52”S, 72°32’45”WMachu Picchu, one of the world’s most important archaeo- flights because of its location in the mountains. Presidentlogical sites, might soon be attracting more visitors with the Humala said the new airport, which will be farther from thehelp of a new airport. News outlets recently reported that mountains, will allow more tourists to visit and create jobs forPeru President Ollanta Humala has announced plans to build the local economy. Some are concerned, however, about thea USD $460 million international airport near the southern effect this will have on the UNESCO World Heritage Site andcity of Cuzco to increase tourism to Machu Picchu and the its surrounding environment. This image shows agriculturalsurrounding areas. Built by the Incas in the 15th century, terraces on the west side of Machu Picchu as well as temples,Machu Picchu is located on a mountain ridge above the homes, plazas and palaces within the perimeter. The hous-Urubamba Valley approximately 75 kilometers northwest of es are notable for their stone construction; the stones wereCuzco. The easiest way to get to Machu Picchu from Cuzco polished and so intricately placed together that no mortaris by train. The existing airport is insufficient for the major- was needed to secure them. The original roofs, which wereity of incoming tourists; it offers limited daytime flights and made of thatch, have long since disappeared, leaving their tallcannot handle the large aircraft associated with international gables to dominate the skyline.H Non-commercial, non-media use only 3
  6. 6. N Tornado GR4 combat fighters Typhoon multi-role fighters Scale = 1 kilometerRAF Lossiemouth hosts tactical exercisesLossiemouth, United Kingdom, October 4, 201257°42’32”N, 03°20’07”WRAF Lossiemouth, the most active air station in the Royal includes participants of land, air and sea units from the U.K.,Air Force (RAF), is in the midst of an especially busy training U.S., France, Canada, Holland, Belgium, Estonia, Norwayperiod. The air station is an ideal training location for RAF and Sweden. JTEPS uses the coast of Scotland as the locationpilots, as it enjoys some of the best weather of any airfield to test tactical combat and piracy kidnapping scenarios. RAFin the U.K. Both the 51 Squadron and the 2622 Auxilia- Lossiemouth is contributing Tornado GR4 combat fightersry Squadron are based here under the 5 Force Protection and hosting Typhoon multi-role fighters to support thisWing headquarters. RAF Lossiemouth, seen in this satellite exercise. The air station is also hosting the Combined Weap-image from October 4, 2012, is supporting “Joint Warrior,” ons Instructor Course (CQWI). NATO and RAF pilots area large tactical exercise to help integrate and prepare forces participating in this course to better prepare them to handlefor possible joint exercises. “Joint Warrior” was designed by real-world scenarios and ensure that mixed assets are usedthe U.K.’s Joint Tactical Exercise Planning Staff (JTEPS) and efficiently in the future.H Non-commercial, non-media use only 4
  7. 7. N Old Temple of Athena Parthenon Erechtheion Propylaea Scale = .25 kilometersRestoration project at the AcropolisAthens, Greece, October 2, 201237°58’16”N, 23°43’37”EThe UNESCO World Heritage Site the Acropolis, seen in and Kallikrates built the temple from the finest marble fromthis image, was constructed by the Ancient Greeks. The Mount Pentelicus. Since then, the temple has been used as aPersians nearly destroyed the Acropolis, which had been a Christian church and then a mosque. In 1687, it was used formilitary, political and religious sanctuary since Mycenae- munitions storage and took a direct hit when the Venetiansan times, but an allied Greek fleet won a decisive battle off attacked the Ottomans occupying Greece, which resulted inthe island of Salamis in 480 B.C.E., ushering in a period of a massive explosion. Other buildings on the Acropolis arerelative peace. The Greeks had defeated the Persians on land located based on the particular qualities of the site. Theseand sea by 479 B.C.E. The four buildings erected after that buildings include the Propylaea, the Old Temple of Athenatime opened a new period in Greek architecture known as and the Erechtheion. Today, the greatest threat to the site isthe Classical Period (479-323 B.C.E.). The largest and most heavy atmospheric pollution, which creates a black crust orfamous of these four buildings is the Parthenon, a temple coating on the surfaces of the site’s buildings. A restorationto Athena, patron goddess of the city. The architects Iktinos project, which started in 1975, is nearing completion.H Non-commercial, non-media use only 5
  8. 8. N Syria border control point Border crossing Sy r i a Akcakal e Turkey border control point Turke y Probable ACV-IFVs with Sharpshooter turrets Scale = .5 kilometersTension mounts along Turkey-Syria borderAkcakale, Turkey, October 4, 201236°42’29”N, 38°57’36”EThe situation along the Turkey-Syria border remains tense satellite image collected on October 4, 2012. Turkey hasas mortar rounds continue to be launched from Syria into responded by returning fire across the border for eachTurkey. For six days in a row, mortars had been launched mortar attack. According to reports, Turkey Presidentnear the Akcakale border crossing; in the initial instance, Abdullah Gül said worst-case scenarios were playing outthe mortar attack killed five Turkish residents. In response, in Syria, and Turkey would do everything necessary toTurkey has moved military units and equipment in Ak- protect itself. Turkey authorized further cross-border mili-cakale, including the two probable ACV-IFVs (infantry tary operations if necessary, but stopped short of declaringfighting vehicles) with Sharpshooter turrets seen on this war against Syria.H Non-commercial, non-media use only 6
  9. 9. N Baku Crystal Hall B aku B ay National Flag Square and museum Scale = .25 kilometersNational Flag Square and Eurovision siteBaku, Azerbaijan, September 27, 201240°20’38”N, 49°50’50”ELocated on the Caspian Sea, the city of Baku dates back to The site’s 162-meter flagpole was the world’s tallest untilthe first century and now houses approximately 25 percent the 165-meter Dushanbe Flagpole in Tajikistan was built inof Azerbaijan’s population. The name “Baku” is thought to 2011. American designer David Chambers designed bothbe derived from the old Persian name Bād-kube, meaning flagpoles. National Flag Square’s flag measures 70 meters“wind-pounded city.” In 1813, Persia signed the Treaty of by 35 meters and is the third to fly at this site; high windsGulistan, ceding Baku and most of the Caucasus to Russia. in the area destroyed the first flag and its replacement. ThisAzerbaijan remained under subsequent Soviet control until image also shows Baku Crystal Hall, which was completedit gained independence in 1991. Baku is now one of the in April 2012. The indoor arena can hold 25,000 specta-world’s most polluted cities as a result of its legacy as a Sovi- tors and hosted the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in industrial center. This image shows National Flag Square, On October 6, 2012, pop singer Rihanna performed at thewhich opened September 1, 2010, and the accompanying arena to celebrate the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup in amuseum on the southwestern side of the city near Baku Bay. concert financed by the Azerbaijan state oil firm SOCAR.H Non-commercial, non-media use only 7
  10. 10. N Yamuna R iv e r Tomb Guest houseMosque Scale = .25 kilometers Taj Mahal features symmetry, white marble Agra, India, October 2, 2012 27°10’30”N, 78°02’32”EThis image features the Taj Mahal, located along the banks polished marble that makes up its exterior. Visitors enterof the Yamuna River in Agra, India. Shah Jahan, who ruled the tomb from the south through the main gate. The guestthe Mughal Empire from 1628-58, built the structure as a house and mosque on either side were intentionally lefttomb for his wife, Mumtaz Mahal, over a period of more a different color than that of the tomb. The grounds alsothan 22 years. Designed by the architects Ahmad La- feature a square garden that is cut into four sections by ahauri, Abd al-karim Ma’mur Khan and Makramat Khan, central dividing canal. These four sections were once homethe Taj Mahal features bilateral symmetry, cusped arches to flowering trees, cypresses and blooming plants, whichand white marble and is one of the world’s most famous represented rebirth and immortality. In 1983, the Tajbuildings. The structure’s architectural attributes feature Mahal became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. An exactstyles from India, Persia and central Asia. The monument replica is scheduled to be built in Dubai in the near future,appears a brilliant white color on this image because of the according to news reports.H Non-commercial, non-media use only 8
  11. 11. N Construction crane Vertical engine test stand Scale = .25 kilometersActivity at Sohae Satellite Launch StationTongch’ang-ni, North Korea, September 28, 201239°39’12”N, 124°42’52”ESince the failed launch of the U’nha 3 space launch vehi- to test both Nodong and Taepodong/U’nha-class rocketcle in April 2012, activity at North Korea’s Sohae Satellite engines. Such tests are important for improving engineLaunch Station (a.k.a., Tongch’ang-ni Launch Facility) has reliability, verifying modifications and developing newdramatically slowed—but not abated. The more notable engines. In the past, engine tests here and at North Korea’sactivities observed in the past six months include the par- other launch facility—the Tonghae Satellite Launch Stationtial razing of the worker’s village at Kwi-gol, completion of (a.k.a., Musudan-ni Launch Facility)—have been inter-support buildings, removal of telemetry equipment, con- spersed between test launches of Paektu-san and U’nhastruction of retaining ponds and more. Actual missile-re- space launch vehicles. The activity seen in this image couldlated activities, however, have been limited until recently. reasonable be associated with one of three possibilities: 1)In this September 28, 2012 image, a heavy construction routine maintenance, although this signature has not beencrane is seen on the ramp of the facility’s vertical engine observed before, 2) modification of the vertical engine testtest stand. North Korea has reportedly used this test stand stand, or 3) preparations for an upcoming engine test.H Non-commercial, non-media use only 9
  12. 12. ABOUT THE ANALYSIS CENTERDigitalGlobe’s Analysis Center helps customers by square kilometers of sub-meter resolution imagery. Thefocusing on what’s most important—changes that directly Analysis Center keeps a constant eye on the world toimpact their organizations. Our team of professional provide early insights into the business, market, military,imagery, geospatial and open source research analysts environmental and political changes that impact peopleare backed by direct access to the entire DigitalGlobe around the world.satellite imagery constellation, including the industry- Images in WorldView may be color-corrected for theleading ImageLibrary, which holds more than 2.7 billion purpose of publication. Questions or comments concerning WorldView can be sent to Katelyn Amen, Publishing Editor, Joseph S. Bermudez Jr., Senior Analyst, DigitalGlobe’s WorldView is for non-commercial, non-media use only.If you would like to use the images or reports for media or commercial use, purchase the individual images or the entire report here.Indemnity: You will indemnify, defend, and hold harmless DigitalGlobe the Product for any purpose; (2) Your actual or alleged breach of any pro-and its subsidiaries, affiliates and subcontractors, and their respective vision of this Agreement; or (3) damage to property or injury to or death ofowners, officers, directors, employees and agents, from and against any and any person directly or indirectly caused by You. DigitalGlobe will provideall direct or indirect claims, damages, losses, liabilities, expenses, and costs You with notice of any such claim or allegation, and DigitalGlobe has the(including reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising from or out of: (1) Your use of right to participate in the defense of any such claim at its expense.