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BootCamp At BarCamp
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BootCamp At BarCamp


Published on

A presentation about creating result driven teams

A presentation about creating result driven teams

Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine

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  • 1. BootCamp@BarCamp Yves Hanoulle
  • 2. educates software development teams about pragmatic, people oriented best practices. We met in the agile community, when we delivered our workshops to an international audience. Workshops In each one day workshop, we focus on one aspect of team work. Our participants go home with knowledge and experience they can use immediately into their day to day work. We deliver all workshops by a pair of coaches. Coaching We can coach your team during the whole project. Although not a football fan, Yves likes to compare us with a football coach. You do not need to have a coach to play football, but if you wish to play on the top league. You need to get the most our of your team. For that a coach is needed. We prefer to work on the job at least 70% of our time. If you contact us, we will create you a coaching package, fine- tuned to your needs. BootCamp Jim & Michele McCarthy have been doing team work laboratorial workshops for more than ten years. BootCamp is the result of their experience and condenses best practices of building a team into one week. You can read their idea's in Software for your head, or listen to their PodCast. Until november 2007 you had to travel to the States to follow their BootCamp (which Yves did). After the succes of the first European McCarthy BootCamp, brings them again to Europe (Belgium) in Februari.
  • 3. Yves Hanoulle.About()  Agile Project Coach Coaching & Consultancy Services on agile & Team practices  Founder of  Invented leadership Workshops  Won .NET Pioneer Developer Contest  Father of Joppe (2002), Bent (2004), Geike (10/2007)  Partner of Els Ryssen  Feedback, Questions & Tomatoes  Web:  Blog:  Slides:  Books:  Mail : Firstname at  Mobile: +32 476 43 38 32  Skype: YvesHanoulle
  • 4. You.About()  Who are you?  Name  (Company affiliation)  Title/function  Job responsibility  How do you know  What do you know about the topic?  Other info you like to share?  What questions do you want to be answered?
  • 5. Agenda  BootCamp  The Core Protocols  Checkin  The Perfection Game  Decider  Resolution  Ask for help
  • 6. McCarthy BootCamp  McCarthy Tech started in 1996  +200 BootCamps  +2000 people booted  15 certified core trainers  One core director  Booted Visual Studio  Booted Installshield when only 40 people: now +1000  Booted Maxis after SimCity before Sims  Booted 750 people at Haliburton (Stock was 8, now is +80) …
  • 7. The Core Protocols  Pass  Unpass  Check In  Check out  Ask For Help  Protocol Check  Intention check  Decider  Resolution  Perfection Game  Personal Alignment  Investigate
  • 8. Checkin  I’m checking in  I’m Glad …  I’m Sad… No other feelings  I’m Mad… allowed  I’m Afraid…  I’m in You can pass  Audience:  Welcome Nobody can discuss the things said during check in
  • 9. Asking for help  Will you….  Will you help me with… Not “Can you”
  • 10. The Perfection Game  Will you perfect my …  I will give it a x out of 10  What I like about it is … If you have nothing to make it better, you  To give it a ten I would need… have to give a 10
  • 11. Decider  1. Proposer says “I propose [concise, actionable behavior].”  2. Proposer says “1-2-3.”  3.Voters, using either  Yes (thumbs up),  No (thumbs down),  Support-it (flat hand),  vote simultaneously with other voters.
  • 12. Resolution  Steps  1. Proposer asks outlier “What will it take to get you in?”  2. Outlier states in a single, short, declarative sentence the precise modification required to be in.  3. Proposer offers to adopt the outlier’s changes or withdraws the proposal. Only outliers can talk
  • 13. Need more?  Try this at home with your children & partner  Read the Core protocols   Read “Software for your head”   Come to BootCamp 
  • 14. Questions?  Feedback, Questions & Tomatoes  Web:  Blog:  Books: ?view=YvesHanoulle  BootCamp:  The Core Protocols:  Mail : FirstName at Paircoaching dot net  Mobile: +32 476 43 38 32  Skype: YvesHanoulle
  • 15. Thank you!! PairCoaching: the way to leading greatness