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The NGO World (Pakistan) launched its services by responding devastating floods 2010 in Pakistan and supported the affected people through provision of relief items, food, WASH facilities, rehabilitation of schools, revival of livelihood, construction of homes and won appreciation & acknowledgements at all levels. As a step forward it has started working on regular programs including poverty alleviation, educational support and youth leadership development. Since 2011 our beneficiaries list has crossed the figure 300,000.

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[NGO World] TNW Contribution

  1. 1. CONTRIBUTION Our beneficiaries list reached 357,475 Two year’s overview: 2011-12 The NGO World (Pakistan) launched itsservices by responding devastating floods2010 in Pakistan and supported the affectedpeople through provision of relief items, food,WASH facilities, rehabilitation of schools,revival of livelihood, construction of homesand won appreciation & acknowledgementsat all levels. As a step forward it has startedworking on regular programs includingpoverty alleviation, educational support andyouth leadership development. Since 2011 our beneficiaries list has crossed the figure 300,000 Zafar Iqbal Founder/Executive Director The NGO World Foundation-Pakistan Central office: 20-G, Shah Rukn-e-Alam Colony, MULTAN- Pakistan Website: www.thengoworld.org Cell: +92-300-6718562 Email: zafar.ed@thengoworld.org thengoworld@yahoo.com
  2. 2. ContentsIntroduction 04Founder’s Words 05Summary of Interventions 07PROGRAMSSocial Media for Social Good 09Professional Development 11Poverty Alleviation 13Humanitarian Support 15 - Distribution of Relief Items 17 - Restoring Livelihood of Carpet Weavers 18 - Clean water for Disaster Hit Community 19 - Rehabilitation of Schools 21 - Construction of Homes for Homeless 23 - WASH and Health 25 - Acts of Kindness 26 - Place of Peace 27RIDA for Girls Education and Skills 29Youth Leadership Development 31Seasonal Support Initiatives 33Others - Disaster Management Exhibition 35 - Inauguration of Projects 37 - Coordination with Stakeholders 39 - Work Appreciated 40 - Partnerships and Collaborations 41 - Communication and Media 42 - Audit (two year’s) 43We are present 47 2
  3. 3. ACRONYMALC Adult Literacy CentreBSF Bio Sand FilterCDPM Centre for Disaster Preparedness and ManagementDCO District Coordination OfficerDF Deniz FeneriDWW Doctors World WideHANDS Health And Nutrition Development SocietyINGO International Non Governmental OrganizationLDC Least Developed CountriesNCHD National Commission for Human DevelopmentNDMA National Disaster Management AuthorityPDMA Provincial Disaster Management AuthorityRIDA Required Initiatives for Daughter’s AccessPMA Pakistan Medical AssociationPIMA Pakistan Islamic Medical AssociationTNW The NGO WorldUC Union CouncilUNDP United Nation Development ProgramWASH Water Sanitation and HygieneWASEB Welfare Agency for Socio Economic BettermentWHO World Health OrganizationYES Youth Engagement Services 3
  4. 4. July 2009 “THE NGO WORLD” (TNW) was initiated as anonline forum of NGO sector professionals for sharingactivities, knowledge, best practices, success stories,case studies, job & training opportunities andachievements. During floods Pakistan 2010 it alsostarted humanitarian operations and managingdevelopment projects by getting registered as The NGOWorld Foundation (briefly called TNW Foundation).Now TNW joins hands with Government Functionaries,Line Departments, INGOs, UN Agencies & other key Aidagencies besides drawing its strength fromcommunities’ active involvement in need drivendevelopment process through a participatorydevelopment initiative & community basedinterventions etc. Within the limits of availableresources TNW also respond to human sufferings inemergency and disastrous situations anywhere all overthe Pakistan regardless race, gender, ethnicity, class,location, religion, color, cultural diversity and socialbackground; with special focus in the areas wheremassive population living below the poverty line”. 4
  5. 5. During the last two years TNW beneficiaries listhas exceeded 300,000. To reach this figure weenjoyed generous support from our donororganizations (Mainly Light House Associationfrom Turkey), individual philanthropists andvolunteers. While two years overview is beinglaunched I find it suitable occasion to extend mybest wishes and note of thanks to all concernedstakeholders. Here I also appreciate mycolleagues and partners who always stood withme and worked at their maximum potential forthe cause of humanity. During this periodgovernment departments also were in bestcoordination with us and their facilitation madethe task easy and effective. Above all, theblessings from Allah SWT enabled me to executesmoothly and safely. I am still looking forcontinued taufiq from Allah SWT, cooperationfrom colleagues’ guidance from seniors andsupport from the government line departmentsand trust from donors to lessen the sufferings ofneglected segments of the society. 5
  6. 6. Executive Committee Executive Director Advisory body Program Finance Admin Manager Managers Manager Finance DocumentationProject Officers Field Officer Admin Assistant Support Staff Assistant Assistant 6
  7. 7. Sr Project/Intervention Program/Sector Partnership Beneficiaries Location Social Media Professional1 TNW 40,000 Around the globe Networking for results Development Professional Trainings Professional2 HANDS, YES 200 Whole Pakistan and Capacity Building Development Youth Leadership Professional3 YES 130 South Punjab Development Development Rida Girls Education4 Education & Literacy DF 80 Khanewal and Skills Project Rehabilitation of5 Education & Literacy DF, NCHD 1225 Layyah Feeder Schools Support to Deserving Khanewal, Layyah,6 Education & Literacy DF 2464 Students Muzaffargarh, jhang Adult Literacy Centers7 Education & Literacy DF, NCHD 105 Khanewal, Layyah and Awarness Revival of Home Based Livelihood8 DF 2800 Layyah Carpet Industry (Poverty Alleviation) Barkat Project Livelihood9 DF, FF 1162 Khanewal (Livestock) (Poverty Alleviation) Biosand Filter Project DF, WASEB, Khanewal, Layyah,10 WASH/Health 7000 (Clean Water) WHO Muzaffargarh, jhang Hand Pumps11 WASH/Health DF, NCHD 1225 Layyah Installation Permanent Latrines12 WASH/Health DF 1225 Layyah and Sanitation Total Beneficiaries 7
  8. 8. Sr Project/Intervention Program/Sector Partnership Beneficiaries Location13 Free Medical Camps WASH/Health DF, PMA 1500 Layyah DF, DWW,14 Medicine Distribution WASH/Health 50000 South Punjab PIMA Basic Needs,15 Psychosocial Care WASH/Health 100 Layyah HANDS Humanitarian Support Layyah,16 Homes for Homeless DF 1610 (Shelter) Muzaffargarh Humanitarian Support Khanewal, Layyah,17 Ramazan and Eid Gifts DF 10000 (Seasonal Program) Muzaffargarh, jhang Humanitarian Support Khanewal, Layyah,18 Qurbani Project DF 156292 (Seasonal Program) Muzaffargarh, jhang Humanitarian Support Khanewal, Layyah,19 Food items Distribution DF 5250 (Relief) Muzaffargarh, jhang Humanitarian Support Khanewal, Layyah,20 NFIs Distribution DF 53977 (Relief) Muzaffargarh, jhang Humanitarian Support Khanewal, Layyah,21 Little Acts of kindness DF 100 (Seasonal Program) Muzaffargarh, jhang Humanitarian Support Layyah,22 Jahez Packages DF 30 (Seasonal Program) Muzaffargarh Humanitarian Support Fodder Seed23 (Agriculture and Pioneer Seeds 14000 Rajanpur Distribution livestock) Reconstruction of Humanitarian support24 DF 7000 Muzaffargarh Masjid (Shelter) 357,475 8
  9. 9. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR SOCIAL GOOD Executive Committee Executive Director Advisory body Program Finance Admin Manager Managers Manager Finance DocumentationProject Officers Field Officer Admin Assistant Support Staff Assistant Assistant 9
  10. 10. The NGO World is a network for those people who are engaged in social and development sectors. It provides aplatform to the people of nonprofit sector to share information, news, reports, success stories, innovative ideas,case studies, career & learning opportunities, knowledge and many other aspects of NGO sector. You will findthis forum on most famous social media websites like Yahoo groups, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. TNWnetworking is producing results in the form of establishing successful collaborations, replication of innovativeideas, connecting job seekers with potential employers, creating awareness and enhancing professionalknowledge and fundraising for the causes. TNW Networking 27th July 2009 to 31st December 2012 Membership 45000 40000 35000 30000 25000 20000 15000 Membership 10000 5000 0 Yahoo groups Facebook LinkedIn Total TNW Networking results in the form of beneficiaries 357,475 10
  12. 12. More than 25000 professionals, youth and communityrepresentatives have been benefitted from the TNWnetworking, awareness, knowledge enhancement andcapacity building initiatives.Three different types of models of trainings/capacity buildingare being executed;1. Knowledge Enhancement Through Effective Use of Social Media2. Professional Development Program (PDP)3. Effective NGO Management InitiativeTNW has been managing training workshops on followingtopics so far; Clean water technologies (Biosand Filter promotion) Youth Social Entrepreneurship Proposal Writing & Resource mobilization Social Mobilization & Community Development Effective Use of Social Media 12
  14. 14. Barakah in Arabic. Barkat in Urdu Mean blessing from God TNW has launched a Mudarbah based Islamic Microfinance project (Barkat) in UCs Monganwala, Kohiwala & Okanwala of Tehsil Kabeerwala of District Khanewal Pakistan. The organization has distributed 100 cows and 200 goats’ among the poor livestock farming groups, women and youth of the area to sustain their livelihoods and to make them productive entrepreneurs. Overall goal of the project is poverty alleviation from target families through livestock.Situation analysis and Social mobilization & Beneficiaries selection Animal delivery with need assessment community organization and screening proper tagging systemMonitoring visits and Medication, vaccination Livestock advisory Evaluation and reporting documentation and insemination services 14
  15. 15. HUMANITARIAN SUPPORT During floods 2010 almost one-fifth of Pakistans total land area was underwater. Floods affected 20 million people, mostly by destruction of property, livelihood and infrastructure. TNW in its relief, restoration and rehabilitation initiatives supported around 40,000 affected families in southern districts of Punjab regardless race, gender, ethnicity, class, location, religion, color, cultural diversity and social background. 15
  16. 16. RESPONSE Floods 2010 Distribution of Relief Items Restoration of Carpet Viewer’s Livelihood Clean Water Project Rehabilitation of Damaged Schools Shelter Projects WASH and Health Initiatives Support for Livestock Farmers Adult Literacy and Awarness Raising Support for Affected Students Marriage Gifts to Affected Bridals Psycho Social Care to Affected People Little Acts of kindness Reconstruction of Moasque Inaugural Ceremony of Projects Coordination with Govt Officials and Humanitarian Sector Exhibition on Disaster Management 16
  17. 17. Distribution of Relief Items During the relief phase of floods 2010, TNW distributed around 230,000 relief item (food & non food) of 356 types among more than 7711 affected families on 72 affected locations southern Punjab districts. Major items include kitchen accessories, health & hygiene kits, blankets, clothes, shoes, beds, carpets, stationary, school bags, jackets and many other important things. We targeted district Muzaffargarh and Layyah community for these distributions. Item Wise DetailClothing/Shoes Medical supplies Clothing/WASHStationary Food Items Others/Articals 17
  18. 18. District Layyah (UC: Kotla Haji Shah) floods 2010 destroyed 263units of small scale household carpet industry putting livelihood of1200 families under severe stress. In response, TNW successfullycompleted the project of rebuilding 100 sheds along withprovision of other related facilities for selected (un-affording)beneficiaries and restored the livelihood of 400 families. 18
  19. 19. 19
  20. 20. During the heavy Floods 2010, Waterpassing over submerged areas picked up anunimaginable number of contaminantsincluding, but not limited to, dangerousstrains of bacteria and fecal matter fromanimals. According the reports of WHO andPCRWR 62% of the water samples werefound bacteriologicaly contaminated.With support of WHO (World HealthOrganization) TNW team took 250 watersamples from the affected areas of Layyahand Muzaffargarh districts to assess thebiological contamination in drinking water.On the identified locations of both districts 1000 Biosand Water Filters were installed as a source to clean theavailable water and make that fit for healthalong with conducting awareness sessionsabout need and use of safe drinking water. 20
  21. 21. Rehabilitation ofFlood 2010 completely devastated 22 Feeder Schoolswhile creating problem for 1225 boys & girls to availeducation facility at their door step.TNW took the responsibility to rebuild these schoolsand revive education journey of the students of faroff areas. Along with building other related facilitieslike furniture for teacher & students, stationary andbags were also provided 21
  22. 22. 22
  23. 23. Victor Hugo says” “Do not ask the name of the person who seeks a bed for the night. He who is reluctant to give his name is the oneAccording to updated reports of NDMA Pakistan who most needs shelter”.in floods disaster 1,744,471 houses weredamaged affecting population of 20,184,550. Inonly Punjab province 497,700 houses weredamaged affecting 06 million people. In ourtarget districts like in Layyah, affectedpopulation was 405,258 and in Muzaffargarhaffected population was 1,044,759.TNW designed two separate projects, single roomand two rooms’ shelter.Two Rooms Shelter: In Layyah district, these arecomplete homes comprising of two bedrooms,veranda, kitchen and bathroom. 30 Targetbeneficiaries were most needy and vulnerablefamilies especially, shelter less widows, orphans,disables or poor parents with large number ofchildren particularly girls.Single Room Shelter: In this category TNW providedsingle room construction material. 100 Affectedcommunities of districts Muzaffargarh werebenefited.  23
  24. 24. During the survey of shelter lesspeople (floods 2010) in UC Kotla HajiShah of district Layyah TNW teamidentified a family headed by Mr. AllahDad, comprising of 22 members. Oldman with his three wives and 18children was living in three separatelyfixed tents and bearing severe winter.TNW took initiative and constructed acomplete home for this vulnerablefamily along with provision ofrequired WASH facilities.  Sobaywala was a village of UC kotla Haji shah of District Layyah comprising of 500 families. During the devastating floods 2010 almost half of the populations lost their house along with land due to erosion. Affected families were living in borrowed homes of landlords where they were continuously under mental and social stress especially women and children were facing hardships. TNW identified such families and put efforts to resettle them. The houses were built on a single shared location (kukar wala) like a small village with other requirements especially proper sewerage and arrangements for clean water. The name to this small village is given as" Light House Village" because whole project is funded by light House Association of our brother country Turkey  24
  25. 25. TNW initiatives in WASH sector in flood affected areas.Latrines and Hand Pumps: In district Layyah, 22permanent latrines with essential sanitation wereconstructed in those schools which were missingsuch facilities. Hand pumps were also installed inthese schools. These facilities were helpful to thepoor young students to have proper sanitation anddrinking water source. In Basti Light House Layyah,TNW built 30 latrines and laid underground properlow cost sanitation system.Awareness Raising: Our WASH team continuouslyremained active in raising awareness about properhealth, hygiene and sanitation among the illiterateaffected communities. Purpose was to keep thesepeople safe from diseases. TNW in collaborationwith National Commission for Human Development(NCHD) established Adult Literacy Centers inkhanewal and Layyah districts. 175 female learnerswere enrolled to learn reading and writing skillsFree Health Services: During and after the floodsaffected people especially women and children faceserious health issues. It was routine activity of TNWto hold medical camps in flood areas and providefacility of free check up & free medicines to thepoor. Thousands patients cases were treated fordifferent types of diseases.Psycho Social Care to Affected People: In LayyahTNW with support of two organizations “HANDS”and “Basic Need” completed a pilot project ofproviding psycho social care to the 100 mentally illpeople especially due to stress of disaster.Medicine from DWW Turkey: Doctors Worldwide(Turkey) sent us a huge consignment of medicinesfor flood affected people. These medicines reachedthousands of poor affected patients throughprofessional volunteers of PIMA (Pakistan IslamicMedical Association). 25
  26. 26. Support for Livestock Farmers: Rajanpur: TNW distributedfodder seed for livestock farmers of Rajanpur. Seed of multi-cutgrass (SSG) for 2000 acres is distributed among 1860 floodaffected small livestock farmers.Wheat Flour Distribution: During floods 2010, affected familieslost their stored wheat. As wheat flour is main food for theaffected people so it was big nutritional problem for them to face.Keeping in view the fact TNW distributed 15000 KG of wheatflour among 750 affected familiesSharing Eid Greetings: Eid is a Muslim festival that is celebratedall over the world. TNW team celebrates eid days among thedisaster affected people and distribute gifts among mostvulnerable and neglected segments of society especially womenand children. During floods 2010 the time when a vast majorityof population in the flood affected area was homeless and neededour support to move on. At that time of sheer distress anddesperation TNW distributed eid gifts amongst the flood affectedfamilies and celebrated the event together with them so as to letthem know that we stand together with them in their difficulttimes.Marriage Gifts to Affected Brides: It is our local tradition thatpoor village women collect dowry (Jahez) items since the birth ofgirls so that they may not face any problem at the time of hermarriage. During the floods many girls whose marriage dateswere already fixed lost their jahez. Their parents were undersevere stress to arrange it again. Feeling the need TNW preparedjahez packages for 30 brides. These packages were delivered attheir home without damaging their integrity. Packages contain 28different items including clothes, shoes, blankets, mattress,kitchen accessories etc. 26
  27. 27. Alhamdulillah TNW has completed the reconstruction of Jamia Masjid in Basti Chan (ghazi ghat tehsil kotadu district Muzaffargarh) with 600person’s capacity to offer namaz. This masjid was totally damaged during the heavy floods 2010 27
  28. 28. 28
  29. 29. RIDAGirl’s education & skills 29
  30. 30. RIDA stands for “Required Initiatives for Daughter’s Access”. Under this program TNW takesneed based initiatives for the girls to provide them services at their door step which are essential fortheir educational, vocational and health related requirements. Before taking the initiative, we conductneed assessment surveys and set priorities for the girl’s social needs in the target areas. After that witha comprehensive, well planned and integrated approach, activities are designed with the valuableinput from all concerned local stakeholders.RIDA Mahnisayal; a case studyMahnisyal is a village between khanewal and Multan with population over 25000. For girls, there areeducational facilities but maximum up to matriculation level. After matriculation only affordingfamilies can send their daughters to the cities for getting higher education while poor girls sit at homealthough having talent and hope in their mind. Feeling the need, TNW with participation of localstakeholders took initiatives and arranged RIDA center to provide these daughters an opportunity tocontinue their educational journey in their reach with standard but affordable.Here 90 girls are getting education above matriculation level. Some of these are those girlswho have restarted their education as they had terminated the process after completing 10thclass a few years back due to unavailability of local facility and resources to move to nearbycities for this purpose.RIDA Mahnisyal support includes: 1. Regular classes under qualified female teachers 2. Computer lab with internet facility 3. Registration with board and examination facility 4. Professional teaching course exam preparation 5. Extracurricular activities/visits for learning 6. Life skills and awareness sessions In recent FA/FSc examinations, a RIDA student won third position from the whole district Khanewal while secured 1st position at tehsil level. TNW arranged a grand prize distribution ceremony to acknowledge the efforts of teachers & management and appreciate the students. Remarkable achievement 30
  31. 31. YOUTHLeadership DEVELOPEMENT 31
  32. 32. Pakistan indeed is a young country as it has a large population that can be categorized as falling within the UN’s definition of youth. An estimated 103 million Pakistanis, or 63% of the population, fall under the age of 25 years. UNDP’s report points out that the proportion of people under the age of 30 years is 68% of the total population of the country from which 37% youth is illiterate, 71% of youth doesn’t receive career counseling at school, 28% finds curriculum irrelevant to the job market, 47% don’t have sports facilities in their localities and 23% youth want to start their own business but not supported at all. The youth is the most valuable asset for a country’s sustainable socio-economic, cultural and political development but in Pakistan, youth is professed to be a problem rather than a resource to be developed.Under this program, TNW aims to play role of its partand prepare a cadre of youth which can contributepositively towards a dream Pakistan. Our focus is onthe following aspects regarding youth leadershipdevelopment;  To promote youth social entrepreneurship  Youth life coaching initiatives  Youth engagement in social services  Youth professionalism and capacity buildingOur so far efforts include;  Youth Convention 2011  Youth Social Entrepreneurship Workshop 2011  Youth Life Coaching Program 2013 with basic theme; LEARNING-EARNING-SERVING Under this program TNW also provide uniforms, stationary, books and assist in paying tuition fee to the deserving students. We supported 2464 students of 30 institutions who lost everything in flood 2010. It includes 12846 support items of 25 different types. 32
  34. 34. TNW with support of philanthropists and donors extends support to the most deserving and underserved families on different occasions (festivals and Eids). The purpose of such support initiatives is to include these segments of society in moments of happiness ] RAMAZAN PROJECT During the holy month of Ramazan 2011 & 12, TNW identified the most deserving families including widows, orphans and disables and provided them food/ration packs to include them in happy moments of Ramzan and Eid ul fitr. In this project TNW provided Ramzan & eid gits to 679 in 2011 and 543 in 2012 deserving families. Along with rations packages TNW distributes clothes and eid gifts among orphans and manage Aftar program. Iftar programs for poor and orphans were also managed Year Shares Beneficiaries Qurbani 2010 1554 6989 Qurbani 2011 847 4840 QURBANI PROJECT Qurbani 2012 714 6000Sacrifice, commonly known as Nazar (10-12) 591 4499Qurbani, means slaughter of an Total 3706 22328animal in the name of Allah on the10th, 11th or 12th of the Islamicmonth of Zil Hijjah. The purpose ofthis act was to fulfill Sunnat eIbrahimi and to help the poor floodaffected people and otherunderserved communities. Inthese occasions more than poor20000 families were providedmeat to include them in happymoments of eid and bring smile ontheir faces. 34
  35. 35. [The NGO World (TNW) Pakistan participated in the Disaster Management Exhibition 2011& 12 with an objective to develop coordination among humanitarian agencies working in the field of disaster management. Two days exhibition in both years was organized by Centre for Disaster Preparedness and Management (CDPM), University of the Peshawar in collaboration with National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and United Nation Development Program (UNDP).] The NGO World (TNW) set up a significant stall in the exhibition to highlight its humanitarian relief efforts and models of The NGO World (TNW) field projects were shown (models, brochures) in the event to give an idea about the organization’s interventions especially in floods Pakistan 2010.TNW won valuable encouraging remarks on its activitiesby the visitors of event including students, humanitarian workers, professionals and general public. 35
  36. 36. The NGO World profile included in directoryof exhibitors for both years (2011 & 12) 36
  37. 37. December 2011: A high level ofdelegation of our donor organization;Deniz Feneri, media andphilanthropists from Turkey visitedPakistan to inaugurate the projectscompleted by The NGO World forflood victims of Pakistan. During thevisit they went to the projects sites,met with community, inauguratedprojects and delivered gifts amongthe poor community and students. 37
  38. 38. INAUGURAL CEREMONY: A grand inaugural ceremony of projects (FloodsPakistan 2010) was organized on 25th of December 2011 at light House Village Layyah. Delegationfrom Deniz Feneri (Turkey) along with honorable guests from government of Punjab, TNW team andbeneficiary community participated in the ceremony. Here are few highlights of the event; Mr. Ahmad Ali Olakh (Minister Agri Punjab) participated as chief guest. He inaugurated the projects and delivered certificates to the beneiciaries. Mr. Mushtaq Anjum (DCO Layyah) along with officials of district participated. He acknowledged the efforts of both organizations regarding relief and rehabilitation of flood affected people . Farhat Abbas Shah (Renowned Poet and Anchor) coordinated the inaugural ceremony. Zafar Iqbal (Executive Director) The NGO World delivered welcome note and presented the details of projects completed. Mehmet Cengez (President Deniz FeneriTurkey) in his speech expressed sentiments of love and affection from Turkish people towards Pakistan. DCO Layyah presented letter of thanks & acknowledgement to General Secretary of Deniz Feneri on behalf of DG-PDMA Punjab. Team members of The NGO World were awarded with appreciation shields on their best performance. Chief Guest as representative of Punjab govt presented shield of special thanks to president of Deniz Feneri with a thankful note. President Deniz Feneri appreciated The NGO World on doing excellent work by presenting a shield to Executive Director of The NGO World. Community representative presented Deniz Feneri logo made on carpet to the president Deniz Feneri. It was their apprciation and thanks on DF efforts for them 38
  39. 39. COORDINATION WITH STAKEHOLDERDuring the whole period of activities regarding relief and rehabilitation of TNW maintained close coordinationwith all concerned platforms, networks, clusters, govt officials and authorities.Coordination with NDMA/PDMA: TNW remained in contact with national and provincial disaster managementauthorities and DDMA Layyah often visited our projects. TNW was timely issued NOCs by PDMA forimplementing projects.Coordination with District Government: In district Muzaffargarh DCO was well on board with us regardingour humanitarian efforts in the district. He physically participated in our event for distribution of gift packsamong flood affected student of Govt College Muzaffargarh. We also found DCO Layyah cooperative andencouraging.He joined us to distribute Ramazan ration & eid gifts among poor affected people in our Layyahoffice and wrote an appreciation note for us. In projects inaugural ceremony he was present to acknowledgeboth TNW and our donor organization Deniz Feneri. For better implementation of our projects TNW kept oncoordinating with concerned line departments mainly, Public Health, Education, NCHD, Agriculture & Livestockand Police.Coordination with Community Representatives: Community representatives were also involved to enhancethe trust building and true need assessment. Mr. Iftekhar Khan Babar (MPA Layyah) joined us in our studentsupport activities at govt college Layyah. Dr Javaid Iqbal (community representative) remained involved duringthe implementation of projects. His coordination was very helpful to reach the actual needy families.Coordination with Humanitarian Organizations/ INGOs/ UN Agencies: It is part of our strategy to keepcoordination with development, social and humanitarian sector organizations and professional actors. Duringthe flood response TNW established a close coordination with many organizations mainly, World Healthorganization (WHO), IOM and INTERNEWS for humanitarian reporting. On the same time we established astrong bond with local small NGOs, community groups, activists and volunteers to maximize the impact of ourdisaster related efforts.University Students Visit: A delegation of students (Architectural and Civil Engineering Department Baha-ud-Din Zakrya University Multan) visited our shelter projects in affected areas of Muzaffargarh district. Thepurpose of the visit was to examine the work quality and give recommendation for better quality construction.The students also met with beneficiary families and community representatives to judge their views. 39
  40. 40. The humanitarian & development initiatives of “The NGO World” won appreciation and were acknowledged at various levels. Authorities recognized TNW efforts for the cause of humanity. Their examples include the followings; President Deniz Feneri Executive Director “The NGO At FARZ conference on (turkey) Mr. MEHMET World” was invited to Islamic Microfinance CENGIZ awarded deliver a case study on Lahore, Executive Director ofFounder/Executive Director successful coordination The NGO World presented of The NGO World between donor and “Barakah Project “(livestock Foundation on best implementing partner at UN for poverty reduction), that performance regarding conference on LDCs (civil was appreciated by the projects for flood victims. society forum) Istanbul on experts and awarded as best 09-05-2011. case study. EDO-E Layyah & General During Ramadan package Director General PDMA Manager NCHD Layyah distribution at Layyah Punjab acknowledges and forwarded appreciation office, DCO Layyah Mr. appreciates the joint efforts of towards The NGO World on Mushtaq Anjum “The NGO World” and Deniz successful completion of acknowledged and Feneri for helping flood rehabilitation process of 22 appreciated (by writing affected people of Layyah and feeder schools destroyed comments) the efforts of The Muzaffargarh districts during floods NGO World for its support to 2010, benefiting 1225 poor flood victims of Layyah school children. District. 40
  41. 41. TNW believes that cooperation andcollaborations can multiply the impact ofprojects. Sharing capacities, knowledge,expertise and resources speed up theprocess of development with better results.In last two years TNW has established somesuccessful collaborations and partnershipswith local, national and internationalorganizations for the sake of improvingliving standard of the target community. 41
  42. 42. The NGO World believes that effective use of media can enhance the development impact and improvesnetworking for better results. For creating awareness about our initiatives and promotion of ideas TNW is keenin using media especially the fast growing Social Media along with conventional media. For this we have;  Updated website  Popular group “The NGO World” on main social media sites  Well managed pages, blog and profile on different networking sites  TNW issues monthly newsletter with organizational updatesOur humanitarian support activities and rehabilitation projects were widely reported on local, national andinternational media.  Local newspaper “Daily DAWAR” Layyah published two page summary of our interventions  Coverage on national news papers  FM radio networks broadcast our programs  InterNews regularly reported our interventions  Documentaries about our flood related projects were shown on Turkish TV channels 42
  43. 43. 43
  44. 44. 44
  45. 45. 45
  46. 46. We are present; Office # 03, 2nd Floor VIP Plaza, I-8 Markaz-Islamabad.Liaison office: Cell# +92-3006718562. Email: thengoworld@yahoo.com 20-G, shah rukne-e-alam colony Multan. Ph# +92-61-6778562Central office Cell# +92-3006718562. Email: thengoworld@yahoo.com Pul Rangu, Anaytpur, Tehsil Kabirwala, District Khanewal.Field Presence Cell # +92-3346005008. Email: thengoworld@yahoo.com RIDA Center: Mahni sayal, Tehsil Kabirwala, District Khanewal. Cell # +92-3006718562. Email: thengoworld@yahoo.com Qasba Gujrat: Basti chan wali, Tehsil kotadu District Muzaffargarh. Cell# +92-3006718562. Email: thengoworld@yahoo.com Waryam Wala: Ch# 487/JB, Tehsil Shorkot, District Jhang. Cell# +92-3006718562. Email: thengoworld@yahoo.com Light House: Basti Light House near kukarwala, Tehsil & District Layyah. Cell# +92-3006718562. Email: thengoworld@yahoo.com Al-Noor Digital X-Ray center opp. THQ Melsi District Vehari Cell# 0302-2830801. Email: khanewaldao@hotmail.comOnline Presence:Website: www.thengoworld.orgFacebook: www.facebook.com/tnw.foundationTwitter: https://twitter.com/thengoworld 46