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evaluation question 1

  1. 1. 1) In what ways does your media productuse, develop or challengeforms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. Conventions of a music video Camera angles and shots. This is a essential part of a convention of a music video. As in any and every music a variety of defend shots are used to make the video the most interesting and impressive. The use of camera angles and shots has become increasingly Effects popular as different techniques Colours have been developed, for These are important part of a As technology has advanced example shooting the video so has the use of effects in music video convention. The from someones point of view to reason being that colours music videos and has earned make it more intriguing. its place as a convention of a invoke emotions and attract music video as in almost people or viewers. Colours every music video the blue or are usually linked with the green screen is used to insert music video depending on its some sort effect whatever it genre. For example if it is a may be. In our music video nice up beat pop song the we followed the conventions brighter the colours will be of the artist who’s song we and if it is more of a sad song chose as they use a lot of like “Jar of hearts” the much effects in their music videos. duller and less vibrant the colours will be. Singing and dancing Props and costume Key to the conventions of A large part of the a music video. Without conventions of a music video these two things more so are to do with the props and the singing than the costume. Partially because dancing as without it they can be linked to the their would be no song or colours as they are usually a video. However abstract main focal point of a music videos have had an video as style and setting is increase in popularity in very important as it sets the particular genres of boundaries of the music music. video.
  3. 3. Conventions of my music video Camera angles and shots. In my music video used a lot of different types camera shots for Effects example in the bridge I used a extreme close which is typical in Again conformed to the forms music video when it comes to the and conventions of a pop music bridge. And for the majority of the video as I used a lot of effects in rest of the video like others I used the music video as in the pop medium shots, long shots, close ups genre of music a lot of green etc. this is how we conformed to thescreen is used in music videos by conventions of a music video. various artists e.g. Jessie J whos song that we chose. Colours I used the conventions of music video in the aspect of colours by using bright colours through to keep the viewers engaged and interested and to keep as Singing and dancing entertaining as possible. This was Again we did not challenge done as bright colours catch the form and conventions of peoples attention and draws a music video as we had a lot them to it. of singing in the music video and like most ideas in the same genre as we did have a dance sequence as some other in the music video but we did have similar actions to the original music video (images on next slide). However in a way we did challenge the conventions of a music video dance sequence Props and costume as we did not make into a A large part of the music video huge part of the music video was filmed on a bus so in this but just a small fraction of it. sense we did not challenge the forms and conventions of a music video. Also we had many different outfit/costume changes which is a convention and form of a music video.
  4. 4. Things we challengedIn the music video one thing that we did do that wasdifferent was the fact that we used images that appeared inour didgipak in our music video.
  5. 5. Conventions of my DigigpakWe had a large selection of images so we had a choice of what we could use forour digipak. We had different shots of our main person using different propse.g. balloons. We had our main person looking like they were having a fun andupbeat time so it would match our music video and the song. We chose to dothis as other artists have similar types of images (having fun) on their digipaks.We used bright colours to show the fun, stylish pop genre in which we decidedto do and to make it stand out from the crowd. An example of this would be ofthe didgipak in the bottom left hand corner.
  6. 6. Forms and conventions of my magazine advert.My magazine advert has a centralized large image of themain/lead person. This is done in a lot of magazine advertsespecially the way that she is positioned and where she islooking. As you will see on the next slide that she is not lookingstraight on but is looking to the side as to not make eye contact.This can conote many different things e.g. she is distracted or islooking at something beautiful or attractive maybe she is drawnto music. The music could be the song she is promoting. Thiscan intrigue a viewer and make them what to know more orlisten to it.On the next slide you will also see other examples that do thesame thing.
  7. 7. My magazine advertSimilar conventions.