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Friends or Foes - Draft Presentation
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Friends or Foes - Draft Presentation


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Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. Who Are We? Are Cranford Community College Students making Facebook Friends Or Foes?Friends Or Foes is a campaign which provides the Students ofCranford Community College to be more aware of thedangers of sharing information with someone who may notreally a friend. This campaign targets the students of CranfordCommunity college and we want to help you realise theeffects of having their own pictures being shared andwhether the person on the other side is really who they saythey are?
  • 2. What We Want To Achieve Help Young people of Cranford Community College tounderstand how important it is to limit what they share with theirfriends Make many people aware about the dangers of Facebook Help young people from adding or accepting Facebook userswho they do not know and are not a friend. Help younger people to understand that “Friends in common” arenot always their friends as well Helping YOU to be able to report any FAKE accounts
  • 3. More than 845 million active users use Facebook to socialise with otherpeople around the world, half of those users, use Facebook daily toupdate themselves with their friends, families, share images, videos,write on their “FRIEND‟S” walls also many users spend an average of 20minutes everyday!Many young people use Facebook very often not realising the onlinedangers of sharing their personal information with a “FRIEND”.Facebook is easily manipulated to create an identity which isnecessarily not real.People who do not have a Facebook account still have trace ofimages of them online without their permission, this leads them intocreating an account to control what is being shared about them.
  • 4. Your Very Own Live Facebook Wall
  • 5. How to Prevent YOURSELF from the DANGERS of using Facebook When getting a „Friend Request‟ from someone who you DO NOTKNOW, immediately ignore the invitation as they could be anyone Block or report users who seems to be harassing you on Facebook As you are all below the age of 18, you have to have a limit to whatyou share about yourself Ignore „Pokes‟ from people who you do not know Do know write too much about yourselves, do not give your personaldetails or upload images which could lead to many problems online. Ignore tags which you do not approve off
  • 6. (Hyperlink to George’s advert)