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mobile library catalogue

mobile library catalogue

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  • 1. puts the Unisa in your hand AirPAC
  • 2. advantages of mobile internet access fast broadband speed instant connection excellent network coverage low costs
  • 3. what do you need? a WAP enabled cellphoneor other 3G mobile device an Internet browser, e.g. Opera Mini, usually provided by your cellphone network provider any place that has cellphone coverage an Internet address(URL)
  • 4. setting up your connection Please refer to your mobile device manual and service provider to set up your Internet connection  Vodacom http://www.vodacom.co.za/personal/internet/coveragemaps  MTN http://www.mtn.co.za/MTNServices/broadband/mtnbroadband/Pages/NationalCoverages.aspx  Cell C http://www.cellc.co.za/network-coverage-map  8ta www.8ta.com/coverage
  • 5. use your mobiledevice to search the Unisa library catalogue using AirPAC
  • 6. AirPAC offers much of the same functionalityas the Web version of the catalogue
  • 7. ready to search? go to the Web enter address : http://oasis.unisa.ac.za/airpac (classic web-enabled phones) http://m.oasis.unisa.ac.za (smart phones) Picture from Island Computer Technology
  • 8. AirPAC display The AirPac server will attempt to detect the type of mobile device you are using and deliver displaysformatted for that device
  • 9. AirPAC (classic phones) to search
  • 10. enter your search term
  • 11. limit your search with any of the given options, if you prefer
  • 12. select a title for more information (availability) (request)
  • 13. AirPAC (smart phones) to search
  • 14. Title details : shelf numberand availability
  • 15. request a title request log in complete form
  • 16. view your patron information Click My Library Record complete form
  • 17. Acknowledgement Slides are indebted to and partly adapted from: Innovative guide & reference release 2007, Rev.1. INNOPAC Manual. Web OPAC: AirPAC. http://csdirect.iii.com/manual/helpset.htm AirPAC has been developed by Innovative Interfaces
  • 18. Terminology  3G the third generation of telestandards and technology for mobile networking  HSDPA – High Speed Downlink Packet Access the ability to receive large files to your mobile device such as email attachments, PowerPoint presentations or web pages  PDA – Personal Data/Digital Assistant handheld computers capable of audio/video playback, Internet browsing and wireless connectivity  TCP/IP – Internet Protocol Suite communications protocols used for the Internet and other similar networks  WAP – Wireless Application Protocol an advanced messaging service on mobile phones and other small screen devices that allows you to see internet content in special text format
  • 19. Compiled for : Unisa Library Revised : May 2013