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Cm week 3 group 1
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Cm week 3 group 1


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  • Situation 1
    John’s ruler goes missing and he starts a fight in class.
  • 6. Coercive
    Teacher punish John for starting the fights.
    Make clear to him that fighting is wrong, and that is the reason he is punished.
  • 7. Legitimate
    Stop him from continue fighting.
    Make clear to him that fighting is wrong.
    Help him to make a self-reflection about his action.
    Eg. ask him what he can achieve by fighting.
  • 8. Expert
    Tell him that fighting cannot solve anything, instead will cause more trouble.
    Eg. He may get punishment for his misbehavior.
  • 9. Referent
    Ask him what is the reason he started the fighting.
    The teacher can show that she is concern about him by helping him to find his missing ruler.
  • 10. Situation 2
    Lisa decides to be a ‘passenger’ in a group discussion. The other group members are not too happy about it.
  • 11. Coercive
    Give punishment to Lisa
    Examples :
    Make her stands at one corner of the class for the entire lesson.
    Observes her actions and force her to participate in the group discussion.
  • 12. Legitimate
    Affirming the rules
    Keep reminding the students about the rules when doing group discussions.
    Ask Lisa what she had contributed in the group discussion.
  • 13. Expert
    Discussion based on students’ interests ( Lisa’s )
    Monitor her participations in the group
  • 14. Referent
    To have a mutual respect between Lisa and the teacher.
    Finds out Lisa’s backgrounds
    Example :
    Have a private talk with Lisa regarding the matter.
  • 15. Power Type : Referent
  • 16. Advantages
    Comforting to the students.
    Easily approachable.
    Boosts Students’ Confidence
  • 17. 1. Comforting to the students
    Children don’t like to feel trapped in the classroom .
    They totally adore a tolerant and relaxed teacher.
    This kind of teacher is someone whom the students, usually, open up to and look forward to attend his/her classes.
  • 18. 2. Easily approachable
    The best thing – they are easily approachable and non-fussy.
    Students feel free to come up to them for any problem
    They are not scared to voice their opinions.
    Teacher has to be approachable even if she is strict or reserved, but with a lenient teacher it comes naturally.
  • 19. 3. Boosts Students’ Confidence
    A lenient teacher's class is often morale-boosting for the students.
    Students feel comfortable to open up with the teacher.
  • 20. Disadvantages
    Discipline is not restricted.
    They disrespect the teacher.
    Students refuse to do tasks and homework.
  • 21. 1. Discipline is not restricted.
    Students’ attitude become increasingly difficult to control.
    The Ripple Effect.
    Classroom discipline is really important in shaping the students because by when teachers correct misbehavior in one student, it often influences the behavior of nearby students.
  • 22. 2. They disrespect the teacher.
    The students may sometimes go overboard because they are not afraid of the teacher.
    They will not learn from their misbehavioursince there will be no one to punish them.
  • 23. 3. Students refuse to do tasks and homework.
    A referent teacher usually does not overly finicky about things, such as doing homework on time or not sitting quietly in the class.