Yvan Teypaz Mini Portfolio2009 Gb


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Yvan TEYPAZ urban and industrial designer’s mini-book.

I am one of the first in France working on design for local authorities : town design, urban design, product identity of the city.

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Yvan Teypaz Mini Portfolio2009 Gb

  1. 1. Yvan TEYPAZ Urban and Industrial Designer Yvan TEYPAZ, 74 rue Appert, 44100 Nantes, France YvanTeypazgmail.com / http://yvanteypaz.free.fr Tel. : +33 9 54 37 98 16 / Mob. : +33 6 81 10 48 60 / Fax : +33 9 59 37 98 16
  2. 2. Yvan TEYPAZ Design and appliances Research Studies, surveys, innovation, theories, Urban workshops, profesional interventions. To improve territories’ attractivity Strategic with public spaces and urban atmospheres. Analysis, strategical position, accompaniment. Art Direction Graphic identity, webdesign, events, environments. Design ? A good product and a good service are no longer enough. The product should be attractive, it must allure the user and differ from its competitor. The design offers to the company a strategic positioning allowing the development of its ranges and its markets. Global process This discipline is more than a simple formal definition : analysis of needs, search for opportunities, strategic A project is made step by step. proposals and creativity. First of all we need to expose the market, the constraints and Each project is revealing identity. It is the expression of the possibilities. know-how and of the men who make it, it translates the dynamics and the ethics of the teams implied in these Second step is to position as to work processes. So the product benefits a better visibility , a on concepts : the strong ideas which real coherence with the range, a direct return on will guide the project. investment (better sales) and an indirect (improvement of the public image), a motivation for the teams (a From this creative brainstorming we beautiful product is more pleasant to sell)... can define realistic solutions : pre-projects. One of this pre-projects is choosen to be The industrial designer is able to understand aims from technically and aesthetically developped. departments to conceive and create the better answer to users’ expectation and company ‘s skills. It is possible to accompany the production start or the commercial network.
  3. 3. Yvan TEYPAZ Urban & Industrial Designer Orium F4 2013 Desk-clock Laurels’ central place 2006 2007-2008 Client : AIC-International, sales on demand. Client : Nantes Habitat, social housing office. Team : Laurent Melet, sociologist ; Manuella Mercier, architect - geographer. Order : To revitalize a central place in a social housing district as to fight against incivility phenomenas. Proposal : The place was designed as a metropolitan center : it’s too big for a social Our proposal is to open a pedestrian stream district so it suffers residual streams. through secondary places ; to develop To succeed in it we took back the Roman a central pavilion attracting people from forum’s principle (created to revitalize the the street to the shops around the place ; to center of the antique city). This allows us to create confidence and home-feeling with restore a human dimension to the place. balconies and playgrounds. Order : To identify the market’s opportuneness for Orium desk-clocks. The inspiration came from the SEB group with these brands : for each mood they Proposal : With the diagnosis we can have a leading brand and a middle-second expose hox the visibility of the brand one. In our case, a third range could seems complicated because of disparates be more prestigious to become the ranges and the miss of product identity. image engine for the all-brand. The first step I proposed was to make Finally I proposed partnerships with rational the ranges declensions. prestigiou brand from other markets. With a same technical base we could Their image could benefit to the Orium’s develop aesthetically and usely three image, yet visible with the french general moods for the Orium brand : basical post-office and with the french national classical and trendy. railways.
  4. 4. Yvan TEYPAZ Urban & Industrial Designer Gers-street Preliminary study for a streetscape guidance 2008 2008 Client : Nantes Habitat, social housing office. Client : city of Cholet, local authority. Team : Laurent Melet, sociologist ; Landry Nzigou, geographer. Team : Urban and architectural studies, director : Fabrice Caillarec. Order : How to make a guidance for the urban furniture. My work has been to explain to major Proposal : Cholet is the second city in and General Direction the frame for the department and the second a guidance in two steps. industrial area of the region. The first step is a global problematic Its story has been built with the textile about public space (linked with the . industry and as a point for commercial protection area for architectural.and exchanges between bigger cities. urban patrimony). A few projecs are changing the city : The second step is a study about the more new center district, rehabilitation in adequate guidance tool : who manage it, social housing districts, new districts the action areas, the differentiations, with a sustainable goal, new theater. the furniture ranges... Proposal : We have worked a theorical process for social districts inspired in medical situationnist approach. In coherence with this we have proposed new design solutions. Our aim was to graduate spaces : between the street (public) and the house (private) we have drawn semi-private Order : To identify factors of spaces. The access is reserved for non-attractiveness in a “bad-living” inhabitants but the border with the street social housing district. is not “hard” with a bank and a copse.
  5. 5. Yvan TEYPAZ Urban & Industrial Designer Theorical Action Process for Social Districts Product Identity of the City 2007-2008 2008 Client : Nantes Habitat, social housing office. Reference : Master 2 “Cities & Territories”, University + School of Architecture of Nantes. Team : Laurent Melet, sociologist. Directors : Patrick Besseau, School of Architecture ; Jacques Fache, Geographic Institute. Theme : How could a local authority improve its attractivity and services Actual design is part of a story started with design and furnitures designs. with first tools : evolution of needs and how to answer these. Study : First I have searched why The design has known commercial drifts human beings have been organized but it still a competitivity revealer which in hierarchical communities then in could benefit cities. cities. Understanding the goal of the cities Working on the product identity for a local allows to understand its futures and how authority as well as a industrial one to make it (potentialities and limits becomes a silent communicative weapon in urbanism). (like graphic and architectural identity are). Order : To identify factors of non-attractiveness in a “bad-living” We first looked for an urban and social social housing district. anticipation (Jane Jacobs and CPTED). The risk of strategies like CPTED is to take away the evil without looking Proposal : A phone survey with hundred after it, so we proposed a new mindset for of persons of the conglomeration highlights districts inspired of medical "situationnist that the district has the worst reputation approach" : 1, prevention - to avoid the evil of the city because of crimes and bands of appears ; 2, care - to minimize the teenagers and young adults. The statistics consequences and to avoid the infection from police confirms more important ; 3, curative - to prevent complications and phenomenas of incivilities here. to rehabilitate the patient.
  6. 6. Yvan TEYPAZ Profile Designer-urbaniste Since 2007 - references : Nantes Habitat, city of Cholet, AIC-International Missions for plan and strategy design. _ I am part of a new approach for social housing districts. _ I propose new visions for urban environment. Press _ I prepare bases for a streetscape’s guidance. _ I develop the data architecture for commercial launch. Some issues about my works : 2008 - LeBlogAuto / Nisha - 2007 - Créanum 2006 - L'Action Auto-Moto /Interior Motives / Modify / Recognitions France Routes / Auto Industry / AllCarNews / Freelance Designer Le Dauphiné Libéré / Car Design News / DesignFax Best Production Interior - Interior Motives, 2006 2005 - www.moebus.net / www.nantes-campus.fr Winner “Futuristic & Technoid” - Möbus, 2005 2006-2007 - references : L'Action Auto-Moto (Hachette 2003 - Arteamerica. Filipacchi Presse), AIC-International, Mediaworks, CIMaCo - P.L.I. Packaging, Musicampus, … I have been invited to express myself about Consulting, external design and charged of creation. industrial and urban design : _ I create and develop products and graphic identities 2009 - Ad’Missions Nantes for local and multinational firms. 2008 - Plan Urbanisme Construction _ I help the new design process for Chanel Watches. et Aménagement / l'Humanité. _ I imagine and draw the « new 2cv » interior for national press magazine L’Action Auto-Moto. I am a regular chonicler for the french website Admirable Design, a blogger for Worldwide Design and coordinator for the design platform project : www.admirabledesign.com http://blog.admirabledesign.com Originator-volumist http://fr.design-platform.org 2005-2006 - societies : Siemco et SCAO (Fr) Smurfit Kappa group, european first in cardboard packaging. _ I solve a conception problem after 6 failed attempts from other originators. _ I perform technical cosmetic, food and household packagings. Education 2008 : Master 2 Professional “Cities& Territories” Industrial Designer Nantes’ Architecture School, Legislation University and Geographic Insitute 2002 - 2004 - agencies : Design Office (Lyon, Fr), Memory : Product identity of the city : how can a local authority develop Mal de Ojo (Habana, Cuba), NECTART Créations (Annecy, Fr) its attractiveness and services with good urban and space designs. Training periods during Industrial Designer dergree. _ I create and develop two knives ranges chosen by Carrefour Europe after a world consultation. 2006 : Industrial Designer, 5 years degree, 4th of pomotion _ I create interior designs and graphics for local and multinational firms. The Nantes Atlantique School of Design _ I study popular creations in Cuba and nomadic way of life in France. Project : Truck cab, with Renault Trucks. Best Production Interior (Interior Motives Design Awards 2006).
  7. 7. See you soo n! Yvan TEYPAZ 74 rue Appert, 44100 Nantes, France Tel. : +33 9 54 37 98 16 Fax : +33 9 59 37 98 16 Mob. : +33 6 81 10 48 60 YvanTeypaz@gmail.com http://yvanteypaz.free.fr