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BDG 60 Years

BDG 60 Years






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    BDG 60 Years BDG 60 Years Presentation Transcript

    • Coronation Revue, 1953 Little RedRiding Hood, 1952
    • Cinderella, 1954 Cecil Burleigh as ‘Buttons’
    • Cinderella, Jim Hall as ‘Blossom’ & 1954 Rossi Duke as ‘Daffodil’
    • Cinderella, Ashley Hawley in the 1954 Junior Chorus
    • Ali Baba and the Forty The Cast and OrchestraThieves, 1955
    • DickWhittington, Margaret Fleming as the 1956 ‘Fairy Queen’
    • Sinbad the Sailor, 1957
    • Jack and the John Doole as ‘Con. 999’, Victor Duke as Beanstalk, ‘Stg. Dolittle’ & John Haslam as the 1958 ‘Chief of Police’ in rehearsals.
    • Jack and the Audrey Logan as ‘Jack’, Beanstalk, Pete Stockman (Prompt) and 1958 John Haslam as the ‘Chief of Police
    • Aladdin, Full Company 1959
    • Aladdin, Jack Magill as the Dame 1959
    • Babes in the Wood, Full Company 1960
    • Robinson Louise Fox as ‘Wrong-un’, Crusoe, Tom Stoney as ‘Man Friday’ & 1961 Carol Kane as ‘Robinson Crusoe’
    • Robinson Crusoe, Full Company 1961
    • Snow Whiteand the Seven Sylvia Hartley as Principal Boy Dwarfs, 1962
    • Snow White Alison Haslam as the ‘Demon’,and the Seven Dorothy Maxwell as the ‘Fairy Queen’, Dwarfs, Jack Magill as the Dame and 1962 Joy Godfrey as ‘Brighter than White’
    • Beauty & the John Fleming as the ‘Baron’ Beast, & Patricia Daly as ‘Beauty’ 1963
    • The Wizard Dorothy Maxwell as ‘Penny’ of Oz, & Kent Bolton as ‘Danny’ 1964
    • Puss in Boots, Christopher Dyer as the Dame 1965
    • Mary Moffatt as the ‘Queen’ &Puss in Boots, John McFadden as 1965 the ‘Lord Chancellor
    • Puss in Boots, 1965 Members of the Senior Chorus
    • Cinderella, Jimmy Arnott as ‘Buttons’ & 1966 Christopher Dyer as the ‘Dame’
    • Dick Whittington, 1969 Little RedRiding Hood, 1968
    • Jack and the Margaret Haslam as the ‘Giant’s Wife’ Beanstalk, & Jimmy Arnott as ‘Simple Simon’ 1970
    • Jack and the Rodney Byrne, Linda Sutcliffe Beanstalk, & Alan McFadden 1970 with ‘Daisy the Cow’
    • Babes in the Wood, 1971
    • Desi Stewart as ‘Who-Can-Singh’, Geoffrey Magee as ‘I-Can-Singh’, Alan McFadden asAladdin, ‘Beezelbub’, Rodney Magee as ‘You-Can- 1972 Singh’ and Campbell Smith as ‘He-Can-Singh’
    • Aladdin, Tommy Peacock as ‘The Emperor of Cathay’ 1972
    • MotherGoose, Stuart McDonald as “Baron Grabalot” 1973
    • Mother John Vendrell as the ’Demon King’ withGoose, his daughter, Jane as ‘Fairy Sunbeam 1973
    • Mother Sally Carson in costumeGoose, as ‘Grace the Goose’ 1973
    • Mother The Junior ChorusGoose, Jane McComb, Jane Duke, Kathy Knox, 1973 Gloria Connelly, Linda O’Neil, Rosemary Pogue & Sandra Lockhart
    • Jackand Jill, 1974
    • Brian Logan as ‘King Cuthbert’ (alsoSleeping Scriptwriter),Beauty, Geraldine Rohdich as ‘Queen Cynthia 1975 and Mac O’Neill Jr. as the ‘Courtier’
    • Sleeping Geoffrey Magee as ‘Shughie’,Beauty, John McConaghy as the ‘Baron’ and Jimmy Arnott as ‘Sammy 1975
    • Sleeping Jennifer Diamond as the Principal BoyBeauty, and Dawn Daly as the Principal Girl. 1975
    • The Wizard of Oz, 1977 Snow Whiteand the SevenDwarfs, 1976
    • Goldilocks and the Three Mark Ashton as ‘Pansy’ Bears, and Russell Gault as ‘Dewdrop’ 1978
    • Goldilocks and the Three Jane Sutcliffe as the ‘White Rabbit’ Bears, 1978
    • Dick Belinda Moffatt, Joe McClellandWhittington, and Moira Hutchman 1979
    • DickWhittington, Jane McComb as ‘Dick Whittington’ 1979
    • DickWhittington, Full Company 1979
    • Dick Brian Ross as ‘Alderman Fitzwarren’Whittington, and 1979 Sandra Lockhart as ‘Alice Fitzwarren’
    • Ali Baba and Gabrielle McKeown as the Principal Girl the Forty and Rosemary Purdy as the Principal Thieves, Boy 1980
    • Ali Baba and the Forty Lee Alcorn as ‘Abu Hassan’ Thieves, 1980
    • Ali Baba and the Forty Gordon Wedlock as ‘The Grand Vizier’ Thieves, 1980
    • Babes in the Wood, 1982Cinderella, 1981
    • Jack and the Beanstalk, Members of the Junior Chorus 1983
    • Jack and the Russell Gault as ‘The Town Crier’ and Beanstalk, Joe McClelland as ‘King Satupon’ 1983
    • Jack and the Beanstalk, Desi Stewart as ‘Silly Billy’ 1983
    • Aladdin, Russell Gault as ‘Sergeant Typhoo’ 1984
    • Aladdin, Alan Devers as the ‘Genie of the Lamp’ 1984
    • Aladdin, Members of the Stage Crew 1984
    • Robinson Crusoe, Sharon Burgess as ‘Polly Perkins’ and 1985 Lee Alcorn as ‘Captain Perkins’
    • Robinson Crusoe, The Junior Dancers 1985
    • Robinson Crusoe, Jimmy Arnott as ‘Old Jim’ 1985
    • SleepingBeauty, 1986
    • Pinocchio, 1987 The Main Cast
    • Pinocchio, Allistair Bell as ‘The Doppleganger’, 1987 Muriel Bownes as ‘Mr Cat’ and Geoff Payne as ‘Mr Fox’
    • Pinocchio, 1987 The Stage Crew
    • Peter Pan, 1988 Full Company
    • Stuart Frazer as ‘Skylights’, AndrewPeter Pan, Byrne as ‘Gentleman Starkey’, Roslyn 1988 Lundy as ‘Bill Jukes’ and Jan Sturtevant as ‘Smee’
    • Peter Pan, Karen Maguire as ‘Peter Pan’ 1988 and Jane McKay as ‘Wendy’
    • Peter Pan, O’Hara Logan makes up 1988 Andrew Bryne
    • Peter Pan, Alan McFadden as ‘Dame Nana’ 1988 adopts the DIY make-up system
    • Rodney Magee as ‘Captain Cockle’, Dick Alan McFadden as ‘Jack’,Whittington, Alan Devers as ‘Alderman Fitzwarren’ 1989 and Edward Clements as ‘Tinkle’
    • Dick Roslyn Lapsley as ‘Dick Whittington’Whittington, and Julie Byrne as ‘Alice Fitzwarren’ 1989
    • DickWhittington, Alan Burgess (Relief Drummer) 1989
    • Kent Bolton as ‘The Pied Piper’, Alan The Pied McFadden as ‘Otto’, Tom Houston as Piper of ‘The Mayor’, Edward Clements as ‘Blotto’Hamlin, 1990 and Ann Darcy as ‘Frau Burger’
    • The Pied Piper of The Main CastHamlin, 1990
    • The Pied Rodney Byrne being presented with his Piper of ‘Doo-B-Doo’ Award by his Wife Anne.Hamlin, 1990
    • Cinderella, The Main Cast 1991
    • Cinderella, Rhonda Newton as ‘Prince Charming’ and 1991 Linda Rosborough as ‘Cinderella’
    • Ali Baba and the Forty The Main CastThieves, 1992
    • Ali Baba and the Forty Brain Stewart as ‘Mustapha Nana’ and Dorothy Ann Crawford as ‘Crystal’Thieves, 1992
    • Ali Baba and Rodney Magee (Director) enjoys the Forty his interval refreshments served byThieves, 1992 May McConnell and Josie Doherty
    • Frankenstein the Panto, Edward Clements as ‘Frankie’ 1993
    • Frankenstein Ann Darcy, Rhonda Newton, Jane the Panto, McKay, Elaine McFadden and Brenda 1993 Letson
    • Frankenstein the Panto, Members of the Orchestra 1993
    • The Beautyand the Beast, The Main Cast 1994
    • David McClarty (Mayor of Coleraine) receives an anatomy lesson from Alan The Beauty McFadden, as ‘Widow Bon-Bon’ withand the Beast, sympathy from Geoff Payne as ‘Dr. 1994 Tootle’
    • The Beautyand the Beast, The Junior Dancers 1994
    • The Beauty Andrea Hogsden as ‘Beauty’ andand the Beast, Gerald McQuilken (Choreographer) 1994
    • Aladdin, Senior Chorus 1995
    • Ann Darcy as ‘Suzy Pong’,Aladdin, Ian McEwan as ‘The Grand Vizier and 1995 Kerry Millar as the ‘Slave of the Ring’
    • Oliver!, Christopher Black as ‘The Artful Dodger’ training Mark Hamilton ‘Oliver’ 1996
    • Oliver!, Kent Bolton as ‘Fagin’ surround by his Gang 1996
    • Dorothy Ann Crawford as ‘Mrs Bedwin’,Oliver!, Mark Hamilton as ‘Oliver 1996 and Gerald Johnston as ‘Dr. Grimwig’
    • Lead DancersOliver!, Jacqui O’Neill, Carol McFarland, 1996 Rosemary Pritchard and Karen Maguire
    • The Sound of Judi Scott as ‘Maria Rainer’ and Music, Alan McFadden as ‘Max Detweiler’ 1997
    • Kent Bolton as ‘Franz’,The Sound of Audrey Branagh as ‘Frau Schmidt’ Music, with Judi Scott as ‘Maria Rainer’ and 1997 David McClarty as ‘Captain Von Trapp’
    • Showboat, Gerald Johnson as ‘Eli’ and Charlie Maxwell as ‘Jeb’ 1998
    • Carousel, Eddie Mason (Barry’s Amusements) 1999 and Rodney Magee (Producer)
    • Carousel, Stage/Set Construction 1999 at Waterworld
    • Oklahoma!, Stephen Clements (Producer) and 2000 Sean Fisher (Co-Stage Manager)
    • Oklahoma!, Rodney Magee as ‘Chalmers’ and 2000 Una Culkin as ‘Ado Annie’
    • Peter Cole-Baker as ‘Henry’ (also Vice President), Alan McFadden as ‘ LutherSouth Pacific, Billis’, Stephen Clements (Producer), 2001 Rodney Magee as ‘Tom O’Brien’ and Brian Logan (Director)
    • The Sewing Room.South Pacific, Valerie McKeag Margaret McFadden, Linda Sutcliffe, 2001 Sadie Maher & Hazel Martin
    • Me and My Girl, 2002
    • Billy Bones (Make-Up Artist) gives42 Street, nd Rodney Magee as ‘Mac’ 2003 his make-over.
    • 42nd Street, 2003 The Stage Crew
    • 42nd Street, Harry Stinson as ‘Julian Marsh’ and Donald Wilson as ‘Bert Barry’ 2003
    • 42nd Street, Ronny Kelly, (Producer & Sound Operator) 2003
    • Jesus Christ Superstar, The Full Company 2004
    • Jesus Christ Alan McClarty as ‘Judas’ getting a lift Superstar, from Ronny Kelly (Producer) 2004
    • Jesus Christ Mark Adamson as ‘Jesus’ with his Superstar, disciples at the Last Supper 2004
    • Jesus Christ The Band, tucked in under Superstar, the Seating Banks, their home for that year. 2004
    • ‘The Gentlemen of Japan’ practice their highHot Mikado, kicks. Gerald McQuilken, Brian Wilkinson, 2005 Ronny Kelly (Producer) and Harry Stinson.
    • Cathy McColgan as ‘Petti-Sing’,Hot Mikado, Fiona Warke as ‘Yum-Yum’, 2005 Una Culkin as ‘Peep-Bo’ with Mark Adamson as ‘Nanki-Po’
    • David Coyle (Riverside’s Thechnical Supervisor)Hot Mikado, 2005 helping to measure up the set with Michael Sweeney and Brian Wilkinson.
    • Hot Mikado, Mark Adamson as ‘Nanki-Poo’ and ‘The 2005 Gentlemen of Japan
    • Oliver!, Brian Logan (Director), Brian Wilkinson, Michael Sweeney, and Ronny 2006 Kelly (Producer)
    • Oliver!, The Vast Revolving Set in Construction 2006
    • Oliver!, David Ferguson as ‘Mr Sowerberry’ and 2006 Evie Ferguson as ‘Mrs Sowerberry’ inspect Scott Adamson as ‘Oliver’
    • Oliver!, 2006 Members of the ‘Workhouse Gang’ (Blue Troupe)
    • Jekyll & Hyde, the Musical, 2007 The Full Company
    • Jekyll & Hyde, Heather McCandless (Assistant the Musical, Choreographer) and Sharon Wilson 2007 (Choreographer)
    • Jekyll & Hyde, the Musical, 2007 Dancers
    • HMSPinafore, Full Company on stage 2008 during Act 2
    • HMSPinafore, 2008 Some of the Female Ensemble
    • Mark Crawford, Colin McClarty as ‘Sir HMS Joseph Porter’, David Ferguson asPinafore, ‘Captain Corcoran’, Alana McClarty as 2008 ‘Dick Deadeye’, and Ian McGinley as ‘Ralph Rackstraw’
    • HMSPinafore, Zak McClelland takes the plunge, ready to be 2008 caught by members of the Male Ensemble
    • Karen Hunter (Properties Mistress)Fiddler on the shows off the ‘Fruma-Sarah’ puppet with Roof, 2009 Maggie Ferris as ‘Fruma-Sarah’ and the puppeteers.
    • Ashling Reynolds as ‘Tzeitel’, ElizabethFiddler on the Lane as ‘Chava’, Fiona Warke as Hodel, Roof, 2009 Rebekah January as ‘Shpintze’ and Anna Warke as ‘Bielke’
    • Fiddler on the Colin McClarty as ‘Motel’ Roof, 2009 with his brother, Alan as ‘Tevye’
    • Oklahoma!, Alan Clarke, Michelle Grant, 2010 Claire-Lousie Grant, Debra Morrison, Amy McCubbin and Corin Panton
    • John James Glass, Alan Clarke, Josh McDowell, Adam Goudy, Zak McClelland,Oklahoma!, Amy McCubbin, Michelle Grant, Donelle 2010 Reynolds, Maeve McWilliams, Claire Tannahill, Corin Panton
    • Disney’sBeauty and Ashling Reynolds as ‘Babette’ andthe Beast, Niamh Cunning as ‘Chip’ 2011
    • Disney’sBeauty and Colin McClarty as ‘Lefou’ andthe Beast, Ben Crawford as ‘Gaston’ 2011
    • Disney’sBeauty and Alan McClarty as the ‘Beast’the Beast, 2011
    • Disney’sBeauty and Fiona Flynn as ‘Belle’ withthe Beast, Alan McClarty as the ‘Beast’ 2011
    • Ashling Reynolds as ‘Liesl’, Sam Magilton as ‘Friedrich’, Amy Rankin as ‘Louisa’, Leon WoodsThe Sound of as ‘Kurt’,Music, 2012 Hannah McAleenon as ‘Brigitta’, Jasmine Gardiner as ‘Marta’ and Erin Wilson as ‘Gretl’
    • Ashling Reynolds as ‘Liesl’, Sam Magilton as ‘Friedrich’, Amy Rankin as ‘Louisa’, JackThe Sound of Ferguson as ‘Kurt’,Music, 2012 Annie Levy as ‘Brigitta’, Niamh Cunning as ‘Marta’ and Anna McGinley as ‘Gretl’
    • Alan McClarty as ‘Captain Von Trapp’The Sound of shares his plan of attack with Laura Douglas as ‘Maria’, Louise McClarty asMusic, 2012 ‘Sister Berthe’ and Emma Donnell.
    • Olive Hemphill as ‘The Mother Abbess’The Sound of with Evie Ferguson as ‘SisterMusic, 2012 Margaretta’ and Louise McClarty as ‘Sister Berthe’