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Borderless Alliance: From Dream To Reality
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Borderless Alliance: From Dream To Reality



the presentation summarizes the transformation of the Borderless Alliance, from an advocacy campaign to a non-profit organization of forty members. It also mentions upcoming events on the alliance\'s ...

the presentation summarizes the transformation of the Borderless Alliance, from an advocacy campaign to a non-profit organization of forty members. It also mentions upcoming events on the alliance\'s advocacy agenda for the upcoming few months.



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Borderless Alliance: From Dream To Reality Presentation Transcript

  • 1. THE BORDERLESS ALLIANCE: FROM DREAM TO REALITY By: Ziad Hamoui, President, Borderless Alliance 06-NOV-12, Logistics West Africa 2012, Eko Hotel, Lagos
  • 2. Current Situation in West AfricaReality on the ground contradicts pledges ofimprovement and hinders efforts in the sub region:1. Public sector is stagnant (Status Quo)2. Private sector is fragmented (Cannot ignite change)3. Consumer is frustrated (Very high cost of goods)4. Trader/Producer is uncompetitive (High cost of doing business)
  • 3. Consequences on Trade and Transport• High Costs; West African freight costs among highest in the world• Long delays; Ports, Borders, Inland Terminals, and Checkpoints• Uncertainty in Time and Costs; Unpredictability discourage investment• Corruption; Illegal stops, procedures, delays and costs are rampant
  • 4. West African producers struggle to compete internationally
  • 5. legend COUNTRY RANK, LPI 2010 RANK, LPI 2012 CHANGE Better … Worse SOUTH AFRICA 28 23 +5 EGYPT 92 57 +35 … BENIN 69 67 +2 COTE DIVOIRE 109 83 +26 NIGER 106 87 +19 GUINEA BISSAU 149 94 +55 (*) TOGO 96 97 -1 WEST AFRICA GHANA 117 108 +9 SENEGAL 58 110 -52 (*) GUINEA 97 115 -18 GAMBIA 113 118 -5 LIBERIA 127 119 +8 NIGERIA 100 121 -21 (*)Sources: MAURITANIA X 127-World Bank LogisticsPerformance Index 2010 BURKINA FASO 145 134 +9 SIERRA LEONE 153 150 +3-World Bank LogisticsPerformance Index 2012 MALI 139 X(modified) CAPE VERDE X X
  • 6. Everyone WANTS positive, permanent change butHow do we ACHIEVE positive, permanent change?? ADVOCACY can result in change • The public and private sectors have to work together for CHANGE to happen ! • Issues need to be addressed at the decision making level for CHANGE to happen !
  • 7. BORDERLESS Vision Promoting competitive trade in West Africa; eliminating barriers to trade and transport Collaborating on Simplified and harmonized procedures, for the free movement of people and goods, unhindered by delays along the corridors Encouraging investment, for the creation of more jobs and more income for people and governments Competitive trade Standardized Increased Procedures Employment
  • 8. Why we need BORDERLESSTrade and Transport Facilitation very beneficiary across a broad spectrum of agencies: 1. TRADERS & 2. GOV 3. SERVICE 4.CONSUMERS PRODUCERS AGENCIES PROVIDERS • Less Cost of • More Taxes • Higher Asset • Less Costly Trade Collected Turnaround Goods • Less Time for • Less • Less • Higher import/export Fraudulence Additional Purchasing • More • Job Creation Charges Power investment • Lower Costs
  • 9. Everybody is a consumer Value Invested by Barriers to trade: Consumer - Business Environment - Import Procedure - Checkpoints - Borders - Profit Margins Value Received at Point of Sale Value Leakage
  • 10. • BORDERLESS campaign was Launched in March 2010 at Seme-Krake (Since then, Road shows, Conferences, Reports, Caravans…)•Evolved into advocacy group; in May 2011, the Borderless Alliancewas born, then in May 2012, the alliance was launched
  • 11. Previous Advocacy Successful Activities (Based on recommendations from the Trade Hub technical studies)1. Meetings with Ghana CEPS commissioner & Parliamentary Transport Committee2. RESULT: Elimination of the ‘GO-RO boys’ at Ghana/Burkina Faso border1. Publication of 17th quarterly road governance Report (Now at 19th report)2. RESULT: Minister of Security of Togo eliminates checkpoints1. Inauguration of Border Information Center at Aflao (Ghana/Togo Border)2. RESULT: Measured reduction of transit time by more than 50% in a year
  • 12. Current Advocacy Priority Issues1. Deployment of new BICs (Paga, Elubo, Seme-Krake) within next six months2. Objective: to extend reduction in cross-border delay time & cost to regional level1. Piloting an ‘Express/Expedited Lane’ in Ghana (based on ETLS)2. objective: to expedite clearance procedure and reduce delays/costs1. Reduction of Transit fees across Abidjan-Lagos coastal corridor2. Objective; to increase volume of regional trade
  • 14. Elements of Successful Advocacy1. Credibility: regularly updated data provide verifiable proof2. Visibility: perceiving obstacles at all levels of operations, on a regional level3. Versatility: Problem-solving approach to barriers of trade and transport (troubleshooting)4. Communication: Dialogue with stakeholders to the highest levels
  • 15. Accrued Benefits to Supporting Alliance Member-Specific: Non Members-Specific:1. Technical Assistance 1. Reduced Costs and Delays2. Complaint follow-through Across the Region3. Networking Opportunity 2. Better Business4. Regional recognition Environment 3. More Competitive Trade
  • 16. Steps Completed So Far1. Borderless Alliance registered as a non-profit organization2. Temporary housing/funding provided by West Africa Trade Hub3. “Internal Regulations” & “Code of Ethics” drafted4. First Annual Stakeholders Conference held in Abidjan on May 15-16, 2012; more than 175 participants5. Series of events and workshops held at Cote d’Ivoire, Nigeria, Senegal, Benin and Burkina Faso, with many more on the way
  • 17. The Way Ahead: Two-fold Plan1. Further Mobilization of Private Sector (Increase Members, National Chapters, Workgroups…)2. Implementation of Elements of Advocacy Agenda - Additional BICs - Express Lanes - Strategic Partnerships (Advisors, Authorities, Other Alliances) Engaging Regional Authorities Effectively (ECOWAS, Regional Governments, Regulatory Bodies…)
  • 18. Upcoming Annual Borderless ConferenceAttendance/Registration details at booth #D25
  • 19.  We believe that positive, permanent change is possible We believe that we can achieve a borderless West Africa Join us in Our Campaign www.borderlesswa.com