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Cm week 3 group 5
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  • 2. Question
    • If one of the long term goals of classroom management and discipline is for pupils to gain control of their own behaviour, what are some of the advantages of using each of the power bases to help learners achieve those goals.
  • 3. Power bases
    • Relationship power
    • Appointed position
    • Power to reward and punish
    • Knowledge and expertise
  • 4.
    • Takes time for children to change their behaviour
    • Personal issue might affect professional issue
    • Effective as well as healthy
    • Students work harder for teachers they like and perceive as caring
    • Students develop sense of responsibilty
    • Permanent effect on the students behaviour
    • Students learn to tolerate (democratic classroom)
    • Can effect the students’ personality
    1. Relationship Power Disadvantage Advantages Power bases
  • 5.
    • Behaviour change temporarily
    • Students did not understand the importance of good behaviour
    • No sense of conscience
    • Children would control their behaviour as to show respect to teacher
    • Teacher can disciplines the students behaviour.
    2. Appointed Position Disadvantage Advantages Power bases
  • 6.
    • Good behaviour is only motivated by extrinsic motivation.
    • The students self- conscience is not developed.
    • Behaviour modification is only temporary.
    • The results for behaviour modification can be seen immediately.
    • The established rules is enforced more effectively. (teachers imposed the rules autocratically )
    3. Power to reward and punish Disadvantages Advantages Power bases
  • 7.
    • Only the knowledgeable person will earn the respect of the students.
    • Failure to address the spiritual and emotional elements in the self-development of the students.
    • Students know that the rules are reasonably established.
    • Students readily abide the rules.
    • Students felt there was a great deal of value in what these teachers had to say
    • Teacher is well respected by the students.
    4. Knowledge and expertise. Disadvantage Advantage Power