Social Media Marketing


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This presentation would describe the various techniques of Social Media Marketing that we employ to provide exposure to businesses.

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Social Media Marketing

  1. 1. Search Media Marketing (SMM) Process Prepared by: LiveAdmins LLC Celebrating 7 Years of Providing Live Support Services Web Greeter Service - Live Chat Internet Marketing/Search Sales & Customer Support LiveAdmins LLC Engine Optimization Services Services Date: 28-04-2008
  2. 2. Social Media Marketing: What is Social Media Marketing? Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a Fast, Convenient and Inexpensive way to execute online marketing that targets relevant people who are using social media based websites, such as, social community websites, social bookmarking websites, Video networking sites, and Content Rating websites, for building ideas, concepts, raising online visibility, increase in personal relations/feedback, finding changes in brand reputation and promoting services and products. There are different kinds and types of social media websites, depending upon the structure, functionally and nature of members over at social media portals. Types of Social Media Portals: The “Type” of social media websites is defined on the basis of structure and what social media is offering, following are major types of web 2.0 social portals. # Types of Social Media Websites (web 2.0 Portals) Examples 1 Content Rating Websites 2 Social Community Websites 3 Video Marketing Websites 4 Social Bookmarking Websites 5 Social Networking Websites
  3. 3. Kinds of Social Media Websites Over time few social media websites got identified on the basis their characteristics and type of members. Few web 2.0 social portals are good for B2B marketing (, etc) others are good for consumer based marketing (, etc). Social media websites can be beneficial for targeted or global marketing also consumer based or B2B based marketing. Advantages of Social Media Marketing: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team will go through the following Social Media Marketing Process in order to launch a social marketing campaign. The following diagram briefly describes how we will proceed with Social Media Optimization. Pre-Requisites of Social Social Media Market Results Media Optimization Step#1  Select Relevant Social Media Websites » Targeted Traffic Step#2  Plan and Design » Relevant Traffic Strategy for Targeted Audience » Global or Local Marketing Step#3  Creating or request Unique Content (which may » Inexpensive Advertisement includes, descriptions, videos, » Increased Sales product/services descriptions etc) » Lead Generation Step#4  Creating Profiles using » Product/Services Promotion Unique Content. Step#5  Once profile is created, » Send Emails/Newsletter to Members. then the Targeted people will be sent Request to become Members » Announce latest Offers about “OR” Join Social Community Service/Product against that profile. » Launch New Product/Services Blogs will be created and traffic » Gather Available Email Addresses will be directed. from Social Media Profiles to Existing Communities will also be Compile a List of Potential Clients. targeted for the same purpose.
  4. 4. There is always a choice between profiles or communities to add targeted people because each social media website has different strengths for profiles and community. For few social websites, profiles are more powerful as compared to communities and others have more options for communities as compared to profiles. Selection of “Community” OR “Social Profiles” varies for different kind of website/business, depending upon what kind of social media websites are selected after analysis phase. Plan and Design Strategy for Social Media Marketing: At first, the client’s website traffic requirements are identified whether the requirement is “Consumer Based Traffic” or “B2B traffic”. Once the Nature of traffic is identified then the strategy for targeted people is finalized on the basis of following parameters: 1-Age 2-Gender 3-Geography 4-Income 5-Seniority 6-Industry 7-Job Functionality 8-Interests 9-Ethnicity (Every Social Media Website doesn’t allow all the above options to target people) How to Sustain Members (Members Retention): Social Media Optimization team will indulge added members to stay in touch by: » Sending email Newsletters and Company Messages » Posting/Emailing New offers about products/services » Latest News about your Services / Products » Target other relevant online communities to spread the word within a particular social media website to attract more members and to create a buzz. (Note: LiveAdmins can create some of this content and some will be requested from the customer. All posts and content will be approved by the quality control team and client)
  5. 5. Strategy for targeting communities within a specific social website: General strategy to target different communities within a social media website is to have two accounts: » Company/Institute Account » Supporting Account “Company/Institute Account” is the one which depicts Company/Institute Profile/Group, where as “Supporting Account” is the one which will have personal information and will be used to pitch into different communities within same social media website to bring members to company’s/institute’s profile. Note: The “supporting account” will not be a fake account, its original account with the information of one of SEO team member. How to Proceed with Different Types of Social Media Portals: Each type of Social Media Website will be treated differently to get the desired results. 1Content Rating Websites Content rating sites are those social media website where the website members post content or link to content and then all the members of that portal evaluate that content on the basis of voting system. The post with maximum votes will appear on relevant higher traffic pages and get relevant traffic to website. Following steps show how LiveAdmins will proceed with content rating social media websites. Step#1: Create new profile with unique content including: » Company / Institute Logo » Text Content (Containing “About Us” along with Product / Services description) » Videos and Pictures (if available) Step#2: Send 20 member’s invitations on daily basis to increase friends list which will play supporting role to get relevant traffic. Step#3: Twice a week, content will be posted on content rating website and then all the members will be requested to have a look on the post, comment and vote for it using emails, message boards, group messages etc. Request to members can be sent because they have
  6. 6. accepted profile/group/community membership and potential customer of client’s services/products. Rating of post depends on number of votes; higher number of votes result is higher ranking of the posted content, which means that the posts will be shown on relevant high traffic page. This results in more relevant traffic because once the post is on high traffic page, a lot of visitor will also be voting for the post as a result of snowball effect. Snow ball effect After a few months of droving (sending profile/community membership invitation to members), the profile/community will have large amounts of members who can be considered as potential clients and supporters. The following diagram describes the flow and sequence of having traffic from content rating social media website. Large Group of Supporters who are Voting and Member Ship Commenting Better Position on requests on High Traffic daily basis webpage under Relevant Category Relevant Traffic which results in more Leads and Sales Post on High Traffic webpage helps in SEO = Search Engine Optimization SEO* of website as it provides back-link
  7. 7. Members can be sent weekly newsletters or message to spread the word about products / services. This is important for potential client retention. Posting Procedure & Design: » Post should be done in evening when members came from their jobs / schools / universities to maximize visibility. » Post title should be made attractive by introducing hooks. » Post title should have keywords within specific that industry, which people are searching over the internet and social media website. Besides this, keywords tag and description tag should have keywords and written intelligently. » Post title should exactly map about the post to reduce bounce rate. 2Video Networking Websites Video Networking websites are those where online videos can be uploaded for marketing and promotion purposes. According to a research, total 25 million people/day visit and from the following traffic graphs, (Diagram A) there is an increase in 16.9% visitor per year, which are 10 million people from June 2007 to June 2008. Diagram A Diagram B Another research shows (in Diagram B) that there are 71.9% people who watched video via personal computer. Following steps show how to proceed with video networking social media websites. Step#1: Create profile/Group with unique content that includes video(s) and company / institute description.
  8. 8. Step#2: Send invitation request to relevant members on daily basis to increase supporters. Step#3: Each video page will be visited frequently to view comments and to help members / viewers regarding any question. Step#4: After a few months, Group / Profile will have thousands of members and those members are basically potential customer of your services / products. Step#5: More supporting member’s means: » More video views » More video rating » More comments » Probability to add video to its favorites also increases (for this the video must be really interesting) All this helps in improving ranking of video against different keywords within that social media website. Step#6: Another very important and beneficial way of marketing is to integrate video networking websites with other social media websites, for example community in or can be sent message to visit video at and vote or comment about it. This can only be achieved if there are minimum two communities, one some social community website and other on video networking website and must be owned by single entity because in that case both the target audience will be same. Following diagram shows the way we precede with video networking websites. After a few months profile/group will have thousands of Send membership targeted members. More member s invitation to targeted people means more views more Rating and on daily basis Comments Members from other social media Group / Profile SEO = Search Engine Optimization Marketing and Branding which results in more Post on High Traffic Leads / Sales webpage helps in SEO* of website as it provides back-link
  9. 9. Video Posting Procedure: While posting the video, following optimizations will be performed to increase its ranking in search engine and within that social media portal. The Meta information of video will be properly designed after keyword research which includes. » Title Tag » Description Tag » Keywords Tag All Meta tags will have properly research keywords. 3Social Networking Websites These are those social media websites which are more focused on personal profiles and networking. One can market about the talent and skills through by creating social group on these websites. Step#1: Create social media profile with unique content that describes about personal skills and talent. This profile is preferred to be provided by client because it might because client is that one that know about it expertise/skills and industry. The profile created will also have researched keywords to improve ranking of profile page over the search engines and social media websites. Keywords will be pulled out from “keyword suggestion tool” that tells about usage of keywords. So those keywords within specific niche with maximum usage will be used to increase online visibility of social profile. For example if a music teacher from California wants social marketing then the detailed profile will have professional experience, keywords within that niche, detailed portfolio or summary of portfolio with a link to detailed portfolio and any other achievements that music teacher wants to put in. Now the potential customers/students will be targeted after final decision of “Plan and Design Strategy for Targeted Marketing” using different searching option in that social media profile. Another very interesting aspect of this kind of social media marketing is that the website is not required for marketing purposes but if website is these then that traffic can be sent using weekly email newsletters or messages. Step#2: Send membership requests to targeted people (potential clients / fans) on daily basis.
  10. 10. Step#3: After a few months the profile will have thousands of members which are potential clients or fans and eventually you are marketing yourself. Besides all this, your personal relations will also increase because only those people will become your profile/group members who have some interest in what have for them. With thousands of members, topic(s) can be initiated and others will comment about it OR the profile owner can help other people with their small / basic issues, this also helps in marketing, personal relations and branding. Step#4: Weekly newsletter/ special messages will be sent to all the community members. Following diagram shows the procedure of social networking websites. After a few months profile/group will have thousands of targeted members / Membership Fans / Clients Marketing of requests on Services / daily basis to Skills relevant people. Large group of Supporters / Fans which helps in Personal Relations
  11. 11. 4Social Community Websites These are those social media websites where you can have social groups. However social groups can be created on other types of social media websites but they are specifically those websites which are based on groups and not profiles and have more options for group/communities as compared to profile. A large group of “social community websites” and “social networking websites” overlap with each other. Following steps show how to proceed with social community websites. Step#1: First create a profile and then create group against that profile with unique content. Unique content will have all the keyword optimizations and if available videos, images and other knowledgeable material regarding products/services members will be uploaded for group members. Step#2: Send invitation request to Relevant / Targeted social website members on daily basis to increase community members. Step#3: After a few months, community will have thousands of members and those members are basically potential Customers because only those will accept membership invitation who have some level of interest in group. Step#4: More Community members mean more potential clients and to retain them, member’s retention techniques will be used by sending then knowledgeable information regarding product/services on weekly basis. Step#5: Other social communities (which are discussing on similar lines) within that social media website will also be catered to get interested people to community by pitching some knowledgeable information or news from clients social community. Step#6: Other types of social media websites can be integrated with an online social community to get maximum advantage of multi platform social media marketing. For example all community members on (social community website) can be sent message to visit a post on (content rating website) and to rate and leave your comment. These inter social media traffic flows help to increase a lot of traffic.
  12. 12. Following diagram shows procedure with social community websites. After a few months Community will have Thousands of Targeted Members / Clients Membership Weekly email requests on Newsletters will be daily basis to sent to members. relevant people. Other Relevant Groups (within same social media websites) will also be targeted Large group of Potential clients of Services / Products Members from other social media Groups Services / Products Marketing SEO = Search Engine Optimization Link on High Traffic Social Community profile contributes in SEO* as it provides back-links to website.
  13. 13. 5Social Bookmarking Websites These are those social media websites where people save links they like to keep them saved online in their personal accounts. Marketing over at these websites are mostly done to back up other social media marking techniques. However groups can be made in these kinds of social websites. Search Ranking Results of saved links within that social bookmarking website depends on the number of users who saved that specific link. More the count of saved link more will be the search result ranking of that link against relevant keywords within that specific social bookmarking website. How Social Bookmarking websites can be used to back up other online marketing techniques: Video Networking Website Pages Social Community Website Pages Social Business Website Bookmarking Pages Websites Content Rating Website Pages Social Networking Website Pages Business Website Pages Few of these social bookmarking websites allow to have a community with bulk messaging but it’s not a good idea to start marketing products/services on these social websites because social bookmarking websites are URL based and doesn’t clearly reflect about product / services, but to
  14. 14. back up your SEO efforts and other types of social media marketing efforts, then these social websites are best to target. Cost $300/Month for: 50 Targeted Membership Requests / Social Media Profile / Day Deliverables Weekly report will be sent with the number of friend requests sent per social media website verifiable from the social media Profiles/Group. Following is the sample of report that will be sent on weekly basis. Setting up social media Profiles/Groups The first week will be consumed in setting up social media accounts, which will include, » Unique content for each social community websites » Creating profiles » Finalizing the targeting strategy to increase network » How and what weekly email messages will be sent » How other social communities within same social media website can be targeted » Analysis of required material/content from client