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    Evidencebasedpublichealthpathfinder2011 110420153711-phpapp02 Evidencebasedpublichealthpathfinder2011 110420153711-phpapp02 Document Transcript

    • Evidence-Based Public Health: A Librarian Pathfinder 1 Evidence-Based Public Health: A Librarian Pathfinder Are you interested in contributing your expertise to writing some of the entries for HLWIKI Canada - [1] hlwiki.ca ? contact: [2] dean.giustini@ubc.ca To browse other articles on a range of HSL topics, see the wiki index [3]. Definition(s) see Evidence-based health care, Grey literature, Open data & Systematic review searching "... evidence-based public health (EBPH) has been defined as ‘‘the development, implementation, and evaluation of effective programs and policies in public health through application of principles of scientific reasoning, including systematic uses of data and information systems, and appropriate use of program planning models... (Brownson, 1999) "... the key components of evidence-based public health (EBPH) include making decisions on the basis of the best available, peer-reviewed evidence, using data and information systems systematically, applying program-planning frameworks, engaging the community in decision making, conducting sound evaluation, and disseminating what is learned...." (Brownson, 2005 [4]) In the 21st century, public health decision-makers must evaluate policies and programs based on scientific evidence. The first step in planning policy evaluations is to determine what is known about a topic from existing evidence. Gathering evidence involves systematic literature searching. The literature provides an overview for decision-makers and informs them how policy issues might be addressed. The cumulation of evidence begins with framing research questions in the area, devising a search strategy, gathering information and data, and synthesizing the literature. Creating new intelligence and policy takes time in order to understand and define the issues affecting the programs and populations in question. How new knowledge (or, evidence) is collected and applied has a direct impact on policy-making and health outcomes. Public health professionals are frequently asked to synthesize the evidence to formulate policy. Evidence-based public health policy is an extension of evidence-based medicine; however, keep in mind that some decisions in public health are made when little evidence or data is available. Researchers must ensure that the grey literature in education, health and social policy has been searched before assuming that no previous studies have been conducted.
    • Evidence-Based Public Health: A Librarian Pathfinder 2 • 4 stars denotes librarian-selected, high quality information. Starred sites are great places to begin your research. • An online or print publication intended to present Canadian information for Canadians • See also Health services research & public policy Browse your catalogue by subject heading • Health status indicators - Canada [5] • Health surveys - Canada • Morbidity - Canada • Mortality - Canada • Public health - Canada • Vital statistics - Canada Browse by topic • Accidents, Traffic - statistics & numerical data - Canada • Indigenous peoples - Canada - statistics (LCSH) • Cardiovascular diseases - epidemiology - Canada • Cardiovascular diseases - mortality - Canada • Disabled Persons - statistics & numerical data - Canada • Heart Diseases - epidemiology - Canada • Heart Diseases - mortality - Canada • Indians, North American - statistics & numerical data - Canada • Neoplasms - epidemiology - Canada • Neoplasms - mortality - Canada • Tuberculosis - epidemiology - Canada • Tuberculosis - mortality - Canada Browsing call number areas • HA 37...........................General Statistics by country [6] • HB................................Vital Statistics • W 74............................Medical Economics and Health Care Costs • WA 16..........................Public Health Statistics • WA 900........................Medical Statistics • WA 110........................Communicable Diseases • WA 530........................International Health • WB 15..........................Classification of Diseases In general, recent statistics on a specific topic are listed in the "16 classification section" of each subject area
    • Evidence-Based Public Health: A Librarian Pathfinder 3 Who Needs Public Health Information? • a range of policy-makers, consumers, government officials, community organizations, policy organizations, policy analysts • voluntary sectors, lobby groups, universities and academics, individuals members of the public, private organizations, to name a few • What is policy evaluation? - http:/ / www. nationalschool. gov. uk/ policyhub/ downloads/ Chapter_1. pdf • Planning a policy evaluation - http:/ / www. nationalschool. gov. uk/ policyhub/ downloads/ Chapter_2. pdf Who Produces Public Health Information? • a range of associations, levels of government, policy-makers, community organizations, policy analysts and think-tanks • researchers, lobby groups, universities and academics, individuals members of the public, private organizations, to name a few Major Educational, Health and Policy Producers Access a wide range of information sources, including abstracts and indexes, full-text journals, electronic books, images, statistics and scientific data by using the relevant links below • AcademyHealth - http:/ / www. academyhealth. org • HSRProj: Health Services Research Projects - http:/ / www. academyhealth. org/ hsrproj • Health Services Research (HSR) Methods - http:/ / www. hsrmethods. org/ • Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) http:/ / www. ahrq. gov • American Educational Research Association - http:/ / www. aera. net/ • American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research - http:/ / www. aei. org • AMICUS - http:/ / amicus. collectionscanada. ca/ aaweb/ aalogine. htm • Australasian Cochrane Centre (ACC) Policy Liaison Initiative - http:/ / www. cochrane. org. au/ projects/ policy. php • Australian Government Education Portal http:/ / www. education. gov. au/ goved/ go • Australian Council for Education Research - http:/ / www. acer. edu. au/ • Australian Policy Online (APO) - http:/ / www. apo. org. au/ • BCMA Policy Statements & Papers - https:/ / www. bcma. org/ publications-media/ policy-statements-papers • Brookings Institute - http:/ / www. brookings. edu/ default. htm • California HealthCare Foundation - http:/ / www. chcf. org/ • Campbell Collaboration - http:/ / www. campbellcollaboration. org / • Canadian Association for Health Services and Policy Research - https:/ / cahspr. ca/ • Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives - http:/ / www. policyalternatives. ca/ • Canadian Council on Learning - http:/ / www. ccl-cca. ca / • Canadian Health Services Research Foundation - http:/ / www. chsrf. ca/ • Canadian Institutes for Health Research - http:/ / www. cihr-irsc. gc. ca/ e/ 193. html • Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA) - http:/ / www. cpha. ca/ en/ default. aspx • CARL Institutional Repository Search Service / browse select Canadian IRs http:/ / carl-abrc-oai. lib. sfu. ca/
    • Evidence-Based Public Health: A Librarian Pathfinder 4 • CATO Institute - http:/ / www. cato. org/ • CDC Public Health Information Network - http:/ / www. cdc. gov/ phin/ • CDC Wonder - http:/ / wonder. cdc. gov • Center on Budget and Policy Priorities - http:/ / www. cbpp. org/ • Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) - http:/ / www. cms. hhs. gov • Cochrane Public Health Group - http:/ / ph. cochrane. org/ • Commonwealth Fund - http:/ / www. cmwf. org/ • EPPI-Centre database of educational research - http:/ / eppi. ioe. ac. uk/ cms/ Default. aspx?tabid=185 • Eurydice Network http:/ / eacea. ec. europa. eu/ education/ eurydice/ index_en. php • Evidence Based Policy in Development Network - http:/ / www. ebpdn. org/ • Evidence-Informed Policy Networks (EVIPNet) - http:/ / www. evipnet. org/ php/ • Fade: The North West Grey Literature Service - http:/ / www. fade. nhs. uk • GIDEON (Global Infectious Disease Epidemiology Online Network) - http:/ / web. gideononline. com/ web/ epidemiology/ • GPO Access - http:/ / www. gpoaccess. gov/ • Health Policy CyberExchange - Duke University http:/ / www. hpolicy. duke. edu/ cyberexchange • Higher Education Research Institute - http:/ / www. gseis. ucla. edu/ heri • HSRProj (Health Services Research Projects) - http:/ / wwwcf. nlm. nih. gov/ hsr_project/ home_proj. cfm • Institute for Public Policy Research - http:/ / www. ippr. org. uk/ • Institute of Medicine (IOM) - http:/ / www. iom. edu • Kaiser Family Foundation - http:/ / kff. org/ • KUUC - HSRF/CIHR Chair on Knowledge transfer and Innovation http:/ / kuuc. chair. ulaval. ca/ english/ index. php • National Academies Press - http:/ / www. nap. edu/ • National Bureau for Economic Research - http:/ / www. nber. org • National Center for Policy Analysis - http:/ / www. ncpa. org • National Center for Public Policy & Higher Education - http:/ / www. highereducation. org/ • National Conference of State Legislatures - http:/ / www. ncsl. org • National Foundation for Educational Research - http:/ / www. nfer. ac. uk / • National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) - http:/ / www. nice. org. uk/ • New York Academy of Medicine YouTube videos - http:/ / www. youtube. com/ user/ lhlguides • NLM Health Services Research - http:/ / www. nlm. nih. gov/ hsrph. html • NLM Partners in information access for the public health workforce - http:/ / www. nlm. nih. gov/ nno/ partners. html • NTIS - National Technical Information Service [7] is the largest source of government-funded science, technical and medical information; with access to ~3 million publications covering 350 subject areas • NLM National Information Center on Health Services Research and Health Care Technology (NICHSR) - http:/ / www. nlm. nih. gov/ nichsr/ • OpenDOAR - Directory of Open Access Repositories - http:/ / www. opendoar. org/ • PARTNER - a social network analysis tool designed to measure and monitor collaboration between public health departments and their partners - http:/ / partnertool. net/
    • Evidence-Based Public Health: A Librarian Pathfinder 5 • Partners in Information Access for the Public Health Workforce - http:/ / phpartners. org/ • Policy.ca (Canada) - http:/ / policy. ca/ • Policy Library is a social, economic and foreign policy resource - http:/ / www. policylibrary. com/ • Population Reference Bureau - http:/ / www. prb. org/ • Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) - http:/ / www. phac-aspc. gc. ca/ index-eng. php • Public Health / Health Administration Section of MLA - http:/ / www. phha. mlanet. org/ • Public Health Foundation (PHF) - http:/ / www. phf. org/ • Public Health Policy in Canada - http:/ / www. publichealthpolicy. org/ • RAND - http:/ / www. rand. org/ • RePEc (Research Papers in Economics) EconPapers - http:/ / econpapers. repec. org/ • Reports of the Surgeon General (US) - http:/ / sgreports. nlm. nih. gov/ NN/ • Research4Development (R4D) - http:/ / www. dfid. gov. uk/ r4d/ AboutR4D. asp • Rutgers Center for State Health Policy - http:/ / www. cshp. rutgers. edu/ • Scout Internet Project - http:/ / scout. wisc. edu/ • Social Sciences Research Network - http:/ / www. ssrn. com / • Supporting Policy Relevant Reviews and Trials (SUPPORT) - http:/ / www. support-collaboration. org/ • TrainingFinder Real-time Affiliate Integrated Network (TRAIN) - https:/ / www. train. org/ DesktopShell. aspx • UBC Centre for Health Services & Policy Research (CHSPR) - http:/ / www. chspr. ubc. ca/ • UBC School of Population and Public Health - http:/ / www. spph. ubc. ca/ • U.K. Educational Evidence Portal - http:/ / www. eep. ac. uk • Urban Institute http:/ / www. urban. org/ • U.S. Department of Education http:/ / www. ed. gov/ index. jhtml • UMass Medical School Lamar Soutter Library. Evidence-Based Practice for Public Health - http:/ / library. umassmed. edu/ ebpph/ • WHO Health Evidence Network - http:/ / www. euro. who. int/ en/ what-we-do/ data-and-evidence/ health-evidence-network-hen • World Bank, Working Papers Search - http:/ / lysander. worldbank. catchword. org/ vl=77996597/ cl=11/ nw=1/ rpsv/ cgi-bin/ wpapers • WorldCat - http:/ / www. worldcat. org/ Other web resources • Alberta Ambassador - http:/ / www. ihe. ca/ research/ ambassador-program/ • ARIF (Aggressive Research Intelligence Facility) - http:/ / www. arif. bham. ac. uk/ • ASERNIP-S (Australian Safety and Efficacy Register of New Procedures—Surgical) Evidence Essentials. http:/ / www. racs. edu. au/ racs/ research-and-audit/ asernip-s • Community Guide - http:/ / www. thecommunityguide. org/ index. html • Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects (DARE) - http:/ / www. crd. york. ac. uk/ crdweb/ • Effective Health Care Program policymaker summaries - http:/ / effectivehealthcare. ahrq. gov/ index. cfm • Evidence update - http:/ / www. liv. ac. uk/ evidence/ evidence. htm
    • Evidence-Based Public Health: A Librarian Pathfinder 6 • EVIPNet (Evidence-Informed Policy Network) - http:/ / www. evipnet. org/ php/ index. php • health-evidence.ca (promoting evidence-informed decision making) - http:/ / www. health-evidence. ca/ • Health Evidence Network (HEN) - http:/ / www. euro. who. int/ en/ what-we-do/ data-and-evidence/ health-evidence-network-hen • HEN Evidence summaries of reports - http:/ / www. euro. who. int/ en/ what-we-do/ data-and-evidence/ health-evidence-network-hen/ publications/ evidence-summaries-of-network-members-reports • La Trobe University - Health Knowledge Network bulletins http:/ / www. latrobe. edu. au/ chcp/ hkn/ bulletins. html • McMaster Health Forum. http:/ / www. mcmasterhealthforum. org/ about_products. php?cat=product • Policy Liaison Initiative: Relevant and accessible evidence from Cochrane Library. http:/ / www. cochrane. org. au/ ebpnetwork/ • Rx for Change database (Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health) - http:/ / www. rxforchange. ca • SBU Alert http:/ / www. sbu. se/ en/ About-SBU/ SBU-Alert/ • Scottish Health Technologies Group (SHTG) evidence notes - http:/ / www. nhshealthquality. org/ nhsqis/ 6588. html • Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) - http:/ / www. scie. org. uk/ • SUPPORT: Supporting Policy relevant Reviews and Trials - http:/ / www. support-collaboration. org/ index. htm (accessed May 27, 2010). • Supporting Translation of Evidence into Policy and Practice - http:/ / www. mrc. ac. za/ cochrane/ stepp. htm • WHO Reproductive Health Library - http:/ / apps. who. int/ rhl/ en/ Indexes & Databases See 189 relevant public health databases [8] • Academic Search Complete • Biosis® - international life sciences journals and meetings • CINAHL - nursing and allied health literature • ERIC - http:/ / www. eric. ed. gov/ • Free Public Health Databases - http:/ / library. umassmed. edu/ ebpph/ freephdbs. cfm • GIDEON (Global Infectious Disease Epidemiology Online Network) - http:/ / web. gideononline. com/ web/ epidemiology/ • Google scholar - http:/ / scholar. google. com • LISA (Library and Information Science Abstracts) • Library Literature and Information Science • Medline® - http:/ / hlwiki. slais. ubc. ca/ index. php/ Medline • PAIS International - Social and public policy [9] • Scirus - http:/ / scirus. com • Web of Science® - science and social science journals and cited references
    • Evidence-Based Public Health: A Librarian Pathfinder 7 Key / High Impact Journals • American Journal of Public Health - http:/ / ajph. aphapublications. org/ • Annual Review of Public Health - http:/ / www. annualreviews. org/ loi/ publhealth • BMC Public Health - http:/ / www. biomedcentral. com/ bmcpublichealth/ • Canadian Journal of Public Health - http:/ / journal. cpha. ca/ index. php/ cjph • Canadian Public Policy - http:/ / economics. ca/ cpp/ en/ archive. php • Journal of the Medical Library Association - http:/ / www. ncbi. nlm. nih. gov/ pmc/ journals/ 93/ • Journal of Public Health Management & Practice - Journal of Public Health Management & Practice • Journal of Public Health Policy - http:/ / www. palgrave-journals. com/ jphp/ index. html • Public Health Reports - http:/ / www. publichealthreports. org/ • Scandinavian Journal of Public Health - http:/ / sjp. sagepub. com/ • Other key public health journals Finding Systematic Reviews in EBPH • Centre for Reviews and Dissemination Databases (University of York, UK) [10] – database for systematic reviews, economic evaluations, and health technology assessments • Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews [11] • Cochrane Library - the Cochrane Collaboration is an international non-profit that produces and disseminates systematic reviews of health interventions • EPPI-Centre database of educational research - http:/ / eppi. ioe. ac. uk/ cms/ Default. aspx?tabid=185 – searchable databases of reviews related to health promotion and intervention • National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), UK [12] – briefing papers developed by the Health Development Agency, UK • Evidence Based Health Promotion [13] (Victorian State Government, Department of Human Services, Australia) – current evidence and critical appraisal of public health topics • Health Evidence Bulletins Wales [14] (Duthie Library, University of Wales College of Medicine, UK) – documents outlining clinical evidence for several topics • Health-Evidence.ca [15] (Canadian Institutes of Health Research) – collection of systematic reviews for topics in health promotion and public health interventions (in French and English)
    • Evidence-Based Public Health: A Librarian Pathfinder 8 Canadian context • Who are the major producers of GL in Canada? • What domains are most likely to produce GL, and why? • What organization or group is most likely to watch the development of GL? References • Evidence-Based Public Health Literature (EBPH) Review References [1] http:/ / hlwiki. ca [2] http:/ / toby. library. ubc. ca/ libstaff/ email. cfm?who=120 [3] http:/ / hlwiki. slais. ubc. ca/ index. php?title=Special:AllPages& from=2007_Sabbatical_-_Dean_Giustini [4] http:/ / publichealth. wustl. edu/ people/ Documents/ Brownson_EBPH_ARPH_2009. pdf [5] http:/ / webcat1. library. ubc. ca/ vwebv/ searchSubject [6] http:/ / webcat1. library. ubc. ca/ vwebv/ search?searchArg=ha37& searchCode=CALL%2B& searchType=0& recCount=10& limitTo=none [7] http:/ / www. ntis. gov/ [8] http:/ / library. umassmed. edu/ ebpph/ alldbs. pdf [9] http:/ / www. csa. com/ factsheets/ pais-set-c. php [10] http:/ / www. crd. york. ac. uk/ crdweb/ [11] http:/ / hlwiki. slais. ubc. ca/ index. php/ Cochrane_Library#Cochrane_Database_of_Systematic_Reviews_. 28Cochrane_Reviews. 29 [12] http:/ / www. nice. org. uk/ [13] http:/ / www. health. vic. gov. au/ healthpromotion/ evidence_res/ evidence_index. htm [14] http:/ / hebw. cf. ac. uk/ [15] http:/ / health-evidence. ca/
    • Article Sources and Contributors 9 Article Sources and Contributors Evidence- Based Public Health: A Librarian Pathfinder  Source: http://hlwiki.slais.ubc.ca/index.php?oldid=41226  Contributors: Dean Image Sources, Licenses and Contributors File:Raphael School of Athens.jpg  Source: http://hlwiki.slais.ubc.ca/index.php?title=File:Raphael_School_of_Athens.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Dean File:800px-Flag of Canada.svg.png  Source: http://hlwiki.slais.ubc.ca/index.php?title=File:800px-Flag_of_Canada.svg.png  License: unknown  Contributors: Dean License a Creative Commons Licence http:/ / creativecommons. org/ licenses/ by-nc-sa/ 2. 5/ ca/