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Hemp presentation

  1. 1. Environmental Network Week 3 Presented by Zach Schaab
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda  Short Informational on Hemp  Discussing UB’s Hemp Event presented by UBEN  Planning and Organizing for UB Hemp Event  Design Problems  Discussing New Ideas/Possibilities
  3. 3. All About Hemp  What is Hemp?  Hemp is a variety of Cannabis Sativa  This is not a drug. It contains > 1% THC  Hemp can grow 18 feet tall and is the biggest cash crop in the world
  4. 4. What Can Hemp do for Us?  Hemp is the most useful plant in the world if not the universe.  Popular Science came out with an article in 1938 calling hemp the new Trillion Dollar Crop  Hemp can be grown in every state in the United States including Alaska.
  5. 5. O What Hemp Can Do
  6. 6. Why Hemp Should be Legal Fuel  Because of the genetic make up of Hemp it can be used an as extremely efficient Bio-Fuel  Hemp fuel releases water vapor when burned Paper  Substituting today’s paper products with Hemp Paper would stop deforestation across the planet  Hemp paper is stronger and more durable than regular paper
  7. 7. Why Hemp Should be Legal  Hemp as fiber  Hemp is one of the strongest fibers known to man.  Its fibrous stem can replace any single fabric that we use today  Betsy Ross sewed the very first American Flag from Hemp  Hemp replenishes instead of depleting soil  It can be grown over and over, each time renewing the soil
  8. 8. Why Hemp Isn’t Legal  Politics  Because Hemp can replace 90% of the things we wear today big Corporations have the lobbying power to keep Hemp far away from the Legislature  The same reason follows with the Logging Industry, Cosmetic Industry, Industrial Textiles (Carpets, Flooring, Rope, Twine, Brake Liners, Caulking, Canvas, and Tarps), Consumer Textiles (Hand Bags, Shoes, Fibers, Denim, Apparel and Diapers), Building Materials (Insulation, Cement, Mortar, Plywood), The entire Food industry, and even the God dam oil Industry
  9. 9. Why Hemp Isn’t Legal  Reefer Madness  Caused a frenzy among all of your grandparents  Hemp was unfairly grouped with Marijuana as a drug and was cast out by the public and the law in the United States of America  Government played the biggest role in twisting the public eye away from Hemp
  10. 10. Anyway…  Hemp Week at UB – September 23- 27  Hopefully a few head shops will be coming to campus to sell what they have  Hemp sales are great but the actual club has to participate in something What can UBEN to do advocate for the legalization of Hemp? - Tabling, Petition to NYS Legislature, and Education - Hemp bracelet making?
  11. 11. Design Problems  Giving Tree Design will not be put on the T-Shirts because of Copyright issues.  What now?  What about this design?  
  12. 12. New Ideas  Open to discussion for new ideas  Lets hear what you have to say about Hemp Week at UB  Tabling Ideas  Thoughts, Comments