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    Campaign Plan/ Proposal Form Campaign Plan/ Proposal Form Document Transcript

    • Campaign Plan/Campaign Proposal FormName Of Campaign:Friends or Foes?Purpose/Message of Campaign:How Facebook is EASILY manipulated to create an identity– that isn’tnecessarily real…are Cranford students making Facebook Friends or Foes? Manystudents are using Facebook every day without realising the dangers that canoccur, giving out information to many people without even knowing who they are.So we want to help students who use this social networking site to be morecareful in who they make friends and what information they give out.Aim of Campaign:To make students more aware of the dangers of using Facebook and to educatethem on what having their pictures online can mean. Do they realise that anyonecan manipulate an image of them and what problems this can cause? We want tomake students realise that the people they add as a ‘friend’ may not always bewhat they seem.Campaigning Dates Campaigning Activities: Who Notes:Date: 29/03/12 Website Launch Everyone Parnyan will start the website.Date: Completion Assembly Promotion Zahra Will follow on22/03/12 throughout theStarting 26/03/12 week.Date: 22/03/12 PowerPoint and Poster Parnyan PowerPoint will be shown around school.Date: 23/03/12 Facebook Page Sara Will get school involved.Date: Completion TV advert George Advert will be22/03/12 shown in assemblies.
    • Audience and Why:Our campaign is aimed at students in general. We have chosen this as they arethe main victims of using Facebook and are the most naive, not realising thedangers of who they are talking. They are the main users of Facebook and alsothe main victims of Facebook.We would target them by ensuring all our campaign strategies are made totarget our audience using various techniques that would appeal to CranfordStudents. As we are Cranford students at Cranford, we would use our knowledgeto apply various skills to our techniques to make them specific to our audience.Team Names Team RolesSara: Within our Group we will even out the roles and distribute the tasks equallyZahra: between our groupParnyan:George:Success Criteria:Our success criteria is to have our audience more aware of the dangers ofFacebook by the end of our campaign. We want them to be able to identifypossible ‘danger’ when using Facebook and to know how to deal with possibleFriends who may not be who they say they are. We want the students toidentify clearly how someone can appear to be someone they are not.We will measure our success through the amount of people that have viewed ourwebsite page and our TV advert. Also, we would send out questionnaires to get aclear idea about how effective our campaign was.