Registration and employment of foreign citizens in Ukraine


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If you want to develop your career or business in Ukraine, we will to our best to help you.

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Registration and employment of foreign citizens in Ukraine

  1. 1. According to the Constitution of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons who legally stay in Ukraine on enjoythe same rights and freedoms and also bear the same responsibilities as citizens of Ukraine - with the exceptionsestablished by the Constitution, laws or international treaties of Ukraine. This guarantee also applies to theemployment of foreigners and stateless persons. Sound legal basis for the employment of foreigners on the territoryof Ukraine is the issuance of the permit for employment of foreigners to the employer. This authorization allows theemployer to temporarily employ a particular foreigner on a particular job or certain positions. Preparation of documents required for obtaining employment permit. Paperwork needed to receive the employment permit for foreigners shall be performed by the employer. In spiteof significant regulation of this procedure by legislation, obtaining such permit is a very difficult process foremployers, which includes preparation of a large number of documents and takes a considerable amount of time.The decision on granting or refusing of issuance of an employment permit or is taken within 30 calendar days, andthe employer shall be informed of such decision in writing. Our company has been providing professionalassistance in obtaining such permits for a long period of time, and is one of the leading players in this field, whichallows us not only to minimize employer’s participation in this process, but also contributes to obtainingemployment permits for foreigners in the shortest terms. Obtaining employment permit. Permit for the employment of a foreigner is issued by the offices of State Employments Service in theAutonomous Republic of Crimea, regions and cities Kyiv and Sevastopol in the place of registration of theemployer, in case there are no workers able to perform appropriate work, or the employer has sufficient justificationof using foreign employees. Our company has considerable experience in preparation of appropriate justifications,which set up a legal basis for the issuance of the employment permit to the employer, during a long time ofconducting business in this area, we have not received any refusal. Registration of the foreign citizen’s passport in the bodies of DCRNP. Besides, employers who invite foreigners to work are obliged to the employment permit, but also to provideregistration of the passport of a foreign citizen in appropriate migration bodies, namely Department of citizenshipand registration of natural persons, and notify an appropriate Office of State Employments Service of it. Ourcompany successfully solves all issues related to this registration for you and instead of you. Continuation of the employment permit. Permit for the employment of a foreigner is issued for no longer than one year, however, these terms may beextended if the employer in time, no later than one month before the expiration of a permit, apply to the relevantoffice of State Employments Service on continuation of such permit. After the permit has expired, employer returnssuch permit to the State Employments Service. We warn you of the need to extend the employment permit inadvance if you wish to continue it. Obtaining permission to use foreign labor is the basis for a foreign citizen to receive a visa of a certain type,register his place of temporary residence in Ukraine and obtain a permit for temporary stay for the duration ofemployment permit.
  2. 2. A foreign citizen who entered the territory of Ukraine on visa-free regime has the right to stay in Ukraine during90 days within 180 days. For legal stay in Ukraine for a period longer than 90 days, a foreign citizen must:  to extend the stay in Ukraine in the bodies of department of citizenship and registration of natural persons (DCRNP);  to obtain a temporary residence permit (in case, such foreign citizen has an employment permit) Extension of the term of stay in Ukraine in the bodies of DCRNP – is a renewal of registration, done by putting in the appropriate passport stamp, which is sealed by the registration seal and putting the information about a foreign citizen or a stateless person and their passport details to the appropriate register. The disadvantages of extended stay in Ukraine is that, the period for which a term of foreigner’s stay in Ukraine has been extended ends in the moment of crossing the border, this why, an extension of stay in Ukraine is the best option for foreigners and stateless persons who do not intend to leave the territory of Ukraine for a long period of time. A foreign citizen shall apply for extension of the term of stay in Ukraine, no later than 7 days before the expiration of registration. We will prepare the required list of documents and guarantee their timely submission to the bodies of DCRNP. Obtaining a permit for temporary residence An employment permit entitles a foreigner to work in Ukraine, but does not solve the issue of legal stay in Ukraine. In the case of employment, a foreigner must obtain a temporary residence permit, which is a document that confirms the right of a foreigner or stateless person to temporary residence in Ukraine. Having obtained a temporary residence permit, a foreigner may cross the border of Ukraine without a need for registration, during the time of its validity. For citizens of countries with whom a visa-regime is settled, it is necessary to have IM-1 visa, to obtain a permit for temporary residence. Experience and formed business processes allow our Company to carry out these tasks as efficiently as possible in the shortest possible time. . Registration of residence Within 10 calendar days after obtaining the temporary residence permit non-resident must apply to housing office by the place of temporary residence and personally fill in an application to perform registration of residence, the stamp with registration of place of residence is placed on a temporary residence permit. The lack of registration of residence is a reason for refusing the extension of temporary residence permit. Our company helps you to perform such registration without your personal involvement.
  3. 3. Our contacts:Ukraine, Lviv, akad. S. Yefremova str 32a, 3rd floor,79013, tel./fax: 0038 032 2988 540;Ukraine, Kyiv Chapaieva str.4, office 7, 01030,tel./fax: 0038 044 2355 025; E-mail:; Website:, partner. LawNexia DK Auditors and ConsultantsKhrystyna Onyshchenko Cell: (0038) 067 670 26 06; (0038) 050 431 70 83. E-mail: