Sponsorship Request Letter(Generic)


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Cover letter requesting sponsorship

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Sponsorship Request Letter(Generic)

  1. 1. 10 March 2009 Dear Sir/Madam The Society of Human Resources Management in Ethiopia (SHRME) is pleased to inform you that it is organizing Job Fair 2009 under the theme “Empowering SHRME”, which is scheduled to take place from May 15-16, 2009 at the Addis Ababa Exhibition Center. We are, therefore, writing this letter to respectfully request your consideration of support in sponsoring the Job Fair. Human Resource is undeniably the greatest asset of an organization. The concept of human capital embraces all facets of the knowledge, skills, intellectual property and experience that generate wealth for the organization. In today’s competitive economy, however, issues such as increased staff turnover, inadequate capacity, and low performance continue to rise in virtually every economic sector and region, which will have a significant impact on bottom-line results for organizations. The costs related to these issues include lost productivity, missed revenues, reduced work place morale and diminished organization reputation. Moreover, the vast gap between talented professionals and the industry at large have left the talent pool uneducated about the job market, required competencies and qualifications as well as current job opportunities. The pressure to find great staff is thus a perennial problem for organizations that rely on the talents, loyalties, knowledge and skills of their employees. The Job Fair is one of the most remarkable events that bring together organizations from various sectors including governmental, non governmental, private, international and bilateral organizations under one roof with highly competitive and professional job seekers; thereby serving as the platform for an open and wide- ranging employment opportunities. The Society of Human Resource Management in Ethiopia (SHRME) is the first of its kind association focusing on upholding high industry standards in the Human Resource profession. SHRME aims to be the leading voice of HR issues nationwide, and aims to do this by conducting research and development for the advancement of the profession of Human Resources Management (HRM); advocating on better government policies and legislations on matters of improved HRM; creating and developing an established network with institutions, business organizations, societies, celebrities and the like dealing with a similar profession domestically and internationally; as well as disseminating valuable HR information and providing trainings and other services to its members, customers, and organizations. We are confident that after you review the issue, you will come to the realization that supporting high quality and innovative recruiting, investing in human resources and assisting in the capacity building of Ethiopia as a major sponsor, will contribute to the human resource development of the country. SHRME is registered with the Ministry of Justice, Reg. No. 3647. Please find the Job Fair Sponsorship Opportunity details and a request form attached with this letter. We look forward to hearing your favorable reply. Sincerely yours, Yusuf Reja Wondwossen G/Egziabher Chairperson Vice Chairperson SHRME SHRME