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This presentation would encompass the gist of our services and how it helps businesses.
LiveAdmins Is a Chicago based company, providing live chat based & online sales people to our clients in the US for over 7 years now.

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Web Greeter

  1. 1. LiveAdmins – Celebrating 7 years of providing live Support Services LiveAdmins, the pioneer and industry leader in live chat services initiates the WebGreeter – a |--------- Links --------| service which is dedicated to bridging the gap between you and your online customer. » LiveAdmins Customer focused human interaction leaves no room for guesswork but must be directed to » Who we are provide the highest quality of customer service and sales support. With over 7 years of » Business Model experience in live-chat support, we are the only company to focus on the real value of human » CLTV Interview experience for your online business – aiming at growing a satisfied and reassured base of loyal » Testimonials customers. » Inc .500 Magazine » Press Room » Newsletter Media Coverage Media Coverage » Chicago Land Television » Inc Magazine (www.inc.com) “May I help you ?” “Live Operators mean greater website sales…” CLTV by Ellen Neuborne” Interview The idea is to introduce a human factor into virtual » Infurniture Magazine, “Tech Talk” by Barbara Nelles : shopping…” Inc .500 “we are really here, we are real people. This just gives » Case Study Web Warriors, “The New Sales force your company a positive image. Our page views and our for Old industries” by Verne Harnish: order volume are both up…. ” “Our business is up 40% ….. And we’ve barely scratched the surface.” Over 7 Years Experience
  2. 2. Live Chat Services with an Edge Services to enhance your Business: |--------- Links --------| » Live WebGreeters present on your website to provide immediate personal attention to your online visitors. Compare to this your competitor’s website, responding to emails with a 24 to 48 hour response time. » LiveAdmins » Who we are » A dedicated team of Trained and Qualified Greeters handling multiple chats at a time; » Business Model » Have a website proactively greeting your visitors and offering assistance of any kind. » Facts & Figures Compare this to a phone support person, who can only take one call at a time. » Future of Live Chat » FAQs » Automated notification system; to alert you about a sales lead as soon as one is generated –which means you can react instantly. The right at person receives relevant information at the right time. » Fully customizable chat integration: Chat window and push buttons especially customized to integrate with your website and brand Scheme. We become an integral part of your website and are viewed as your own business unit. Over 7 Years Experience
  3. 3. Talking Numbers Our research has shown… |--------- Links --------| » A typical business loses over 97% of its potential online customers due to a lack of » LiveAdmins information, issues with usability or simply - boring interfaces. These potential customers » Who we are move on - to a competitor’s website. » Business Model » Have a website » Facts & Figures » FAQs » Our global industry research indicated that live chat support available on a website can increase the number of leads by more than half. » Our clients typically experience an increase of up to 50% in real lead generation and over 20% to 50% increase in return visitors. Over 7 Years Experience
  4. 4. Our Management and Deployment team |--------- Links --------| » We have a dedicated and committed Management Team with vast experience and an in- depth insight into global e-commerce trends » LiveAdmins » Who we are » Business Model » An Operations Team maintaining, updating, researching and implementing procedures, in » Have a website real time, all the time » Facts & Figures » FAQs » Consultancy » Our Deployment and Account Managers are constantly in touch with you to make sure operations run smoothly and efficiently Over 7 Years Experience
  5. 5. Our Promise » Lower customer acquisition cost |------------ Links -----------| » Customer retention by focusing positive customer experience » LiveAdmins » Who we are » Excellent quality of customer service » Business Model » Have a website » Reduced T.C.O otherwise incurred using alternative customer support solutions such as » Facts & Figures in-house call- centers and email support » FAQs » Services » Live Chat Services » The validation and improvement of your website’s effectiveness through analysis of our » Live Chat Services UK conversations with your visitors; which provides direct and valuable feedback from your » Live Chat Services UAE target market itself » Live Chat Solution for: » Working when you cannot; we keep your business running during off hours even » Real Estate » Retail Websites through power outages, strikes and real world disasters » Health/Food » Technology and a lot more industries. Over 7 Years Experience
  6. 6. Our Chat Doctrine • GREET •PROVIDE HELP |----------------- Links ----------------| - Address the visitor’s concern. - Quality prospective customers from - Recommend solution. » LiveAdmins the very beginning. - Execute sales strategy (if applicable) » Who we are - Up sell (if applicable) » Business Model • LISTEN » Have a website » Facts & Figures - Understand the visitor’s needs. • GENERATE SALES AND LEADS » FAQs - Visitor self qualifies. » Services • PROVIDE ADDITIONAL HELP » Live Chat Services • CONNECT AND BUILD RAPPORT - After sales support » Personal Selling with live chat - Be lively and proactive. » Complete Customization » Online Customer Feedback - Engage visitor in a conversation • CLOSE » Targeted Advertising - Close sale/lead. - Execute closing dialogue. Over 7 Years Experience
  7. 7. Our Speed as Competitive Advantage You receive leads in real time i.e. as soon as our live greeters generate them. The |--------- Links --------| communication of potential leads takes less than two minutes so that you can follow up right » LiveAdmins away! » Who we are » Business Model No matter where you are. » Have a website » Facts & Figures “Imagine receiving sales leads on your PDA while playing golf, or lounging by the poolside… » FAQs » Services the possibilities are limitless.” » Live Chat Services Over 7 Years Experience
  8. 8. LiveAdmins’ Quality Assurance Team |---------------- Links ---------------| Our Quality Assurance Team assures the best level of service. The team; » LiveAdmins » Implements your feedback in real-time » Who we are » Business Model » Have a website » Tracks customer comments in real-time » Facts & Figures » FAQs » Reviews a large percentage of lead conversations to determine and fine tune » Services conversation patterns » Live Chat Services » Personal Selling with live chat » Complete Customization » Real-time monitoring conducted 7 days a week. » Online Customer Feedback » Targeted Advertising » Quality reviews with customer. » Quarterly reports on progress & results » Quality matrix adhering to LA’s stringent standards Over 7 Years Experience
  9. 9. Our Training Cycle • Customer Interview • Internal Demos |--------- Links --------| - Initial performance measurement criteria - Knowledge and skills Demonstration » LiveAdmins •Training Manual • Demos with Client » Who we are - Tools and processes for skill development - Presentation for client evaluation and further » Business Model training gap analysis » Have a website •Train the Trainer » Facts & Figures - Training design and development with initial •Certify Operator » FAQs training gap analysis - Competency identification and further » Services documentation (if necessary) » Live Chat Services •Build Agent Pool with Backups - Primary training Over 7 Years Experience
  10. 10. Value Added Services LiveAdmins’ provides value added services to your visitors on your behalf: • Real-time website monitoring. |---------- Links ----------| •Use of Reference Logs as initial qualifiers to understand a visitor’s needs. » LiveAdmins » Who we are •Built-in canned messages library and database, constantly updated in real time. » Business Model » Value Added Services » Targeted Advertising •“Push Page” technology to provide a virtual hand holding experience for your visitors by » Live Chat Services providing them custom sales & marketing content in order to aid decision making and build. » Online Help Desk » Free service Demo • Robust CRM software for lead management •Critical Alert System –LiveAdmins’ pro-active call centre alert system •Integrated live sales, support and marketing solutions with capacity to cross sell and up sell. Over 7 Years Experience
  11. 11. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services LiveAdmins provides comprehensive and effective SEO services at reasonable rates and with a guarantee of viable results through our methodological and iterative efforts. |------------ Links -----------| » LiveAdmins Our team of web-marketers analyze the web surfer’s behavior as well as current trends in » Who we are the world of e-commerce in order to ascertain the best way forward for our client’s web » SEO Services businesses. » SEO Service Packages » SEO Add-Ons Our efforts are targeted at using this knowledge to improve our client’s website visibility. » SEO Quality Control Our basic SEO process. » Social Media Marketing » Link Building Services » PPC, PPI Management » What is Page Rank(PR) ? » SEM Strategies White-Hat SEO: We believe in ethical SEO practices and follow engine guidelines. Over 7 Years Experience
  12. 12. Social Media Marketing (SMM) Services What is Social Media Marketing? Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a Fast, Convenient and Inexpensive strategy to execute |------------ Links -----------| online marketing that targets people using social media based websites. This allows you » LiveAdmins to take your message directly to your target demographic. » Who we are » SEO Services Our services help you develop your brand image by integrating your ideas and concepts » SEO Service Packages into your online marketing campaign, build PR, gain feedback through online forums and » SEO Add-Ons gauge the success of your enterprise. » SEO Quality Control » Social Media Marketing » Link Building Services The following are examples of social media websites where members of a relevant » PPC, PPI Management demographic can easily be targeted. » What is Page Rank(PR) ? » SEM Strategies Types of Social Media Websites: 1) Social Networking Websites 2) Social Community Websites 3) Video Marketing Websites 4) Social Bookmarking Websites 5) Content Rating Websites Kinds of Social Media Websites: Over time, a few websites in each of the aforementioned categories have gained popularity in their respective areas of service or utility. Some good for B2B marketing (linkedin.com, myspace.com etc) while others for consumer based marketing (facebook.com, digg.com etc). Over 7 Years Experience
  13. 13. Software Development Services The need for software development at LiveAdmins started with the necessity of designing and implementing our own service delivery software system. The experience |------------ Links ----- ------| and knowledge base gathered through our operations over the last seven years, combined with the expertise of our software development team have already brought us » LiveAdmins great success in the development and implementation of our home grown live-chat » Who we are solution. LiveAdmins offers the benefit of our expert software house team to our clients » Business Model for the development of a variety of web or desktop based applications, for use in any » Have a website environment and customized completely to our client’s requirements. » Facts & Figures » FAQs » Services » Live Chat Services Through their proficiency and vast experience, our development team offers the » Live Chat Services UK following capabilities to our clients » Live Chat Services UAE » Live Chat Solution for: » Real Estate » Retail Websites .NET based web or desktop applications » Health/Food » Inventory and content management systems. » Technology » ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems including all work management systems. and a lot more industries. » Accounting applications. » Business PHP web scripting and web-commerce related applications » Deployment of 3rd party CMS systems: Shopping cart applications and online payment systems etc. » Website applications and web services: including minor applications e.g. tickers/ tool bars etc. Over 7 Years Experience
  14. 14. Live Chat Support Software As part of the solution package offered for our webgreeter service, LiveAdmins now |------------ Links -----------| offers a comprehensive software package which is designed and customized by us for » LiveAdmins complete ease of use and several extra benefits which our clients can enjoy as part of a » Who we are single solution package. » Business Model » Have a website » Facts & Figures Features: » FAQs » Services » .NET based: » Live Chat Services Our solution takes advantage of the various benefits .NET based programs provide over » Live Chat Services UK JAVA based systems, which make our system easier on computing resources and user » Live Chat Services UAE friendly, while being compatible with any environment. » Live Chat Solution for: » Management Friendly: » Real Estate » Retail Websites Our solution, as opposed to existing off the shelf software, provides a managerial module » Health/Food through which resources can be dynamically managed and reallocated and information » Technology provided or restricted as required. and a lot more industries. Over 7 Years Experience
  15. 15. Live Chat Support Software (continued...) |------------ Links -----------| » LiveAdmins » Who we are » Business Model » Have a website » Facts & Figures » FAQs » Services » Live Chat Services » Live Chat Services UK » Live Chat Services UAE » Information Conservative: » Live Chat Solution for: Our software is secure, i.e., information is conserved and operators of the service are » Real Estate provided only that information which is necessary to their work and which they are » Retail Websites » Health/Food allowed to access rather than all the information on the network. Redundant information » Technology is available to operators when current off the shelf solutions are used; and a lot more industries. -- The traffic information for other websites (which a particular operator is not greeting for and would not require). --The canned messages, links and content for such websites which are not required for a particular operator’s job. » Scalable: Our solution is scalable to the extent that it can be implemented for a host of websites as well as for a single website or an office-intranet (LAN/ WAN) at the same time, by as many operators as required. Over 7 Years Experience
  16. 16. Reseller Opportunity LiveAdmins offers three Reseller plans for the sale of Live Chat Customer Services and |------------ Links -------------| Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services. » LiveAdmins 1) Residual Commission (Earn 15% Commission per Sale per Month) » FAQs Resellers get a commission of up to 15% per chat from the business » Live Chat Services they bring if they refer 2 to 3 customers per month to LiveAdmins. » Resell Live Chat service 2) One time Commission (Earn $500 per Sale) » Beginners Guide We pay the reseller our setup cost as a one » Advertising Agents » SEO Professionals time payment, at least $500 per sale. » Web Designer » Developers » Hosting Companies 3) Shelving-Out » Lawyers We give resellers the opportunity to shelve out; i.e. we allow the resellers to sell our » Healthcare Sector services to clients on their own; they can shelf out at whatever rates they choose and in » Travel Agencies turn pay us out our operational costs for maintaining the service, charging customers as » Wholesale / Franchise much of an additional profit for themselves as they wish. » Education Over 7 Years Experience
  17. 17. Pricing (Live Chat Services and Software) Live Chat Support Services |------------ Links -------------| » Per Chat Model » LiveAdmins This is the most popular model for small to medium businesses. The total billed charges » FAQs are determined according to the number of completed conversations (only where the » Live Chat Services visitor shows some level of interest). » Social Media Marketing » Per Person Model » SEO Service Packages We train live greeters specifically for your website. You pay for a greeter, exclusive to » SEO Add-Ons your website (a minimum of three agents to provide round the clock coverage on » Resell Live Chat weekdays). This number may Change at your discretion; in accordance with your own » Beginners Guide traffic and weekend coverage needs. » Advertising Agents » Commission Based Model » SEO Professionals WebGreeter charges a percentage-of-sales commission anytime a product or service is » Web Designer sold on the client’s website by a greeter. » Developers » Customized Pricing » Hosting Companies » Lawyers In order to arrange tailor-made pricing for your business needs, please visit our website » Healthcare Sector and chat with our Greeters for details-or-talk to one of Business Development Managers » Travel Agencies at; (312)-546-4114 or (312)-546-4795. » Wholesale / Franchise » Education Live Chat Support Software » Single Seat Model A single seat costs $60 per seat per month. » Multiple Seat Model Multiple seats (a minimum of three) cost $45 a seat per month. Over 7 Years Experience
  18. 18. Pricing (Search Engine Optimization- SEO & Social Media Marketing-SMM) |------------ Links -------------| Search Engine Optimization Services LiveAdmins offers two primary SEO packages costing $1000 and $800 along with the » LiveAdmins following additional optional add-ons; these includes high Google page rank (PR) links » FAQs building, authoritative links building(.Edu & .Gov links) and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign » Live Chat Services management services. Please follow the links to visit our website and review our SEO » Social Media Marketing Service packages and Add-ons. » SEO Service Packages » SEO Add-Ons Social Media Marketing Package » Resell Live Chat Social media marketing (see above) is conducted at a cost of $300per 50 Requests per » Beginners Guide Social Media Profile per Day. (for details, follow the links and visit our Social media » Advertising Agents marketing (SMM) page. » SEO Professionals » Web Designer » Developers Please chat with Live Greeters on our website for details or talk to one of Business » Hosting Companies Development Managers at (312)-546-4114 or (312)-546-4795. » Lawyers » Healthcare Sector » Travel Agencies » Wholesale / Franchise » Education Social Media Marketing Over 7 Years Experience