Easily Convert Articles/Posts Into Talking Videos


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This PDF document has reviewed a tool named Article Video Robot that can easily convert your articles or blog posts into LIVELY talking videos in just few mouse clicks

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Easily Convert Articles/Posts Into Talking Videos

  1. 1. Convert your articles/posts EASILY into LIVELY Talking Videos in minutes | A Review of Article Video RobotIn this review you will get an idea of how this tool will helpyou in converting your articles to talking videos in minutes.The idea of converting articles or posts to talking videossounded really cool and interesting to me, so I thought ofsigning up for a FREE trial account with Article Video Robotand taking it on a test ride. Believe me! The results wereamazing and more than what I expected.What are the benefits of converting articles to “talking” videos?If you want to develop a sustainable and profitable internetmarketing business, you must definitely present your contentin different formats to your target audience. Convertingarticles to videos is one of them. Repurposing your blogposts and articles into talking videos or audios opens up newstreams of targeted traffic to your blog from differentsources, thus expanding your customer base. Convertingyour posts to different formats increases your ability to reachout to maximum number of targeted audience in your niche,bringing you more profits from your online business in thelong run.What is Article Video Robot?Article Video Robot is a very helpful online tool for internetmarketers, article writers and bloggers that enable you toeasily create talking videos off of your existing blog posts or
  2. 2. articles in minutes. Since it is an online tool you don’t needto download anything to your desktop, but at the same timeyou need to be connected to the internet to use it.When you log on to Article Video Robot (AVR) you will befirst taken to this below screen. Here you are given 2 options– either to convert an article to a video using a video editoror create one from an already published article from 5popular article directories using a wizard.In this post I have only explained the first option i.e. FullArticle to Video Editor – which helps you in converting anexisting article into a talking video in 4 to 5 easy steps. Soread on..!In the following screen you will have two options
  3. 3. “Create a New Project” to create a new project“Open Existing Project” to work on an existing project thatwas already created by you.Let’s check out the 1st option - the “Create a New Project”button opens up a tutorial video, which you can skip if youdon’t want by clicking the “Next” button.When you skip the video and click “Next” you will be taken tothe following screen where you are asked to paste yourarticle. Here you have to copy the entire article into theeditor, give a heading, choose the article category and clickon “Next”. (If you want to automatically split your articles intoparagraphs, click on the check box – “Automatically BreakMy Article into Para…..”)
  4. 4. In the following screen you can arrange your entire articleinto paragraphs. You can even re-arrange the paragraphsusing the up-down arrow buttons to the right. Then click“Next”.
  5. 5. In the following screens you can summarize your paragraphsby setting the headlines that you arranged in the previousscreen and also convert them into speech. The headlineand audio conversions are done automatically which you canedit – if you want.You have multiple options to stylize your paragraphs – withsub headings, pictures and videos.
  6. 6. Making your article text “SPEAK” is what brings it to life, andI found that AVR easily converts text to speech that soundsalmost close to a real human voice - in speed and tone. Thevoice speed, tone and pronunciation can be improved by theappropriate usage of period, commas, semi-colons and otherpunctuation marks. There are multiple voice options that youcan choose from. AVR also gives you the option to uploadan audio, record your voice or record it via phone.
  7. 7. After you have summarized and stylized your paragraphs,you come to the final steps of the conversion process whereyou can select a background picture and music for yourvideo article. Have a look at the following screenshots.Article Video Robot comes with a massive database of stockphotos and music that you can use along with your videoswithout any hassles of copyright infringement.
  8. 8. After you have selected the background picture and music,you come to the final step of conversion process i.e. filling inyour resource box which will be displayed as a credit at thebottom of the video and publishing it.
  9. 9. Then you save the project and publish it.AVR gives you multiple options for distributing your videoarticles. You can publish your video article to more than 17video sites, download it in different formats or publish it onsocial networks. Take a look at the screenshot below.
  10. 10. This is the preview of the talking video article that I createdjust now. (Please check the below screenshot)
  11. 11. Now let me come back to the home screen (please checkthe very first screenshot) and the second option i.e. “NewOne Click Ezine Wizard”. This is very similar to the firstoption - that we just saw, which allows you to create a videoarticle from an article that you have already published to anyfive of the article directories. (Please check the belowscreenshot).
  12. 12. PriceYou can subscribe to AVR through any of the 2 packages 1. Power Package which is $47/Month 2. Business Package which is $97/MonthMy ThoughtsI will certainly recommend this tool to all internet marketersand bloggers who wish to maximize their traffic for increasedprofit and exposure.I hope this review will be useful in knowing Article VideoRobot tool better and will also enable you in taking aninformed decision on it.Please click here to take a test ride of Article Video Robot.
  13. 13. Please check out my blog for more tips and articles onInternet Marketing and related topics.Please do share this document with your friends.