Introducing The Loop of Confidence


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Introducing The Loop of Confidence

  1. 1. Enter The Loop of Confidence<br />
  2. 2. What is Self-Confidence<br />Copyright @2010 The Loop of Confidence<br />Self-confidenceis:<br /><ul><li> Believing in yourself, your abilities, judgment and potential
  3. 3. Being aware of your strengths, weaknesses, and</li></ul> capabilities/competence<br /><ul><li>Trusting you will do the right things and make the right </li></ul> decisions<br /><ul><li>Never holding back. Always facing your fears – freedom from </li></ul> self-doubt<br /><ul><li>Overcoming whatever comes your way - calm manageability</li></ul>of any situation<br />
  4. 4. What is Self-Confidence<br />Copyright @2010 The Loop of Confidence<br />Self-confidenceis NOT:<br /><ul><li> How pretty or good looking you are
  5. 5. The expensive and pretty things you own
  6. 6. Your job title and responsibilities
  7. 7. Your good looking significant other
  8. 8. What you drive
  9. 9. Where you live, etc. </li></ul>True and Impeccable Self-Confidence is never rooted on any<br />external factors, things, or characteristics.<br />
  10. 10. Where Does it Come From<br />Copyright @2010 The Loop of Confidence<br />True and impeccable self-confidenceis developed through:<br /><ul><li> Self-discovery and self-awareness
  11. 11. Taking Actions to:
  12. 12. Face your fears
  13. 13. Push past your comfort zones
  14. 14. Overcome your self-limitations
  15. 15. Confirm your skills and abilities
  16. 16. Confidence generates more confidence</li></li></ul><li>What is The Loop of Confidence<br />Copyright @2010 The Loop of Confidence<br />The Loop of Confidence is:<br /><ul><li> A proven process to develop true and impeccable</li></ul> self-confidence<br /><ul><li> An intense, action-driven process that requires:
  17. 17. Being honest with yourself
  18. 18. A desire to be more than you have ever been
  19. 19. A willingness to face your fears, comfort zones and limitations
  20. 20. A commitment to take daily actions
  21. 21. A process that generates confidence through taking actions which leads to more confidence and actions (A Loop of Confidence)</li></li></ul><li>Entering The Loop of Confidence<br />Copyright @2010 The Loop of Confidence<br />Steps to Entering The Loop of Confidence<br /><ul><li> Take daily actions towards self-discovery
  22. 22. Learn positive thinking
  23. 23. Take actions to:
  24. 24. Face your fears
  25. 25. Push past your comfort zones
  26. 26. Overcome your self-limitations
  27. 27. Confirm your skills and abilities</li></li></ul><li>Copyright @2010 The Loop of Confidence<br />Confidence<br />Confidence<br />Confidence<br />Confidence<br />Confidence<br />Confidence<br />The Loop of Confidence<br />The steps and actions you take lead you to the formation of your Loop of Confidence. Once you enter your Loop of Confidence you find: success, self-awareness, trust and belief in yourself, a sense of humor, positive thinking and so much more!!<br />Success<br />Perseverance<br />Self-awareness<br />Trust and belief in self<br />Sense of humor<br />Positive thinking<br />
  28. 28. Why it Works<br />Copyright @2010 The Loop of Confidence<br />The Loop of Confidence works because:<br /><ul><li> You learn who you are
  29. 29. You learn what you are made of & capable of
  30. 30. You survive failure
  31. 31. You encounter success
  32. 32. You have reasons to be proud of yourself
  33. 33. You shatter your comfort zones
  34. 34. You overcome your fears
  35. 35. You end up with true and impeccable self-confidence</li></li></ul><li>Copyright @2010 The Loop of Confidence<br />“You don’t need it all to have confidence but you need confidence to have it all”<br />Find out more at<br />