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5 Ways To Get A Job
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5 Ways To Get A Job


Published on

How To Use LinkedIn To Find A Job - listen to the sound version at …

How To Use LinkedIn To Find A Job - listen to the sound version at

Applying the advice from What Color Is Your Parachute?

Published in: Career, Technology

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  • 1. 5 Ways You Can Get A Job Applying What Color Is Your Parachute? In the LinkedIn World Sponsored By
  • 2. Today’s Webinar
    • Seven Basic Rules Of Job Hunting
    • Top five ways of job hunting
      • Approaching contacts
      • Knocking on company doors
      • Cold calling companies
      • Group job hunting
      • Creative job hunting
  • 3. Who Is Zale?
    • Longest Job Hunt Was 3 Weeks
    • One of the World’s Worst Employees
    • Teacher
      • 66 Days To A Job Guaranteed
      • The Magic Profit Formula
    • Business Generation Consultant
      • Lead generation
      • Online systems (Affiliate, e-mail, SEO, LinkedIn, Blogs)
      • Copywriting
    • Tuesday’s With Zale
      • 1,000 people on “Telemarketing With LinkedIn Teleseminar”
      • Partnering with NapHill Foundation Greg Reid/Sharon Lechter
    • Curves Franchise
    • Awards
      • Entrepreneur Of The Year 1997
      • Distinguished Volunteer of The Year 2008 (YMCA)
  • 4. My LinkedIn Network
    • As of October 2008
    • 12,706 Direct Connections
    • 2,000,000+ Second Level Connections
    • 16,636,800 Third Level Connections
    • Weekly Growth:
      • 100-300 Direct connections
      • 10% Second Level
      • 15% Third level
  • 5. Warning
    • I am not going to show you screen shots
    • I am not going to show you the buttons
    • I am not going to discuss how to operate LinkedIn
    • This session is primarily about outbound job hunting
    • 66 Days For A Job Guaranteed! is about being found (pitch for my course)
    • Answers to the above are widely available on LinkedIn and dozens of other places
  • 6. Basic Rule 1
    • There are plenty of Jobs out there
      • 6% Unemployment means 94% Employment
    • Jobs in Toronto are being placed by recruiters in California
    • Jobs in Malta are being placed by recruiters in New Jersey
    • Jobs in the US are being placed by recruiters in Switzerland
    • Job researches work in India
    • Your local job can come from anywhere
  • 7. Basic Rule 2
    • Its all in the numbers
      • To get the job, you need to receive 2-3 job offers.
      • Each job offer requires 6-9 companies interviews
      • To get one interview you need 100 - 500 opportunities
      • What’s the bottom line? Best: 2 x 6 x 100 = 1,200 opportunities Likely : 3 x 9 x 500 = 13,500 opportunities
    • You need a huge LinkedIn network
  • 8. Basic Rule 3
    • People are nice and will help
    • But
      • Everybody is busy
      • They won’t help do your work for you – Never Ever Ask
      • Each of your contacts wants or needs something
      • You must be polite
    • Be part of the community
  • 9. Basic Rule 4
    • Finding a job is about making a sale
    • You have one product to sell and that’s you
    • Your resume, every e-mail, every comment, LinkedIn content, blog, etc, ABOSULTELY EVERYTHING you put on the internet must be about selling yourself
    • You need to focus on making the sale
    • Keep Your Eye On The Ball
  • 10. Basic Rule 5
    • You need to use all the different parts of LinkedIn
    • Recruiters are looking for “Ideal Candidates”
    • Always pay attention to what you will look like from the recruiters and employers point of view
    • Job hunting with LinkedIn is hard work
  • 11. Basic Rule 6
    • You will need to become an expert on LinkedIn searching
    • It will give you the contacts in the departments in the companies in the city that you want to work with
    • LinkedIn is all about 1:1 relationships
  • 12. Basic Rule 7
    • The LinkedIn network is about building trust
    • Trust is earned over time through multiple interactions
    • LinkedIn provides you multiple ways of developing trust – you need to use every single one of them
    • Focus On Building And Creating Trust
  • 13. The Five Ways
  • 14. Approaching contacts has a 33% Success Rate
    • Let people know you are looking for a job
      • On LinkedIn don’t bury that you are looking for a job
    • Don’t ask “Do you have any jobs?”
    • The more specific the easier it is – “I am looking for a project manger job in Toledo for a telecom company”
    • When they tell you about a job – they are taking a risk – they need to be comfortable with you
    • Contact people one at a time, read their profile
    • Make a personal connection
    • Remember: Many people may know of jobs outside their own company (wife, family, friends)
  • 15. Knocking on company doors has a 47% success rate.
    • This means actually showing up on the door steps looking for a job
    • This is approaching contacts on steroids
    • This is not for shy people
      • Use LinkedIn to identify a person in the company
      • Call and offer to take the person out for a coffee – Simply say you are researching the company prior to applying for a job
      • Develop a relationship with the person during coffee
      • If appropriate, then ask if they can assist in applying at the company
  • 16. Cold calling companies has a 69% success rate.
    • Finding a specific job in a specific company
    • This is about asking - “ Are you looking for a systems manager with five years experience in a Unix/Windows environment with over 500 servers? question
      • Identify contacts in a target company in a target city, in a target work area using LinkedIn that you have specific expertise in.
      • Call the contact
      • Explain you are looking for the specific job and can they help you.
  • 17. Group job hunting has an 84% success rate.
    • This is about sharing resources and ideas with other people.
    • LinkedIn can provide you a network of job hunters.
    • You need to share leads and ideas with the group.
    • Apply all the previous ways to the job hunt
  • 18. Creative job hunting has an 86% Success rate.
    • This is about you
    • This is the hardest of all the methods
    • This requires you to think about yourself
        • What are the true skills you have?
        • Where are you going to be the most effective?
        • How are you going to be part of the solution?
  • 19. What Are The Skills You Have?
    • These skills will help you create a promise to an employer
    • An example of a promise:
      • I deliver uptime of 99.37% in mixed Unix/windows server farms of greater than 500 servers
      • Implied are many skills including:
        • You understand the bottom line of what is important to the employer
        • You are aware of the measurements that are important
        • You have specific technology skills
        • You can deal with large environments
        • You know what you want to do
  • 20. Where are you going to be the most effective?
    • Understand the environment that you best operate in
    • Is a small, medium or large company?
    • Are you best in a high tech company or doing Hi Tech in a low tech company?
    • Understanding who you are and where you work best will help you focus on the contacts you need
    • Make sure this information is implicit in your profile and LinkedIn Answers.
  • 21. How are you going to be part of the solution?
    • This is all about your LinkedIn presence
    • It needs to be reflected in everything you are doing in LinkedIn
    • Profile – Let people readers know what kind of problems you can solve – make a promise
    • Q&A – Help people solve their problems, your commentary and ideas will be read, match it to the promise
    • Jobs – Demonstrate how your background connects to your promise
  • 22. Summary
    • LinkedIn is all about 1:1 relationships that you can make use of.
    • If you know who you are and what you want – you can focus your efforts and deliver
    • LinkedIn provides you unprecedented access to people the world over
    • E-mails with more specifics will come to you over the next few days
  • 23. 66 Days To A Job Guaranteed!
    • $366 - Money refunded if you don’t get a job with in 66 Days
    • Applies sales and marketing skills to your online presence using LinkedIn as the driver
    • Focuses on making sure you are found by the Job Vacancies
    • Currently held only in Toronto, twice a month
    • Check out
  • 24. Questions
    • From the sign up form
    • Some from the chat