Why it's more than just a job at ZEISS


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Why it's more than just a job at ZEISS

  1. 1. Live each moment.Why it’s more thanjust a job at Carl Zeiss.// Benefits    Made By Zeiss
  2. 2. 2Live each moment.Why it’s more than just a job at Carl Zeiss.
  3. 3. 3Carl Zeiss is one of the global leaders in the optical and optoelectronicindustries. Together with our employees we develop the technologies oftomorrow and create special moments for people all over the world. Aspart of Carl Zeiss, you can actively contribute to the companys progress –thus, your personal goals become part of our collective success. This iswhy we support you with a modern working environment where you canfurther grow and leave your mark in the companys success. Let eachworking day become your own ZEISS moment.
  4. 4. 4// Success andResponsibility    made by Zeiss
  5. 5. 5The moment personal goals becomea collective success.This is the moment we work for.
  6. 6. 6BenefitsBenefitting from the companys success• profit participation certificate with interestdepending on the return on sales• annual bonus when successful businessdevelopment occurs• rewards for suggestions for improvementVoluntary social benefits• employer-financed company pension• portions of remuneration that can beinvested for future pensionsOther benefits• subsidies on ZEISS eyeglass lenses• special conditions for ZEISS photo andsporting products• portal for discounts at external providers• Microsoft Home Use program• favorable insurance conditions foremployees“Benefits such as an employer-financed pension can no longer be expected. Carl Zeiss accepts responsibilityfor us employees in the long term and invests accordingly. Moreover, employees also benefit directly fromthe companys success in the short term. Thus, every company success is also my own personal gain.”Jeffrey Burns, Business Process Analystwww.zeiss.de/benefits
  7. 7. “I personally benefit from thesuccess of Carl Zeiss.”// Respect    made by Zeiss7
  8. 8. 8DevelopmentTraining and qualification• broad range of additional trainingprograms• talent management• technical ladder following internationalstandards• high potential programs“The trainee program showed me that at Carl Zeiss, I can use and enhance my skills in an optimal way. Myprofessional accomplishments and targeted personal development supported by the company enabled meto grow my career step by step. Therefore, my job motivates me to give the best every day.”Anne Nestor, Area Sales Manager EMEA• management development programs• global mobility• support of training programs initiated bythe employee in individual cases going asfar as obtaining a degreewww.zeiss.de/benefits
  9. 9. “I am motivated to work at Carl Zeiss every daybecause I know that I can grow and grow.”// Future    made by Zeiss9
  10. 10. 10HealthCompany medical program• Company Medical Center• consulting service for cases of illness,rehabilitation and severe disability• flu vaccination available free of charge• health fairs• diverse sport and health offerings• special conditions with medical serviceproviders such as rehab clinics and doctors• preferred conditions at fitness studios andsports facilities“Staying healthy is the most important precondition for me to enjoy life. Carl Zeiss is supporting me inachieving this in various ways. I am happy to work for a company that actively supports good qualityof life for its employees.” Ralf Zweering, Development Engineer at Lithography Opticswww.zeiss.de/benefits
  11. 11. “An excellent company such as Carl Zeiss does its best toprovide a healthy work environment and encouragesits employees to look after their well-being.”// Quality of Life    made by Zeiss11
  12. 12. 12FamilyFamily-friendly company• childcare support• new hires relocation expenses paid• new hires short-term apartment/ hotelexpenses paid• flexible working time models• personal and individual support• Carl Zeiss Scholarship for employeeschildren for a school year abroadCarl Zeiss as a family• employees celebrate success• Carl Zeiss vacation home in the mountains• job security• high degree of employee satisfaction• low staff turnover rates“My family gives my life meaning. Just like my job at Carl Zeiss. Therefore, Im relieved that both these areasdo not conflict with each other. At Carl Zeiss I know: my family is part of the Carl Zeiss Family. Right fromthe beginning, the company helped me achieve the right work-life balance.” Sylvia Orlamünder, Senior HR Directorwww.zeiss.de/benefits
  13. 13. 13“Being a mom and working full time?Thanks to the support of Carl Zeiss I have theopportunity to balance my job and private life.”// Balance    made by Zeiss
  14. 14. 14
  15. 15. 15Are you a student, graduateor already in the workforce?Carl Zeiss has the rightopportunities for everyone.More information at www.zeiss.com/career
  16. 16. Carl Zeiss AGCorporate Human Resources73446 OberkochenGermanyDo you want more than just a job?Then apply to Carl Zeiss:www.zeiss.com/career.EN_95_010_215I PrintedinGermany AW-CZ-IX/2013KTo