A simple-but-effective-business-plan


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A simple-but-effective-business-plan

  1. 1. Presentation by Amal Krishna Biswas. http://premsworld.blogspot.comA simple but effective BPWrite a simple plan andmake it effective- Amal Krishna Biswas
  2. 2. Presentation by Amal Krishna Biswas. http://premsworld.blogspot.comWhat is a BP ? A Business Plan (BP) can be defined as a documentthat describes an organizations current status andforecasts / plans for the growth in the times ahead.This can be from a quarter of an year to several years inthe future.
  3. 3. Presentation by Amal Krishna Biswas. http://premsworld.blogspot.comMain Features of a BusinessPlanThe main motive of a business is profit. Business men don’t rush intobusiness unless they forecast their weaker areas first. A strong plan caneither sustain a business or can ruin it.Business Plans is a simple representation of balancing andgaining edge over the weaknesses of a business with thestrengths.
  4. 4. Presentation by Amal Krishna Biswas. http://premsworld.blogspot.comThe Strategic Mind behind BPIf you fail you might be Heart Broken, but if you never tried youare doomed. Working with strategies is the primary scope inBusiness Development and for Business Managers.Learn to strategically place yourself out of scenarios. You arenever the main concern. You are just the representing medium.
  5. 5. Presentation by Amal Krishna Biswas. http://premsworld.blogspot.comFocus Strategic PlansFocus the strategic parts of your plan related to: Time and Energy to attain goals (predefine what is to beachieved) Resource allocation (Count chickens before they hatch don’ttake in too much. Promise what can be delivered) Your Business and Competition (Analyze your strengths andweakness) Employee communication (nice trick, don’t take the blameover you)
  6. 6. Presentation by Amal Krishna Biswas. http://premsworld.blogspot.comExtended Tricks To StrategyA Secret Business Mind working Divide the work. Take The Correspondence. Editable BP – make BP in revisions as you go in depth, makeit finalized when you are sure about zero loopholes Make another BP as a Plan 2, so that anytime you can seekin more resource (handy but a tough trick)
  7. 7. Presentation by Amal Krishna Biswas. http://premsworld.blogspot.comA Simple plan that shouldn’t failApart from working on strategiesand conventional ways of draftinga BP, a simpler way to provide BPis working on information.This is what makes a simple planmore effective and interestingSimple they say is always the best
  8. 8. Presentation by Amal Krishna Biswas. http://premsworld.blogspot.comHow to Draft a Simple BPSo How to work on a simple Business Plan ? Work on These lines: Vision of organisation (or whatever ur plan is) Goal of future Clients, Users, Target market Edge of you / ur team / company Barriers to achieve the target Better serve clients..how ?? Ad more to target..possible ?? Adding new customers / users / target market share Accountings Starting of the plan dates
  9. 9. Presentation by Amal Krishna Biswas. http://premsworld.blogspot.comVision of organizationKnow organizational visionWhere company wants to go ? Will the organization fully supplyyou with resource ? How can you plan accordingly and what acompany needs to do to attain goals
  10. 10. Presentation by Amal Krishna Biswas. http://premsworld.blogspot.comFuture GoalsMake Futuristic but realistic goals.Dream in night, jot down in day how you vision the part ofbusiness. Where do you want to go. Answer is this possible ? Ifyes How
  11. 11. Presentation by Amal Krishna Biswas. http://premsworld.blogspot.comClients, Users, Target marketProbably most important feature of the business. Understandwhom to target and how. Know a users mind and you knowbusiness. If you provide Baby food to a teenager probably thiswont sell.
  12. 12. Presentation by Amal Krishna Biswas. http://premsworld.blogspot.comThe Edge and StrengthEdge over your competition is the strength you possess. This alsofeatures Special achievement and knowledge in team which can resultgrowth Special viewpoints and ideas
  13. 13. Presentation by Amal Krishna Biswas. http://premsworld.blogspot.comBarriers to achieve the targetThese are the weaknesses and provide how these can beremoved.Can be Resource Finance Machinery Communication barrierPlan accordingly and suggest ways so as to remove barriers.
  14. 14. Presentation by Amal Krishna Biswas. http://premsworld.blogspot.comBetter Client ServicingClients are your customers. They are God.Always take a peek in better client services Communication Advices Response Time SuggestionsEverything can be accounted in this section
  15. 15. Presentation by Amal Krishna Biswas. http://premsworld.blogspot.comIncrease in TargetAlways Increase target. That’s why is a business plan, grow thebusiness.The best way is dividing targets quarterlyDuring 1stphase it is least say 20% of total growthIncrease a bit in second phase based upon your calculationsThe third phase is the highest increaseRemaining of target comes in last phase (where you also analyzethe present BP to formulate for new financial year)
  16. 16. Presentation by Amal Krishna Biswas. http://premsworld.blogspot.comNew Segments of ScopeIs there a new market ?Are their any growth in certain sectors ?How can these be trapped ?Are there any specific strategies ?How do you plan to grab a new target market ?Answer these questions in this section.
  17. 17. Presentation by Amal Krishna Biswas. http://premsworld.blogspot.comAccountingsFinancials and Accounting facts to be dealt with. This might alsotake into account project costs. The best way to calculate projectcost is upon hours you have to give in.
  18. 18. Presentation by Amal Krishna Biswas. http://premsworld.blogspot.comTime ManagementManage the time based upon estimation, take into account flaws,limitations and resource. Always remember to add 15% - 20%time leeway due to unknown factors.
  19. 19. Presentation by Amal Krishna Biswas. http://premsworld.blogspot.comThe Last WordsHave a business plan that is simple to grab user / readerattention. The simple rules and information can make a killer BPto turn heads and maximize business.Thanks And RegardsAmal Krishna BiswasImage Courtesy: veer